Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Mountains of Laundry--Spring Break Style

Morning, y'all! We just got back in town after a 4 day whirlwind tour of the southeast! Seriously!I have 4 days worth of dirty laundry times 4 people times stinky running clothes on my agenda today! Oh, and of course, we are out of food!

We pulled out Saturday morning for Tennessee to visit my in-laws. Since I-40 west is STILL closed due to rock slides back in the early fall, we meandered through a cute little town in NC--Hot Springs!
Hubby and Child #1 and myself (I'm taking the pictures so I am not in a single shot here!) found this cute little red bridge that was built back in the turn of the century(Actually, we simply turned down a random street to eat a picnic lunch and found it! It was too cold to eat outside, so we inhaled PBJ's in the van. Child #2 was not in a good mood, so he stayed in the van and pouted! Gotta love that age!)
Driving on a bit, we saw a river and got out to stretch. Child #2 is a tree climber, so he was in a better frame of mind at this point. I am just thankful that he didn't fall into the icy river below! Mercy!

We finally made it to Tenn. and had a wonderful meal waiting on us. Palm Sunday was windy and cold in Knoxville, but we felt the warmth of the church through the pastor's message. My friend asked me what nugget I got from it, and I replied that the pastor said on Christmas, many think of Santa. On Easter, the Easter bunny comes to mind. But on Palm Sunday, Jesus riding into the city is on our hearts.
It WAS a little hard to concentrate during service....just a few distractions for this ADD mama. Hmm....let's start with the children marching in at the beginning waving their palm branches. All was good until the little boy who was sitting in front of us began to hit the boys in front of him in the back of their heads with the branches! A few other adventurous little people followed suit, and you could hear the giggles. When "said" little boy returned to his seat, he refused to be still and stop kicking the pew in front of him, so Grandma took him out! Then, during confirmation, a bee escaped into the church because the beautiful stained glass window were opened. Mr. Bee was buzzing around the 6 confirmands, and they were just waving and swatting him away! When it was finally time for the offering, the ushers had walked forward and were at the alter waiting the plates. Mr. Bee came back into play and landed on the face of an usher who started waving wildly to shoo it away. The usher to his right started laughing and couldn't stop! Then, the choir--who were directly in front of the ushers watching this from up close started laughing! Bless the pastor's heart! She went right into thanking God for this gift of laughter! What else could she have done?? Needless to say, it was not a typical service!
On Monday, we loaded up the van again, and were only on the interstate less than an hour before we hit the back roads for Boone, NC. If you remember from an earlier post, we were going to take Child #1 for his first college visit to Appalachian State. Y'all, I saw more mountains in the past few days to last me a lifetime!
Remember the Mitford series from the '90's by Jan Karon? The main character was Father Tim. Well, this is the Episcopal church that it was based on! It was a beautiful church in Blowing Rock, NC! Sorry that the picture is washed out--it was sunny and in the middle of the day! And I stretched it out to make it bigger!

Here is the football stadium at App. State--of course we had to check it out! The campus was very nice, and the tour that we took on Tuesday was great! The really cool thing about App State is that the books you use each semester are included in your semester fee! Amazing! They are only one of three schools in the nation that offer that! We spent several hours touring and meeting folks and asking lots of questions. AND...while we were doing most of this outside, the 38 degree temps and the wind gusts of 20 mph or more,were doing a number on my hair!!!! Y'all, it was awful! I didn't warm up until hours later! And, no, there are no pictures of Mama's wild hair!
Finally, I just had to share this unique picture with y'all. Do you see the farmer riding a regular tractor? Nope! I couldn't believe it when I saw this. Maybe some of you are used to seeing this in your parts, but being a small town girl, this was a first! I made Hubby turn around on a mountainous road--which is not easy to do!- so I could go back and take this picture of the darlin' farmer! The boys were just rollin' their eyes! Bless their hearts!

Sweet Blessings!


Andrea said...

Did you really have to bring up "laundry?" LOL!! I can NOT keep up!!

Beautiful pictures from your travels.

3 Blessings said...

Love all the pictures and stories.

That is fantastic that the books are included in tuition. Why don't more schools do that?

Have fun with the laundry :)

Come check out my giveaway some time this week if you get a chance.

Beth E. said...

Sounds like a very adventurous - and wonderful - trip! You were about three hours away from me when you were in would've had to travel through even MORE mountains to get to me, though! ;-)

I like all of your pics, but would've paid money to see a pic of you with wind-blown hair...your hubby missed his chance! lol

Danielle said...

You know me and pictures, girl! I love them all. Especially the end one, too. Although I grew up in Rural Jersey and there were farms around us, there's nothing like seeing a farmer for me today. I truly didn't understand the hardness of that lifestyle growing up. Who knew fruits and veggies didn't just come from the

Glad you guys had a great time!

Empty Nest Full Life said...

I love the last picture!!!My Papa used to plow his fields with a mule. He walked behind the plow while the mule pulled. He never could seem to keep an old tractor running, but the mule was always faithful. I have a mountain I am making my way through, and we haven't even been on spring break. Have a wonderful easter. Jackie

Empty Nest Full Life said...

P.S. How's the hair coming? Mine is dying as we speak. I tried a little bit different kind, and I am afraid this girl is going to have some RED hair!!!Jackie

Sharon Sloan said...

oh sounds like a wonderfuk trip! :) Love the pix...especially the bridge and the farmer!


Gotta Run..Gotta Ride said...

What a trip! hope the laundry is all clean again. it is a job that is NEVER done!!

We need to run together so we can chat and visit :))

Kay @ Off the Beaten Path said...

Thanks for sharing Susan, except the laundry of course. I've got my own loads today that have just been added to by a sick dog. Uggh!

Love the pics and always love hearing about sweet families having a good time together!

Marilyn in Mississippi said...

Really enjoyed hearing about and seeing pics of your trip. I love NC. We have not been in while but have friends in Lenoir. Have visited Blowing Rock and Boone in the past. But it's a long way from Mississippi! :)

Hope you have a great Easter! Mississippi

Katie said...

I went to App. State and hope your son loved it!! I promise it gets warmer and more beautiful as spring, summer then fall (my favorite) set in!! I love seeing your pictures. My family and I just returned from spring break in the TN mountains so this is all very familiar as my washing machine is going strong right now! Jeannie in Richmond, VA (my daughter is Katie

prashant said...

Beautiful pictures from your travels.
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