Thursday, April 21, 2011

Holy Week

Tonight, our family will attend a beautiful and moving Easter service at church. The choir will sing melodies that make us dig deep into our hearts as we recall the Scripture that describes the Last Supper. We will strip the alter of the sacraments and file silently out the door as we remember what Christ went through after the Passover meal because of His love for us: the betrayal, the disciples who could not keep watch, the soldiers who arrested Him, the floggings and beatings. Friday night, we will again be reminded of all that Jesus suffered as we sing songs and see portions of the movie, "The Passion of Christ." Two nights that truly touch the hearts of Christians as we wait in expectation of Easter Sunday.

The cute bowl of colorful M-n-M's reminds us of the Easter holiday that is full of bright and colorful eggs and new clothes for church and fun egg hunts. There is nothing wrong with those things as long as you hold onto the Truth. If you really know your Easter story, I believe that the true color was black. It represented the darkness and all that was not holy on that Thursday and Friday. Everything changed after three days, but during that time frame....well, you know what happened.  Read Matthew 26-28 when you have time to remind yourself of God's perfect plan for our salvation.  We need to keep our hearts focused on the true meaning of Easter, just as we do at Christmas.

The new life that Christ gives to His own when we give our hearts to Him is beyond me. I just love my Savior! Praying that all of you have a blessed Easter and will take the time to sit at His feet and experience His Presence. What are your plans this week as you remember this story that promises us a hope and a future?

Sweet Blessings,

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sweet Shot Tuesday

What a busy few weeks! I just want to thank you all so much for your sweet words and prayers for me and my family. Your love has been a joy to hold close to my heart.

We've been keeping with the routines of school and work and meetings and track--which is winding down very soon. Graduation from high school is right around the corner, and if I start that now, I'll need a box of kleenex! So, we're not going there yet! Mercy!

What IS on my heart right now is a mission trip that our family is going to be taking in July! With everything that has been going on, I was in the middle of planning a family vacation to Oregon this summer. It's a beautiful place, and the boys had some ideas of what they wanted to do (sand surf, eating,  rock climbing, eating, running trails, eating, seeing where legendary runner Steve Prefontaine ran, eating, etc.! ). Well, three weeks ago while hubby was out of town working, the Lord whispered to his heart. Not mine, but his! I received a phone call asking "What if instead of doing Oregon, we did the church mission trip to Peru?" I was actually silent--hard to imagine, but true! I was trying to get a grasp on this "new thing" while still working on plane reservations to fun and adventure. Well, God, in His perfect timing and wisdom, is growing this mission trip in my heart and the hearts of my boys. The day after Mama passed away, we were told at church that our family was "in!" There were enough spaces left. So tonight, we will attend our first Peru Mission Trip planning meeting.

Sweet friends, I would appreciate your prayers as we prepare our hearts for this wonderful opportunity. We will be in a place called Kimo which is over the Andes Mountains! There is a 10 hour bus ride after we land in Lima to get to the mission area. I will be finding prescription drugs for bumpy bus sickness! We will be helping to build an orphanage for street boys. As I gather more info, I will share it with you all. I am still in "trying to take it all in mode!" We are trying to get the long form of birth certificates so we can secure passports so we can go! Those cute little birth certificates that they send you after the birth of your babies is only good for soccer and baseball sign-ups! The little man at the post office will not accept them when you want to apply for the passport! Trust me! This is all new to this little gal who rarely travels! But, God has a plan, and I can't wait to watch as it unfolds.

I'm linking up with Sweet Shot Tuesday this morning. Come join us and enjoy some lovely pics today.  I also have a new blog! It's attached to my photo website under Hop over and visit when you can. I did a shoot with a 12 day old and her beautiful family last week.

Sweet Blessings,