Monday, May 24, 2010

Ponder and Pray

Hello sweet bloggyland friends! I don't know about y'all, but Runner Mom is ready for school to be over and done with! I subbed a couple of days last week, and it's all over except the shouting! And, our county has another week and a few half days left! Mercy!

This past weekend was wonderful! Along with celebrating my "29th and holding" birthday, our 6th graders at church celebrated their Confirmation yesterday. I have been a mentor to a darling friend...Miss K. She and her family are dear friends of ours, and it has been a pleasure to pray for her and spend time with her.

Next Sunday at church, I am scheduled to teach my own adult Sunday School class. The topic...whatever I would like to from the Bible! We have 2 weeks before we implement our summer studies of the Ten Commandments. So....another gal and I are pondering and praying about what to teach!

I have a few ideas in mind, but I would love to hear what is on your hearts. What have you all been studying either in SS or in small groups that has made an impact on your spiritual walk? What spiritual lessons has God given you lately? I look forward to hearing your thoughts!

"May He give us the desire to do His will in everything...." 1 Kings 8:58

Sweet Blessings!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Awesome God

He determines the number of the stars and calls them each by name. Great is our Lord and mighty in power, his understanding has no limit. Psalm 147:4-5
Hubby's 8th grade Sunday School class.....before the supposedly "4 mile hike" (which actually turned into an 8 mile hike because they changed the trails!! Mercy!)
There is a brown "Danger" sign right in the back of the picture...can you see it? Danger is in RED and all caps. It clearly states that this is a dangerous area, and that many have fallen to their death in this spot. It was meticulously fenced off for safety keep the hikers safe. And what does Child #2 do???? Yes, he bounces over the fence to get a better view. I was ready to string him up before we even got started.
This past weekend, Hubbs and I and another precious couple took the kids on a hike to a gorgeous waterfall right over the NC state line. This is Whitewater Falls. Beautiful. Majestic. Indescribable. Words that describe our God, the maker of this lovely place.
The intent was to have the kids realize how really BIG our God is, and that we don't give Him enough credit. It's not about us; it's His story, and we just happen to have some supporting roles.
After being out on the trails for several hours, we went back to a lake house where they swam and went tubing. I, of course, took a million pictures! After a cookout, home made milkshakes and s'mores, the kids watched Louie Giglio's "Indescribable" DVD. If you have not seen it, I highly encourage you to do so! I actually bought it, and I have learned something new each time that I've watched it.
Fighting sleep, the kids took it all in. Child #2 is still processing it two days later. He was asking me questions a few minutes ago after carpool. Love it!!!
Tonight, if you don't have thunderstorms or other bad weather, go out into your yard and simply look up. Be amazed. Be awed. Give Him the praise for His creation that is beyond my comprehension.
If I were really computer literate, I would be showing you all the Chris Tomlin Indescribable video right here. But....I don't know how to do that. So, google "You Tube," and type it in and enjoy!

Sweet Blessings,

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Mother's Day and a Great Giveaway! And the Winner is...

Tomorrow, many of us will celebrate a special day....Mother's Day. Hubby and I just got back form the grocery store while choosing some of my favs for supper tomorrow night. We'll be grilling out steaks, enjoying baked potatoes, green beans,yummy rolls and banana pudding ice cream for dessert. We do not eat like this often, but when we do, I just love it! My sweet Mama will celebrate with us.

This will be another first for us without Daddy. The holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries leave a yearning in my heart. I wish that he could be with us just the way he used to, but I know the joy that he is experiencing in heaven is better than any celebration we can ever imagine this side of heaven! And that my sweet friends, brings me so much peace!

Speaking of peace, my darlin' friend Elaine at Peace for the Journey has sent me her new book to share with you on my blog! I hold in my little 'ol hands a copy of this amazing book that I am going to soon place in the hands of one of you all, my bloggy friends! I LOVE give-aways, and am so excited to share this one with y'all.

Here's what I want you to do. First, leave me a comment as to what truly gives you peace in your life. Then, hop over to Elaine's blog and share that with her as well. I am really looking forward to reading your comments as I know others are too. Y'all, Elaine has poured her heart into this book. I read just a bit of it in carpool line quietest time of the day! No interruptions! I love those precious times. It was just me, the book, and God in my mini van in the quiet before the last bell rang. As I read, God tugged on my heart strings. The tears welled up in my eyes, and I searched for the box of kleenex (which was stuck in the very back of the van!)

This is one of those books that I will read and reread. I will ponder and pray and search my Bible for Scripture that Elaine has referenced. This is a book that will encourage you. This is a book that will bless you. This is a book that I want to share with you. I will let you know who will get this wonderful book on Friday, May 14. I cannot wait to hear your comments!

The winner of Elaine's book is Three Blessings!!! If you will email me at with your address, I will get your book in the mail to you ASAP! Thanks to you all for your wonderful comments. Hugs!

Sweet Blessings,

Monday, May 3, 2010

Mercy! Praise the Lord!

Trust in the LORD forever,
for the LORD, the LORD, is the Rock eternal.
Isaiah 26:4
Oh, bloggy friends! I have such wonderful news that I can finally share! I am so excited!! My precious friend, Elaine at "Peace for the Journey" has published her first book!!!! Whoohoo!! God laid this upon her heart so long ago, and with His perfect timing, it is now available to all of us. She has put her trust in Him to see this to fruition, and I cannot wait to hold a copy in my hand!

If you have never read Elaine's posts, you have missed so many blessings. She has such a beautiful gift of sharing God's love, warmth, and peace in her writing. Now, you can have a hard copy of her work....a blessing from our Lord!

I encourage you to click on her name, go to her website and see the trailer....just lovely! And, y'all....she is such a real friend! I just love how God has crossed our paths. She has been such an encourager in my photography endeavor. Believing in me and trusting that I can capture "God moments" through the lens of my camera. Just this morning, I received an email from my cousin. She has seen my website and is interested in my taking pictures of her daughter's wedding in late summer. Y'all, this is a huge leap of faith! And, I would so appreciate your prayers that God would reveal to me if this is part of His plan.

So, chickadees, please hop over to "Peace for the Journey" and visit awhile with Elaine. Tell her that Susan sent you! Oh, and sweet thing that she is....Elaine is giving away copies of her book!

Y'all have a wonderful day!

Sweet Blessings,