Monday, March 22, 2010

Anniversary of Fear to Faith

Happy 2nd (I think!) day of Spring! Except it feels like winter here again!'s cold outside! This weekend's Anne Graham Lotz revival was awesome! Just like a shot of the Holy Spirit! Thank you for your prayers! So many women went to the Cross and accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior for the first time. It was a beautiful time in the BiLo Center!

As I was reading my devotional yesterday, I noticed a comment that I had written. A year ago yesterday, I encountered not only an attack on my body, but an attack of my faith. You can go here to read about it. Bonnie, sweet friend and neighbor, I didn't tell you about this, but....go ahead and read! I'll talk to you in the yard later on!! :)

The devotional from JESUS CALLING by Sarah Young is amazing! This is the reading that March 21 began with...."Trust me and don't be afraid, for I am your Strength and Song. Think about what it means to have Me as your strength. I spoke the universe into existence; My Power is absolutely unlimited! Human weakness, consecrated to Me, is like a magnet, drawing My Power into your neediness. However, fear can block the flow of My Strength into you....When you relate to Me in confident trust, there is no limit to how much I can strengthen you."

Fear did block my communication with God that morning. I was in panic mode, and although I tried to focus on Him, I couldn't for that moment. This fear turned into aggravation--not anger--with Him. The next morning, after processing the entire incident, I talked to Him while getting ready for church. I asked Him WHERE was He when I needed His protection on that mountain? He replied to my spirit that He was there. He protected all of us from something far worse. He kept the coyote from attacking over and over again. He placed the right people in our paths ASAP. Just last week, our local tv news reported that a family pet had been attacked and killed by a coyote in its yard. This is a subdivision not far from where my attack occurred. My mama was here watching the news with me, and it just broke her heart to hear about this dog. I'm sitting on the couch with her thinking, "Mama, if you only knew!" We still have not told our families or many others. I did share it in a talk that I gave at She Speaks last summer.

I have the scars that bear the attack. They have faded just a bit. But they are a daily reminder to TRUST in a God that is BIG...much bigger than our fears. I also have a stronger faith that stems from this episode. Sometimes you have to go through valleys (even though I was literally on a mountain top!!) in order to come out stronger and more sure of your relationship with Christ. Just an FYI, Wendy Blight has an amazing book that deals with fear. It's called Hidden Joy in a Dark Corner. I gleaned so many truths from this book. If you have not read it, I highly recommend it. As a matter of fact, it's going to be a choice for our women's ministry's Beach Blanket Bible Studies this summer.

I leave you with this thought....concentrate on trusting the One who loves you more than anyone else!

Sweet Blessings,


elaine @ peace for the journey said...

He is so worthy of our trust. I was reminded of his journey again this morning in Hebrews 12...

"Consider him who endured such opposition from sinful men, so that you will not grow weary and lose heart. In your struggle against sin, yu have not yet resisted to the point of shedding your blood."

He's been through it all, enabling us to better go through our "all." How thankful I am for a loving Father who's there for me; how thankful I am for a friend like you for the exact same reason.

No more coyotes! K? No more fear.



Keep to it.



Wow! I went back and read the story and it reminded me of the day in 2008 when a fox came here when Shepherd's Walk was first being cleared. The fox savagely killed my pet Goose named Louie who lived at Sweetbriar for 11 years! I felt this entire incident was a sign of the enemy not wanting Shepherd's Walk to come to fruition. We buried Louie that morning - the police and officials from fish and game were called to investigate - but they were not willing to do anything to the fox - so it stayed around for 6 more weeks - even staring me down at my window one morning.

I was not physically hurt by it myself - but Louie was my treasured JOY in my yard. The enemy knew that. God spoke a word to me over that day - telling me that this was 'the kind of sacrifice' that JESUS endured to be savagely killed when He had done nothing wrong.

You wrote:
"I have the scars that bear the attack. They have faded just a bit. But they are a daily reminder to TRUST in a God that is BIG...much bigger than our fears. I also have a stronger faith that stems from this episode."

I will never forget that fox or my Louie - OR MY JESUS! I have emotional scars over that as you have physical ones. Our enemy lurks daily - perhaps that's why God left that mark on you for your daily reminder. Amen - He WAS there with you!

We must never be without our armor!And we must never let go of the Hand that protects us.

I'm so glad that you shared this story.

And thank you so much for being brave enough to LEAVE a comment on today's post!

I'm so glad that we both know how MUCH our God loves us!

Choosing JOY,

Andrea said...

Your witness of trust speaks loudly to each of us.
Hugs, andrea

Marilyn in Mississippi said...

I think "fear" is my thorn in the flesh!!! I hate being so fearful of so many things! I'm trying to trust more and fear less!

As for coyotes....we have them a lot out here on our farm and I hate them! Their errie howling makes my skin crawl. Sounds like a bunch of wild Indians! A couple of weeks ago we woke up to both our dogs barking like crazy out in the front yard. Turned on the flood lights just in time to see a coyote dart quickly up almost to our biggest dog and then quickly turn and run back into the shadows. Hubby says that's the way they do....try to get the dogs to chase them and then when they do the whole pack jumps on them. So glad our dogs didn't take the bait! Mississippi

Susan Panzica - EternityCafe said...

Fear has been a companion of mine for most of my life. I was asked to speak at a women's event last year about fear because I had shared on fear at my first She Speaks. I called my talk "Fear is a Four Letter Word ... conquer the curse!" And He has led me through my fears to victory many times.

Reading that you still bear the scars reminds me that Jesus still bears His scars. He chose to keep them to show them to Thomas and others who needed a faith boost. They are a visible reminder of His invisible provision. And Paul was proud, not of his accomplishments, but of the scars that he bore for representing the gospel. May your scars be a testimony to the One who is trustworthy.

ps - are you going to She Speaks this year? And if you are, can we get together and share a meal together? Better than waving down the hallway!

Susie from Bienvenue said...

I often wonder why I have such a hard time trusting when "my" plans fail me. Oh thank goodness the Lord is working on my ole' self 24-7...Now to trust and job~ (((hugs)) Susie

Kay @ Off the Beaten Path said...

Susan thanks for sharing your story with those of us who didn't know it. I'm in awe of you girl! I have encountered a couple of coyotes - they occasionally roam our town and I met one right in front of the library when I was walking right here in town. I know they are even more prevalent in our mountain trails, as are bear and bobcats.

I'll admit these wild creatures do spark a little fear in me each time I head out for a hike. But I also refuse to allow that fear to keep me from respectfully enjoying the world God gave us.

I am inspired by your courage and faith. I really am. Praise God for your deliverance! And praise God for your healthy take on this incident - I know it hasn't been easy.

Beth E. said...

Wow...what a story! I walk the greenbelt in our town's park. I've seen various animals, but no coyotes, thank the good Lord!

Trusting God...

sonja said...


We live in a very safe even gated area. 4 years ago when I was walking the main circle, a dog broke loose from the front porch of their home and attacked me. I had a huge bite on my thigh. It took a LONG time for it to heal. I rarely even think about it, but your posting was a reminder. Turns out, this dog was a pet, but had also been their trained guard dog for their family jewelry store. The city ended up putting the dog down. All that detail to say, I do understand that fear you had. Coming along behind me was a dad with a baby in the stroller, it could have been much worse. I have no fear of dogs to this day, so I know God was protecting me... and you!



Sassy Granny ... said...

Attacks come in all shapes & sizes, don't they. And fear is no respecter of persons. It assaults one as easily as it assaults another. I think of Elijah, and Job, and all those scared-spitless disciples as Jesus was dragged to His death.

Thank you for your transparency, and your testimony. I've heard it said, and believe it's true: there's no such thing as courage without fear. I'm thinking you're one courageous lady! And to God be the glory!!


Danielle said...

Girl, you always speak to my heart, but this really resonated with me. Thank you for sharing it!

prashant said...

He's been through it all, enabling us to better go through our "all." How thankful I am for a loving Father who's there for me; how thankful I am for a friend like you for the exact same reason.
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