Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Really Scary Stuff

I want to thank so many of you for your thoughts and prayers over the last few days with Mama's surgery. Being the week of Halloween, this story is quite fitting. Monday night after I posted, I finally got to bed. Normally, I sleep heavily after not getting much sleep the night before. But Monday night was different. I was in my own bed and should have slept great! But, I kept waking up throughout the night. I didn't know why! Each time I did, I prayed immediately for Mama. Then, I would quickly fall asleep again. This continued all night. But I didn't think too much about it until I talked to my sister the Tuesday morning.
She told me that the night shift at the hospital wasn't quite as "with it" as the earlier shifts had been. Mama got frustrated with the lack of help and actually called Daddy to come back and spend the night in an uncomfy chair in her room. In the middle of the night, her blood sugar levels were over 500! They have never been that high before! Daddy questioned the nurse as to when her insulin had been given. Y'all, they NEVER EVER gave her the insulin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My precious mama could have died because of that! Negligence on the part of the night shift! We are still very upset over this and are looking into the breakdown.
I am thrilled to say that Mama made it home last night just in time for supper! She should have been released Tuesday morning, but because of the insulin issue, it took all day to get her blood sugar level back to normal. Quite frustrating.
It finally clicked in my little 'ol head as to why I was awakened throughout the night. It was none other than the Holy Spirit! I was praying Mama through during this dangerous time, and I didn't even know it! There is a scripture in Romans that talks about this. "In the same way, the Spirit helps us in our weakness. We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us with groans that words cannot express." Romans 8:26
Y'all, God is so good--I know that I say that over and over, but it's true! And I am very thankful.
So that brings me to the pictures that I have posted. Mama's episode was really scary stuff, but my Halloween decor is not! It's fun, and the children love it. We've always talked about the fact that Halloween is a time for pretend --nothing more serious than that...our costumes when the boys were little were football players and karate guys and super heroes. Our church had it's second annual Trunk or Treat on Sunday and collected shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child through Franklin Graham's ministries. We love the fall! And I love my paper mache pumpkin people collection! Take a peek!
Hope you all have a wonderful day! I have my second photo shoot in the morning--as long as the weather cooperates! I am loving finally knowing what I want to be when I grow up!

Sweet Blessings!

Monday, October 26, 2009


It is 8:30 pm, and I am SOooo ready for bed! Daddy got me up at 4:30 am this morning...when most folks are still enjoying their deep sleep! An hour later, my parents and I were on our way to the hospital for Mama's mastectomy.

I made the 2 hour trip home after church yesterday. It was strange being at "home" without my hubby and boys. Just Mama, Daddy and myself. As we chatted at supper, the laughter grew, stories were shared, and we talked about her upcoming surgery. We discussed all that we knew, and I pondered questions that I wanted answered--that neither of my parents had asked the surgeon.

I gave Mama a beautiful yellow prayer shawl that our church's prayer ministry had made just for her! Her eyes lit up, and she just glowed! Just lovely! We finished packing and then started the joking and had more stories. Then...the boobie jokes began! Y'all, we were all laughing so hard! It reminded me of the scene from "Steel Magnolias" where the family is playing cards the night before Julia Roberts' and Sally Fields' surgery--the kidney transplant. That, my friends, is how we were! No sadness or regret...just peace and joy!

This morning, as we waited to be admitted, another couple came in the waiting room. The man smiled and waved at Daddy. The lady looked familiar, but I couldn't place her face. When Daddy called the man's name, I realized who the lady was. Y'all, she was my art teacher from high school!!!!!! She remembered me, and we hugged and squealed at 5:45 am! It's been a LONG time since I took art from her! A very long time!

After Mama was finally taken into surgery, my sister who had arrived began to lighten things up even more. When we all get out! Some poor man who was in the waiting room with close proximity...kept falling asleep and snoring! After the third time, sweet sister whipped out her cell phone and took his picture! We started laughing again! My parent's preacher was also there by this time, and I know she thought we had lost our looney minds! But you know how it is once you get going?? You can't stop the laughter!

The call came that Mama was out of surgery, and everything was good. The doctor removed all that needed to be and then some. By the time that we got to her room, she was waking up and feeling good. The anesthesia did not make her sick--praise! She was just thirsty and hungry! Bless her heart....she had not eaten or had anything to drink in almost 12 hours! Talk about dehydration!

When I finally left the hospital for home, she and Daddy were talking and laughing. He was holding her hand and smiling at her with all of the love that they've shared for over 56 years. Beautiful. God is still in the business of miracles. I witnessed one today. This is an 81 year old woman who has been on insulin for diabetes for over 60 years. That in itself is amazing according to the doctors. She suffered a stroke 10 years ago and had to relearn to walk and write and count money. God is SOoo good. He still has plans for her.(Jeremiah 33:11) She still has work to do for Him. As do I.

My friends who rode to Texas last Sunday are back home in Greenville. I chatted with Robin for a minute tonight. She is simply exhausted...physically and emotionally after a 1200 mile bike ride. We're going to have lunch this week to talk about her trip and how God was right there beside them. I can't wait!

It's time to wash my face and go to bed, people! I am falling asleep as I type! Hope it makes sense! Thank you for your prayers! Please don't stop....we are not quite finished yet!

Sweet Blessings!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

From the Hills of Hincapie to the Land of Lance

Sunday afternoon, a group of a hundred or so gathered at the hospital's Cancer Center for a huge send off celebration! The Challenge to Conquer Cancer(C3) was ready to roll! Cancer survivors and those with loved ones having cancer had been training for MONTHS for this 1200 plus mile ride. They left Greenville, SC (home of George Hincapie) for Austin, TX (home of Lance Armstrong) on a week long journey to raise awareness for cancer detection and treatment. Have you seen them in your town??? They are scheduled to arrive in Austin on Friday for another huge celebration! I am so proud of these folks!!
These are two precious friends of mine! Robin--on the left--whose Dad is a cancer survivor, and Jeni--on the right--who is a cancer survivor herself. She has had over 100 skin cancers removed. That is NOT a typo! Y'all--sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen!! I have run marathons with these chickadees and love them dearly!

Caught Jeni digging in the back of her team's van (they are the polka-dot team!) for her gum! Too cute! Check out her socks! She even has polka-dots on her bike helmet. Here is the link to follow the team as they journey out west. would so appreciate your thoughts and prayers! The website is cool--you can track them on their bikes!
Robin made my Mama a magnet for her Yellow Team's car! I told Mama that she was going to Texas and would be famous! She just laughed at me. She has decided upon her treatment option. Monday, she will have surgery and follow it up with radiation. She has some pre-op tests tomorrow. Y'all, we have been surrounded with prayers and peace! God is using this time to fill us with joy--as only He can. I so appreciate your prayers for Mama and Daddy during this time. Again, we are all very positive and know that God will see us through no matter what. He is so good!!!

And this cutie pie is the darling that I took pictures of on Saturday in the pumpkin patch! The scheduled time for us was the only hour in the day that the rain stopped! God was watching over us there as well! I had more fun chasing him around the pumpkins! A true moving target! I took over 100 shots, and we all had a ball! Working on a website for this now--but they are not cheap!!
Y'all have a wonderful day! Thank you for all of the prayers!

Sweet Blessings!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thankful Thursday #2

As I glance out the window, I see clouds and remnants of lots of rain! A cold front has found its way down here. I am wearing sweater turtleneck as I type! (Yes, I am cold natured!) What a difference from just a few days ago.

I am participating in Thankful Thursday over at Truth 4 the Journey. Join us there as we share things in our lives that we are thankful for. See my sidebar for the button to take you there!

1) I am thankful that the boys have no school for the next two days due to fall break! No carpool! (I'm a little selfish here!)

2) I am thankful that my entire family has had the flu shot.

3) I am thankful that Child #2 is on a church retreat to the beach. He needs some down time, He's carrying a tough load this junior year--AP classes galore!

4) I am thankful for my friend, Robin, who is going to ride a 1000 (yes, thousand!!!!!) miles to raise awareness for cancer research. She leaves on Sunday--I will be there to see the team off, will take pictures and have a website for tracking and praying!! These people are amazing!

5) I am thankful for all of the prayers for my Mama! Y'all are so sweet! She goes back to the surgeon in the morning for results from the biopsy and to have stitches removed. Please continue to pray for Mama Lib! Thank you! Update (10/16/09): Talked to my parents who just got home from the doctor. The biopsy showed cancer but in a very limited area. She caught it quickly with the self-examination. They were given 3 options. One is to do nothing. Two is to simply have chemo. Three is to be aggressive, have the breast removed and take 4-6 weeks of radiation. They are leaning toward #3 as am I! Please continue to keep them both in your prayers. We are all very much at peace and know that God is in control. :)

6) ---I added one more!! I am thankful that I have my very first photo shoot on Saturday with an adorable 20 moth old in a pumpkin patch! I am thankful that God is providing opened doors for this passion of mine to photograph others. He provides beautiful people and things to photograph....I can't go wrong as long as I stay focused on Him.

Sweet Blessings!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Procrastination is My Middle Name

I love the Proverbs 31 woman--it's a love/hate relationship actually! "She sets about her work vigorously; her arms are strong for her tasks...." I am not really being that vigorous this morning in tackling my to-do list. My arms are really not strong at the moment either--I just took a body pump class at the gym, and my arms feel like wet noodles! Don't ask me to do another bicep curl or push up, please ma'am! Those of us who have studied Proverbs know that chapter 31 is talking about wisdom--not a REAL LIVE woman. So, have I thought about completing my lists? Yes, I have. Have I thought about finishing the window treatments in the study? Yes, but I have run out of $$ to purchase the darlin' rods that I think would jazz it up! So, I wait. I procrastinate once again with a home project due to lack of funding!!

I did complete a project last week where I was amazed at how quickly it went! You too can do this one! I have read for months that the Nester makes window mistreatments. Instead of following a pattern, having the perfect lining, etc., she simply takes what she has and works with it. That's one of my decorating goals, y'all. It is a slow that will take years!! But, last week, I gave her way a try. I have procrastinated for 3 years now in having window treatments in the playroom--which is now the "man room!" Lots of football, baseball, running and biking decor, a big old tv, a comfy couch and a universal REMOTE. What more could the men in my life need in this room?? (Maybe a cute little refrigerator for Gatorade and snacks! ) When I told them that I was going to make curtains--they don't have a clue as to what a window treatment is!--for the man room, they were not too excited like I had hoped! Silly Mama! But, I was pleased with the outcome of this simple, easy peasy, upholstery tacks, window treatment. It has pulled the room together. Take a look at these pictures.
Such cute--oopsy, I mean "cool" vintage baseball fabric from Martha's Fabrics. (That place is wonderful!)
Measure the length of the window and cut until your heart's content! I like the shorter version. I did--just had too!!--line the panel with white fabric. Lots of afternoon son in that room. I did not want sheers there.
Tack up each side where you want it. It droops in the middle. Then, take the middle and tack it up. Go to the left side and find a new middle that droops. Pull it up and insert a tack.
Now, continue this until you get the look that you want. My thumbs were about to fall off after doing all that tacking on two panels, but I survived! I believe that I used 6 tacks per panel.

Pretty cool, huh? I spent 9.00 on the cute fabric, 2.00 on the lining ( Wal-Mart), and 1.27 on the upholstery tacks (Hobby Lobby--I think!). So, Mama spent a whopping $12.27 to cutesy up this room where the majority of the occupants really don't care if the windows have fabric on them or not!! But, this was one project that I did finish quickly and no procrastination was involved once I finally gathered my materials!
So here is my question for you, my precious readers!! What is it that you procrastinate about? Do you know why? And, do you have the perfect solution??? I TRULY look forward to hearing your responses!!

Sweet Blessings!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Thankful Thursday

I decided to participate in Thankful Thursday on this gorgeous day! Unfortunately, the computer and I are not seeing eye to eye, and I am not able to post the cute little button onto this blog post! Sorry. I am thankful that y'all are ok with this and will overlook it!! You are great bloggyland friends!

Here are 5 things that I am thankful for today!

1) That even though Child number #2 is sick with a virus, he is feeling better, and it is not the flu!

2) For a wonderful husband who encourages me to follow my heart's desire and still keeps me grounded in Truth and what will work for our family.

3) For Wendy Blight, who encouraged me to be obedient after I heard a whisper from God to talk to a friend who is really struggling with her marriage. This was way out of my comfort zone!

4) For the ability to run even though I am in the early stages of plantar fascitis(spelling??)---I can't wear my cute shoes right now! But, I CAN run, and I give Him thanks!

5) That my precious 81 year old Mama is following up with an appointment with a surgeon this morning after noticing that a knot in her breast had changed its shape.

So, what are some things that you are thankful for today? If you want to join me over at Truth 4 the Journey, that would be great!

Sweet Blessings!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Cut and Paste Pillow

I did not fall off the face of the earth! I've been tooling around doing stuff! Fun stuff! Going fun places and meeting with fun people! I took some time away from the computer :).
Two months ago, I lucked up on a great Wednesday yard sale and found this cutie chair for $8.00. It has been sitting in my study (the room which is a work in progress) ever since then looking quite sad! My friend Teresa and I went fabric shopping and FINALLY found some fun fabric to work with my color scheme--which I have finally decided upon! Y'all, take a look at this green zebra print! I love it!! It's going to be in a corner of the room that does not get noticed until now! I have another recycled chair in black and white zebra on the far side of the room. They are far apart enough that they look pretty cool and do not clash!

The chair still is in need of paint--after patching up a slew of nail holes, I'll get around to it. But it is raining here, and painting in the rain is not my idea of fun!! So, I leave you with these photos to tell the story.

The original pillow has been tossed into the trash. It was filled with goose down and quite expensive 20 years ago! It now had a musty smell that simply would not go away. And, I couldn't wash the thing--I'd have feathers all in my washing machine! So, I created a new pillow. Y'all, it is SOoo easy to make a new pillow....promise! I bought fiberfill stuffing this morning and was ready. All I did was measure an 18x18 square and cut it out. I did not actually paste the fabric together, but you could always glue gun it if you wanted to! Then I pulled out my handy dandy sewing machine, blew the dust bunnies away and plugged her up! Being the talented seamstress that I am (I took home-ec in 8th grade and made a beautiful apron!), I decided to use my favorite stitch...the straight stitch!! Only four sides and I was done!! Stuff that baby and sew up the little opening and fluff it and you are done! Finished! Then, I redid the bottom of the chair in the same fabric. I love that ginormous stapler! The original faded pink and red roses was not looking too swift! Gone!! Green zebra stripes instead! Can't wait to see the look on Hubby's face when he sees this manly study turning into Runner Mom's study!!
That's one of my rainy day projects that I completed today! I am quite excited! I'm getting there, slowly but surely! If you want to see more cool do it yourself projects, hop over to Kimba's blog for DIY Tuesday. There are some really darlin' ideas out there! Hope you have a wonderful day!

Sweet Blessings!