Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Trial Run of Project "Mantel Make-Over"

OK, since it looks like I actually might post more than one blog entry this month, I thought that I would go ahead and get started on my den redo. Before taking the plunge in the mantel make-over, I decided to go small and try my grandmama's side table first as I begin to play with sidewalk chalk paint--once a kindergarten teacher, always a teacher! No, it's actually chalk paint, and it's very cool!

We have a local store that sells this fabulous paint....Painted Poppies. Do visit them and tell them that I sent you!

Here is the before pic of grandmama's table. I spent many a Saturday morning helping her with chores--including dusting this piece. It's one of my favorites simply because it was hers! And, she let me go crazy with the Pledge! It would really shine!!

Below is after coat number one. I went ahead and did two thin coats because I just wasn't sure how it would look.

I used "Antique Blue" and love it! Two coats did the trick---and NO priming or sanding. Gotta love it!

I did decide to distress the wood a bit with a sanding block and just a bit of sandpaper. I won't distress the mantel as much when I tackle it. But this piece turned out fine. I was pleased.

 The secret to the chalk paint is in the wax...the finishing touch. I used the clear wax as I wanted to keep the table a light color. I was amazed at how easy it was to use.

I learned quite a bit doing this piece. It really is not difficult, but seeing the daunting size of the mantel and the bookshelves, I might just do another trial piece (procrastinator that I am!).

Sweet blessings,

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Empty Nest Full Life said...

Remember me? Love the table. I have learned from experience with the chalkpaint, that the waxing is the hardest part. It takes a fair amount of waxing and buffing. Definitely a workout for the arms. Can't wait to see the mantel and bookshelves. That is a project on my list for this summer as well. Jackie