Thursday, October 10, 2013

Yummy Fall Dessert....Right Here!

Hey sweet friends!  Yes, it has been almost two months since my last post.  But, I have a super delicious recipe for y'all to try. It's actually kinda healthy!! Dessert and healthy usually do NOT appear in the same sentence! Just sayin'.

I have been following a super sweet gal on her blog, and she is a foodie....I am not. We all know that! But, Kate has a love and desire to share her wonderful recipes.  I first "met"  Kate via a site for those of us who are going to the  Allume conference for the first time. It's a wonderful conference for bloggers who love to write about encouraging others and who want to share how God is working in their lives. I am beyond excited as this event is happening in two weeks here in Greenville!! Looking forward to seeing what God reveals to me since I really have laid down blogging for the past few years. But, that's another post.

OK, back to the dessert. I decided that this carrot cake recipe sounded really good and not too difficult--my love language! My only issue was to locate the three kinds of flour that Kate has combined for a gluten free flour mix. And, no, we do not have to eat gluten free at our house. We can and do eat anything....which is not very healthy. But, I am working on that.

I read in Kate's recipe that you can find these first ingredients in most grocery stores. Well, she lives in Atlanta, and that is probably true for our neighbors down I-85. Here in G'ville, it's a different story. In the past two days, I went to 4 different stores looking for oat flour (Whole Foods), coconut flour (Whole Foods), and Tapioca Flour (wonderful Indian grocery store on Woodruff behind KFC for locals!!!). Once I got those ingredients, I was ready to go! 

So, without further rambling, here are the pics to show you how my version of the carrot cake came to be.

Step one....locate the flour and measure correctly. (Please note that the counter is CLEAN at this point of photo shooting!)

One of my fav ingredients is cinnamon....while the cake was cooking, my house smelled lovely! And the  counter is no longer clean.

Add grapeseed oil....yes, me neither!!! Something else new in the pantry!

You know this is the yucky part....all of the dirty dishes. See, all of the wonderful food blogs do not show what happens in real life after the mixing and measuring....I thought you might want to see what I was working with.  Another reason that I am not an enthusiastic cook!

But, ohhhhh!!! Look at this right out of the oven. You can even see where I almost destroyed it by poking a gazillion holes in it to make sure it was done!

And the final result....pure heaven! Oh my word! So worth the trips to the stores.  There's just a little bit of cream cheese frosting on top....just a bit. Please make sure to hop over to Kate's blog for the recipe and for her wisdom. I am beside myself that I will have the chance to meet her for lunch in a few weeks. Y'all enjoy and let me know your thoughts.

Sweet blessings,