Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Really Scary Stuff

I want to thank so many of you for your thoughts and prayers over the last few days with Mama's surgery. Being the week of Halloween, this story is quite fitting. Monday night after I posted, I finally got to bed. Normally, I sleep heavily after not getting much sleep the night before. But Monday night was different. I was in my own bed and should have slept great! But, I kept waking up throughout the night. I didn't know why! Each time I did, I prayed immediately for Mama. Then, I would quickly fall asleep again. This continued all night. But I didn't think too much about it until I talked to my sister the Tuesday morning.
She told me that the night shift at the hospital wasn't quite as "with it" as the earlier shifts had been. Mama got frustrated with the lack of help and actually called Daddy to come back and spend the night in an uncomfy chair in her room. In the middle of the night, her blood sugar levels were over 500! They have never been that high before! Daddy questioned the nurse as to when her insulin had been given. Y'all, they NEVER EVER gave her the insulin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My precious mama could have died because of that! Negligence on the part of the night shift! We are still very upset over this and are looking into the breakdown.
I am thrilled to say that Mama made it home last night just in time for supper! She should have been released Tuesday morning, but because of the insulin issue, it took all day to get her blood sugar level back to normal. Quite frustrating.
It finally clicked in my little 'ol head as to why I was awakened throughout the night. It was none other than the Holy Spirit! I was praying Mama through during this dangerous time, and I didn't even know it! There is a scripture in Romans that talks about this. "In the same way, the Spirit helps us in our weakness. We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us with groans that words cannot express." Romans 8:26
Y'all, God is so good--I know that I say that over and over, but it's true! And I am very thankful.
So that brings me to the pictures that I have posted. Mama's episode was really scary stuff, but my Halloween decor is not! It's fun, and the children love it. We've always talked about the fact that Halloween is a time for pretend --nothing more serious than that...our costumes when the boys were little were football players and karate guys and super heroes. Our church had it's second annual Trunk or Treat on Sunday and collected shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child through Franklin Graham's ministries. We love the fall! And I love my paper mache pumpkin people collection! Take a peek!
Hope you all have a wonderful day! I have my second photo shoot in the morning--as long as the weather cooperates! I am loving finally knowing what I want to be when I grow up!

Sweet Blessings!


Yolanda said...


Wow, what a frightening time for your family, that was so unnecessary. YET....God was and is still in control. I'm thankful your Mother is home and that you are able to get some rest.


Divine Mrs D said...

I'm glad that your mother is home, but that is so scary what happened!! Holy smokes, I can understand your anger. But God is so good to us. I love that you *knew* even when you didn't. :)

Sharon@JoyInTheTruth said...

Praise the Lord for your mom's Great Care Giver! The Spirit woke you to pray, and your prayers ushered her saftely through the night.

Marci @ All Things Wonderful said...

God is so good...I love that scripture in Romans. That is so scary about the hospital staff. I am so glad that she is home with your Dad.
We have Trunk or Treat, tonight @ our church. Benjamin is so excited. We are also working on our shoeboxes....isn't that funny?!
Did you see where you can follow your boxes, this year, to see where they go. Wonder if it works?

Paula (SweetPea) said...

Love those paper mache pumpkins. I do believe I detect some flip flops on the first one.

So glad your mama is okay.

Congrats on the second photo shoot. Would love to see pics of the first one if that's allowed.

Cindy said...

First Susan, I am SO thankful that your mama is doing well and home:)

Next, it is nice to see that Christians can find ways to have
'fun' around the halloween theme without becoming so legalistic!!!

Enjoy and Blessings, Cindy

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

First, Amelia is going to be a cat and Jadon a cowboy! They'd love to stop by for some candy.

Secondly, I'm at my folks tonight just chillin' and spending the night, so I can relate to your being alone with your parents and reliving some old memories.

Thirdly, have mercy! What in the wide world of sports? I'm so glad that your mother is doing better and that the Lord prompted your late night awakening for prayer. Bless her heart. I can understand in part, the "slack" care she received as I have my own horror story along those lines.

Just glad it's over and that she can now get to the business of regaining her strength and stamina.

Blessings on you all.


Shay said...

I'm so glad your mom is home! That makes me happy.
I love all of your halloween decorations =-)
Thank you for the prayers for my sister, your awesome.

Leebird said...

You know what I love? My sweet friend Susan! I would give anything to be able to wrap you up in a big ol' LeeBird hug! Glad your mom is ok...sorry for the scare with the blood sugar. Praying that your mom recovers quickly and finds herself to be free of cancer ASAP. Feel my love wafting in the breeze...cuz I do dearly love you my friend. Lee

tiggerdaisy said...

Oh, I'm so sorry that happened to your mama! It really is a shame--and it shouldn't have happened.

Praying that she has a full and speedy recovery in the Name of Jesus!


Andrea said...

So glad your momma is home and on the mend. What a scary time!!!
Love your decorations. ;o)

Mari said...


So glad your mom is home now. Thank God you were obedient to the Holy Spirit's promptings. What an awesome reward! Will continue to pray for your mom's healing process.

Wendy Blight said...


So thankful your mom is home and that the Lord had His Hand upon her despite the negligence of those working that night. It shows me how ABSOLUTELY necessary prayer and praying God's Word over every part of our lives is. We will continue to pray for perfect healing!

I LOVE Your cute, cute Halloween decorations. Wish I could have a warm cup of cocoa in your house right now.