Sunday, May 27, 2012

Summer Project #1

You know, even in the middle of wildness with the end of school, I need a crafty project to help me refocus just for awhile.  This week, I was thumbing through this month's "Southern Living" and a picture caught my eye.  It was the floor of a porch on a house down in Louisiana.  It was a lovely blue with portions of dark brown peeking through from distressing.  Hmmm.....I have dark brown on the floor of my back porch.  Pondering....

The floor is ugly and worn....but I love my back porch.

Yes, grace is there....a cute sign created and purchased from a homeless shelter in a downtown church.

And a variety of shells from our many wonderful trips to the beach....such sweet memories.

But the dingy 20 plus year old paint remains....until the picture in the magazine reminds me that Lowes is just down the road a ways!   So....a shopping I go!  Love this shade of blue!  It's called  Woodlawn Blue Angel. 

And begins! Since I do not like to tape off while painting--a lazy streak---I am very meticulous as I sweep the color on.  And, another important factor that Hubby reminded me about is not to paint myself into a corner!  He is so sweet :).

After two days and two coats of paint, I am done!  All of the porch furniture is back in place. A sense of new and fresh replaces the old and dingy.  I like it.  Several of you all have shared about your upcoming projects on FB with me.  Let me know when they are done and post those pictures!

Happy Memorial Day!