Friday, March 4, 2011


  • How come it is so cold today after being so lovely and warm yesterday? ( I really do know the answer--a slow moving cold front has dipped down our way! I am not that dumb!) But, I am pondering over the difference that a few 20 degrees or so can make! Mercy!
  • Why can't I figure out how to get some photoshop thingies to work and not make life so complicated? I have sat in front of the computer for quite sometime now pondering this one! Just about ready to call it quits for the day!
  • We just had 4 humongous white pines taken down on the side yard. I hated to see them go, but one fell crashing onto our fence year before last, and the rest were leaning that way(especially after the power company comes along every few months and "shapes" them up for us so they are not near the power lines. The folks who work at ____ Power company did not pass their geometry class back in high school. Bless their hearts!) So now I am pondering what to plant in place of those lovely trees that brought so much shade to the yard. Hmmm.
  • Will my new recipe from the March Southern Living magazine taste as yummy as it promises? And as it looks (I am not getting my hopes up on that one!! I know my baking is not attractive...tasty, but not attractive!). It's Hubby's birthday, and SL has 7 new pound cake recipes to try! I love me some pound cake!
  • Should I actually attempt to make and sew (mercy!) some cloth napkins for the dining room that I am revamping? Sounds like an easy project, but....some things are easier said than done.
What all are you all pondering over today? I'd love to hear your ramblings!!

Have a wonderful weekend and stay warm!


SouthernSass said...

To answer your question on the lens - it is a 70-300 mm zoom/macro lens but does not have IS/VR and has to be used on a tripod. 100mm would be great!
1. I know; its not that cold, but colder than we've had lately.
2. Google/U-tube PS issues. Do you have Eelments or Photoshop?
3. Not sure about what to plant, but go to TJ Maxx and save yourself some time! HUGS!!

Andrea said...

Blessings and prayers,

Leah @ Point Ministries said...

Pondering here in Georgia over:

1. Cook a big Saturday breakfast or not.
2. How to talk to/confront sweet ladies who seem to have lost their vision for something.
3. Why I can't get Disqus to load onto my blog
4. How to work a lot of extra days in March and still get everything done that needs to be done.

Ummm, I think I need the pound cake recipe. We love pound cake around here.

Have a great weekend.

The Heart and Mind of a Woman said...

Wandeings, Ponderings, Musings:
1. Why is it I struggle to get up during the week, but on Saturday when I can sleep late, my eye pop wide open by 6:30 AM?
2. Why do women wait till the last minute to commit to things that will benefit themselves, but will overcommit when it benefits everyone else? If we don't take care of ourselves, who will take care of them?
3. How do flies land on ceilings?

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Noise... and too much of it! Spring break for college boys has arrived, and I'm pondering noise. Have mercy... I'm getting old.