Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Compassion International in Nicaragua

Happy Tuesday my friends! As of yesterday, a group of Compassion bloggers began their adventure in Nicaragua! I am so excited about this! After my trip with Compassion in January to Guatemala, I am more than ready to go back. I met our little girl, Iris and her mom.  What a tremendous blessing it was to me.  Maybe next time I go it will be....Uganda? Only the Lord knows and His timing is perfect. In the meantime, I wanted to share Edie's post with you all. She is one of the bloggers who is there, and I love what she has to say. Hope you enjoy!

Sweet blessings,

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Trial Run of Project "Mantel Make-Over"

OK, since it looks like I actually might post more than one blog entry this month, I thought that I would go ahead and get started on my den redo. Before taking the plunge in the mantel make-over, I decided to go small and try my grandmama's side table first as I begin to play with sidewalk chalk paint--once a kindergarten teacher, always a teacher! No, it's actually chalk paint, and it's very cool!

We have a local store that sells this fabulous paint....Painted Poppies. Do visit them and tell them that I sent you!

Here is the before pic of grandmama's table. I spent many a Saturday morning helping her with chores--including dusting this piece. It's one of my favorites simply because it was hers! And, she let me go crazy with the Pledge! It would really shine!!

Below is after coat number one. I went ahead and did two thin coats because I just wasn't sure how it would look.

I used "Antique Blue" and love it! Two coats did the trick---and NO priming or sanding. Gotta love it!

I did decide to distress the wood a bit with a sanding block and just a bit of sandpaper. I won't distress the mantel as much when I tackle it. But this piece turned out fine. I was pleased.

 The secret to the chalk paint is in the wax...the finishing touch. I used the clear wax as I wanted to keep the table a light color. I was amazed at how easy it was to use.

I learned quite a bit doing this piece. It really is not difficult, but seeing the daunting size of the mantel and the bookshelves, I might just do another trial piece (procrastinator that I am!).

Sweet blessings,

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Project on the Horizon

Can you believe that May is over, and June is here? Mercy! I am not exactly sure when I started to sound like Mama and say that time flies as you get older....but I do sound like her! And, maybe that's a good thing.
Summer is just around the corner! So excited that this is the last week of school (although we have exams to study and stress over!!) for the kids in our district. Praise the Lord! I do have a few plans rolling around in my head for some summer projects. How about you all?
First on my list is to have a make-over. Not for me, even though I need one! No, I am thinking about the den. We have lived in this house for 7 years now, and I love it. I have also tried for 7 years to "heart" these dark wooden cabinets.
 Notice the lovely brass pulls-- circa 1980's---they will be going along with the dark color! I am thinking some fun and sassy pulls (maybe Hobby Lobby style!).

 When we moved here, we removed the front cabinets and painted the back wall yellow to brighten up this area. It helped a little bit...but not much.

We placed the mirror in front of the humongeous dark space to try and lighten it up a bit as well.
But y'all, it's still DARK!!
I just don't do dark. Sorry! I love bright, cheerful and clean color schemes. So, with that being said, I trucked on over to a fun store and spoke with some amazing and knowledgeable girls about
Chalk Paint!!!
Yes, sirree....I am taking the plunge. I am not going with Annie Sloan--it's a great paint from what I have heard. I am using one called Maison Blanche paint. It has a wider variety of colors from which to choose----and I am all about the colors. And, the wax is supposed to go on like butter! Having talked at length (I talked her ears off I am afraid!), sweet Debbie with
Painted Poppies, LLC has shown me a plan that I hope to implement soon....like really soon.  Like maybe next week if the clear wax comes in when it's supposed to. And my fingers are crossed.
So, sweet friends, what summertime projects do you foresee in the next few weeks? Other than sleeping in a bit!
Sweet blessings,