Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Procrastination is My Middle Name

I love the Proverbs 31 woman--it's a love/hate relationship actually! "She sets about her work vigorously; her arms are strong for her tasks...." I am not really being that vigorous this morning in tackling my to-do list. My arms are really not strong at the moment either--I just took a body pump class at the gym, and my arms feel like wet noodles! Don't ask me to do another bicep curl or push up, please ma'am! Those of us who have studied Proverbs know that chapter 31 is talking about wisdom--not a REAL LIVE woman. So, have I thought about completing my lists? Yes, I have. Have I thought about finishing the window treatments in the study? Yes, but I have run out of $$ to purchase the darlin' rods that I think would jazz it up! So, I wait. I procrastinate once again with a home project due to lack of funding!!

I did complete a project last week where I was amazed at how quickly it went! You too can do this one! I have read for months that the Nester makes window mistreatments. Instead of following a pattern, having the perfect lining, etc., she simply takes what she has and works with it. That's one of my decorating goals, y'all. It is a slow process...one that will take years!! But, last week, I gave her way a try. I have procrastinated for 3 years now in having window treatments in the playroom--which is now the "man room!" Lots of football, baseball, running and biking decor, a big old tv, a comfy couch and a universal REMOTE. What more could the men in my life need in this room?? (Maybe a cute little refrigerator for Gatorade and snacks! ) When I told them that I was going to make curtains--they don't have a clue as to what a window treatment is!--for the man room, they were not too excited like I had hoped! Silly Mama! But, I was pleased with the outcome of this simple, easy peasy, upholstery tacks, window treatment. It has pulled the room together. Take a look at these pictures.
Such cute--oopsy, I mean "cool" vintage baseball fabric from Martha's Fabrics. (That place is wonderful!)
Measure the length of the window and cut until your heart's content! I like the shorter version. I did--just had too!!--line the panel with white fabric. Lots of afternoon son in that room. I did not want sheers there.
Tack up each side where you want it. It droops in the middle. Then, take the middle and tack it up. Go to the left side and find a new middle that droops. Pull it up and insert a tack.
Now, continue this until you get the look that you want. My thumbs were about to fall off after doing all that tacking on two panels, but I survived! I believe that I used 6 tacks per panel.

Pretty cool, huh? I spent 9.00 on the cute fabric, 2.00 on the lining ( Wal-Mart), and 1.27 on the upholstery tacks (Hobby Lobby--I think!). So, Mama spent a whopping $12.27 to cutesy up this room where the majority of the occupants really don't care if the windows have fabric on them or not!! But, this was one project that I did finish quickly and no procrastination was involved once I finally gathered my materials!
So here is my question for you, my precious readers!! What is it that you procrastinate about? Do you know why? And, do you have the perfect solution??? I TRULY look forward to hearing your responses!!

Sweet Blessings!


Shay said...

Those look great!!

amykat said...

Okay, now this just amazed me! I am so not a do-it-yourself crafty person....so while your little process looks very uncomplicated, I would never have thought about this. It looks super! Not that your boys can truly appreciate it, but I do! :)
What do I procrastinate about? Oh geez, my game room! We moved into our house nearly two years ago...and while it has great window treatments (thank you, previous owner) - I have done NOT-ONE-THING to the walls.
1) i don't want to spend a lot of $$ on this room.
2) i don't have a lot of time for a do-it-yourself....even if I was "capable" of doing that.

but you have inspired me....I'll possibly have to spend some time thinking about what I can do on my own on a small budget.


Yolanda said...

That looks way cute, and super easy!

Love to you!!!!

Paula (SweetPea) said...

No way. Those are very cute. Wait, no they aren't. They aren't cute at all. They are very "manly". hehe.

I love this idea. Who'da ever thunk it.

I've been procrastinating on finishing the painting in my house. Oh, I also have a wall applicae above my counters that I need to remove the white backing. I've not b/c I'm not sure how to hang it...centered with cabinets or centered with window. It's centered with cabinets right now. I need to just remove the backing and be done with it.

3 Blessings said...

I love it! What a great idea.
Thanks for sharing.

Mary Singer Wick said...


When are you going to open a craft store? You're so cute!

I procrastinate when things are too technical in nature for me. I have ask for help, so I wait until my husband (who is very techie) can help me, or I don't do anything. I've messed up more computer installations than you can imagine! I think I have a chip inside my body that makes things break. Really!

Enjoy your newest creation.



Marci @ All Things Wonderful said...

WOW! The window treatments are amazing. Great Work!

Wendy Blight said...


You never cease to amaze me, sweet friend, with all that you can do!!!

I procrasinate with the ironing. If I was technically savvy, I would take a picture of my WAY overflowing basket of ironing that I PROMISED to tackle several nights in a row now. It is PITIFUL, but I absolutely HATE ironing. By the time I finish the moutain of clothes awaiting me....my right arm will feel like a wet noodle!!

My solution...a maid!! :-)

Love you,


Empty Nest Full Life said...

Love the cute, I mean cool window treatments. I have a few procrastination projects around here, and $ is sometimes the reason, but for me it is often that I think and analyze on it too long. I hope to get things rolling soon. One more trip to FL next week for Dr appt, but hope to come back with some pics from daughters. Jackie

Sarah said...

Those are PRECIOUS!! In the coolest of manly ways, of course! Procrastination... the list is so long. I'll work on that later... :-)

Marilyn in Mississippi said...

Those look great! Very manly! I remember the days when I would whip up a "window treatment" in an afternoon! I had me some crafty days back in my younger years! ha Now I procrastitate on just about everything! Just can't seem to get up and get going! Trying right now to put away the clutter from bathroom and stopped in here to see if my s.l.o.w. dial-up computer had loaded your blog yet or not! ha So, now it's time to go and finish doing something to the house!

Andrea said...

LOVE it! Those look great! ;o)

Joyful said...

Susan!!! WOW!!! The curtains are amazing!!! I NEVER would have thought to hang them higher than the top of the window frame. Great idea. Makes your windows look larger!!!

Laughed at Wendy Blight's comment above. I try not to iron either! Her solution for a maid suits me perfectly.

I'm procrastinating on some writing. Doubts are blocking my want to. Need to "take the bull by the horn" and charge forward.

Love ya sweet friend,