Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sweet Shot Tuesday--Fall and Thanksgiving!

The earth is the LORD's, and everything in it, the world and all who live in it..." Psalm 24:1

Ok, I promised a few fall pictures from sunny South Carolina! The two shots of the leaves....mercy! I just wish that I could truly figure out how to enlarge these photos for you to get a better glimpse! But.....I will focus on the blog post at hand and not dwell on my limited computer skills. God amazes me with His beautiful colors! The last one is not one of my favorites! We are on a suspension bridge above a waterfall at Raven Cliff Falls....way far up,and I do NOT do heights! Yes, Hubby and the boys were making it swing with me on it prior to this shot! You see that I am the only one hanging on!
We arrived at the falls at noon, so the sun was perfectly overhead and gorgeous...but with not the best photo shooting opportunities. But, I was with my boys, and that's what mattered.
It's going to be a busy week and a half ahead, so I won't be posting again until after Thanksgiving....I know myself!!! We will be celebrating at our house this year with my side of the family. This will be the first Thanksgiving without Daddy, and he will be greatly missed. The peace that we all have with where he is gets us through each day. Praise the Lord! It's one of the many blessings that God has given us.
So, bloggyland friends, what are you most thankful for? I would love to hear. And, what are your plans for Thanksgiving? A precious friend of mine and her family are going to serve Thanksgiving dinner to the homeless. How wonderful to be the hands of Christ!

Join me at Darcy's for Sweet Shot Tuesday for more great photos! And, Happy Thanksgiving, my sweet friends!

Friday, November 12, 2010

A Chapter Closed

Child #2 getting "painted up" at State!
Last Saturday's temps were in the 30's when this picture was taken! Mercy! Cold JV kids!

Child #2 and Child #1--both of which are taller than me!!

Both varsity teams placed well in the top ten in South Carolina 4A teams (4A schools have over 1500 students and more. Our high school is around 2500.)

I am alive, people! I have been away from my computer--which had a virus a few weeks ago! It is healed! Mercy, it was a pain though!

Thanks for your great recipes!! And, Sassy, I appreciate all of those websites!

Cross country season is over. Another chapter in Child #1's senior year has been completed. As he crossed the finish line at the State Championships last Saturday, I felt my heartstrings pop a little! I was walking to the area where the team was after they finished, and I felt the tears start. I looked at another mom walking beside me. I told this sweet girl, "I'm having a moment here!" She gave me a hug. As I got closer to the team, I saw my child and his smile through the sweat and dirt on his face. I had to smile right back at him. Hugs and kisses--even though he was pretty nasty--were given he bid farewell to this sport that he absolutely adores. Track is around the corner, but XC is where his passion lies.

My passion has also been with running, as most of you know! And, of course, my precious family! But, when the Holy Spirit nudges you in a different direction, you follow. My passion is for Him. I look forward to spending time first thing in the morning with Him as I snuggle under a blanket in my Jesus chair! After getting the kids out the door for school, laundry started and the breakfast dishes loaded in the dishwasher, I'm out the door to get my run in for the day. If I don't spend time with my Lord first though, it makes a difference!
So, what's your passion? It may be one thing or several. I would love to hear what's on your heart!
Y'all have a great weekend! Our family spent last Sunday as our worship time hiking the beautiful trails of SC. God was right there with us in His sanctuary, and His palette of fall colors was awesome! I'll post some of the pics next week!

Sweet Blessings!