Monday, March 28, 2011

Compassion International Works and a Prayer Request

Hey sweet friends! Just wanted to share a few things with you. On Friday, I received my FIRST letter from my Compassion International child, Monica! I was thrilled beyond words! She is just precious! I wanted to share it with you.

A few hours later, I was on my way downtown to a great Christian Women's Event, Extraordinary Women. I had been asked to volunteer at the Compassion table in hopes of sharing info with new sponsors.  It was simply wonderful!

These friends were so excited to find a child that they could bless through prayers and a small monthly donation. The donation is less than what it costs my family of four to eat out just once! We were able to share and listen to what God is doing through Compassion. It's an amazing outreach opportunity, y'all.

This darling gal, Amanda, was my co-worker. She was beautiful inside and out with a testimony that just melted my heart. While we were there with thousands of women (including Lysa TerKeurst, Chonda Pierce, Candace Cameron Bure--remember DJ from Full House? Yep, that's her! , Casting Crowns, Thelma Wells, and more!), were milling around, and I was receiving text messages from my sister. My sweet Mama had fallen a few hours earlier, and my sister took her to the ER to check for broken bones. While she was there, her blood pressure dropped, and she had difficulty breathing. The drs and nurses were wonderful. They did all that they could. But there was a Higher Calling for my Mama from Jesus. He was ready to take her to Heaven to live with Him. It happened quickly and perfectly--in His timing. She is no longer in pain. She will never ever have to have insulin to control her diabetes of almost 70 years. We will never have to worry about her cancer returning. She has been made whole again! Praise Him!!! She just spent the last week with my family, and we had a wonderful time. God is so good! His mercies are new each day, and His love is beyond our comprehension. We will miss that precious lady like everything! But we are at peace....His perfect peace. Thank you so much for your love and prayers! So many of you have sent beautiful emails and texts and facebook messages. We are overwhelmed at the outpouring of love. Thank you so much!

Sweet blessings,

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Oreo Cows??

Hey everyone! Just a quick post to see how you all are doing! Some weeks I am only 2 inches from the computer, and others, I am 20 miles away. I never know if I can post on a regular basis, so I have forgiven myself and will post when I can :).

I have passed by these darlin' oreo cows several times in the last few weeks. I think that they are just too cute!!! And, I don't have a clue as to the real name of this breed. Anyone out there with the answer?

Well, oreos made me think of desserts and desserts made me think of calories! Mercy! I had one of the best ever milkshakes for lunch today at Chic-Fil-A. It was the banana pudding shake! I had a coupon for a free one, so I thought that I would snag it from the coupon drawer before hubby or the boys got it first! Y'all, there were even little itty bitty pieces of vanilla wafers in the thick delicous milkshake! And, it was soooo good, that I mentioned it on facebook. And, one of my sweet little running buddies burst my bubble by telling me that it contained over 700 calories!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do you know how many miles I would need to run to take care of that? More than I have been doing lately!

So, I am on the lookout for scrumptious desserts that are not high in sugar or calories. Do any exist? Do you know of any? Please share your recipes or the link to them if they are online. Y'all are so sweet!!!

I am linking up with My 3 Boybarians for Sweet Shot Tuesday to share those sweet cow pics!!!

Sweet Blessings,

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Edit of "Spring"

Good morning, sweet friends! Today, we are linking up with another great photographer, Ashley, for editing our spring shots. Hop over and see what she has come up with!

On Monday, I shared a photo of a lovely bush in my backyard (no one has yet to tell me what kind of bush it is!!! Help!!). After looking at the pic, I noticed a beautiful cross. This reminded me of Easter which is not far away. Some of you began Lent yesterday on Ash Wednesday. It represents the 40 days prior to Easter. It's also a time to give up something. Usually this is something that keeps us from drawing closer to God. Instead of thinking about Him, we tend to focus on other things that take up our time. By the end of the day, we've been so busy that we've neglected to give God our best time! For me, that time is first thing in the morning. It's different for each of us. Anyway, I think I know what I'm giving up for Lent. I am going to try and not complain! Of course, I blew it already!! But, we have a loving God who wants us in a relationship with Him. He will take us even when we blow it! I just love that about Him!! Any thoughts about what you are giving up for Lent? is my before and after shot of the flowers of spring. They both are pretty....but my favorite is after the editing. I simply added two actions. Both of these are freebies from Pioneer Woman. I added fresh and colorful without fiddling with the opacity. Then, I ran the boost action at 23%. It just gives it a pop--which I really like! This photo was shot on a manual setting. I love shooting with manual! The other info is  that my shutter speed was 1/250, f/6.3, and the ISO was 320. Hope you enjoy!!

Sweet blessings,

Monday, March 7, 2011

Good to WOW SOOC --Spring

Hey, y'all! This week, I am participating in a photo shoot post with Jill and Ashely. If you notice, the title includes the letters, SOOC. That stands for straight out of camera. Normally, I edit  ALL of my pics before anyone sees them!!! This is sort of like doing your errands after running, and you are praying that you don't run into anyone that you know! Of course, that NEVER happens! My friends have seen me in icky running clothes at the grocery store or Target with a hat on to cover my wet head more times than I care to count! That's how I look in real life--straight out of camera! No clean clothes and no make-up translates to no editing! 

This week we will practice editing out shots. That way you can see the "before" and  "after" of our edits. We had to find a photo for spring today. So, I meandered outside and found quite a few beautiful signs of this lovely season. I am only sharing one picture with you all today. We have this prettty flowing deciduous bush in the backyard. Each year, it produces tiny white flowers that look like little roses. I have no idea what it is! Anybody out there recognize it? I'd love to know.

I was snapping away and looked in the LCD panel and realized that the branches were in the shape of a cross!!! I just loved that! Lent begins on Wednesday, and I am ready for the countdown to Easter. :)

Here is my entry for the spring photo this week. Come back on Thursday, and I will show you what I did to edit it!

Sweet Blessings,

Friday, March 4, 2011


  • How come it is so cold today after being so lovely and warm yesterday? ( I really do know the answer--a slow moving cold front has dipped down our way! I am not that dumb!) But, I am pondering over the difference that a few 20 degrees or so can make! Mercy!
  • Why can't I figure out how to get some photoshop thingies to work and not make life so complicated? I have sat in front of the computer for quite sometime now pondering this one! Just about ready to call it quits for the day!
  • We just had 4 humongous white pines taken down on the side yard. I hated to see them go, but one fell crashing onto our fence year before last, and the rest were leaning that way(especially after the power company comes along every few months and "shapes" them up for us so they are not near the power lines. The folks who work at ____ Power company did not pass their geometry class back in high school. Bless their hearts!) So now I am pondering what to plant in place of those lovely trees that brought so much shade to the yard. Hmmm.
  • Will my new recipe from the March Southern Living magazine taste as yummy as it promises? And as it looks (I am not getting my hopes up on that one!! I know my baking is not attractive...tasty, but not attractive!). It's Hubby's birthday, and SL has 7 new pound cake recipes to try! I love me some pound cake!
  • Should I actually attempt to make and sew (mercy!) some cloth napkins for the dining room that I am revamping? Sounds like an easy project, but....some things are easier said than done.
What all are you all pondering over today? I'd love to hear your ramblings!!

Have a wonderful weekend and stay warm!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sweet Shot Tuesday

What a gorgeous morning! After the threat of tornadoes and wicked thunderstorms last night, all is good today! God's majesty is abundant in my yard....daffodils, camellia bushes loaded in flowers and buds, and of course, a yard full of those pesky but pretty purple flower weeds!!!

I do have a sick child today....waiting on the doctor's office to open so I can get us an appointment! I am praying that it's only strep (!) and not the flu! I will keep you posted! Never a dull moment at our house! And I'm sure the same goes for you! I would truly appreciate your prayers for child #2 today! Thank you sweet friends!

I'm linking up with Sweet Shot Tuesday to see some great shots by photo-moms out there! Join me when you have a minute--between the mounds of laundry and unloading the dishes! Praying that you see His glory in the small stuff and in the large!

O LORD , our LORD, how majestic is your name in all the earth!...When I consider your heavens, the work of your fingers, the moon and the stars, which you have set in place, what is man that you are mindful of him?
Psalm 8:1,3

Sweet blessings,