Monday, March 15, 2010

Following Directions

As a teacher, I always encouraged my children to follow the directions....whether written or oral. This is vital for tests, fire drills, etc. And who do you think make the worst "following directions people"?


We NEVER take the time to read the directions ourselves! We pretty much know what is expected and simply do the task at hand.

That's fine and dandy in some cases....not in others! Take last Wednesday for example. It was way past time to touch up the gray roots in my hair! More gray than medium ash brown was being seen in the mirror. So, I grabbed my bottle of hair color by L'Oreal--because I'm worth it!--and proceeded to get rid of the gray like I've done so many times before. It's so simple to color your hair at home. You can multi-task while waiting--laundry, dishes, Bible Study, etc. I knew the exact amount of time I needed to wait...25 minutes. Well, I did this and that and piddled and finally walked by the mirror in the bathroom. People!!!!!!!! My hair was BLACK! The color had only been on for 16 minutes! Something was terribly wrong!

I grabbed the box and read the directions. In BOLD letters and numbers, 10 Minutes to beautiful hair popped out at me! 10 minutes???? I flung open the shower and turned on the water. Praying that I wouldn't have jet black hair for a month, I jumped in the shower. Then I proceeded to yell!

If you own an older home, and the heat pump is located on the other side of the house from your shower, you know why I was yelling! Mercy! The water was icy cold, and I was blinded by the dye coming from my hair. I was plain 'ol miserable! By the time all of the color was rinsed out, the lovely hot water had finally kicked in! I was totally aggravated by then!

But, gets better! After I dry and style it, it's not too least I don't think so. Then, we went to church for Wednesday night supper. I love this! A delicious meal, fun, and fellowship, and I don't have to cook! I did volunteer to help clean up afterwards.

So, I'm standing in line for the chicken pot pie--just chatting away, and a darling little 6th grade friend comes up and asks, "Mrs. Susan, what HAPPENED to your hair? It's black!" Don't you just love the honesty that comes with childhood? So, I explained my predicament, and she was satisfied with the answer. In the meantime, my friend standing beside me was trying not to laugh and trying also to convince me that my hair looked good, and that very dark hair was quite stylish right now. Mercy! I didn't believe her one little bit.

And, I am not including a picture for y'all to snicker at and make interesting comments on my blog! So, I'll leave it at that, and I'll be back to visit in a few days! Hopefully, my hair will be on the way to recovery by the end of this week. Prayers would be appreciated!

Sweet Blessings,


3 Blessings said...

Too funny! At least you are woman enough to laugh about it :) I am sure you look beautiful.

Yolanda said...

I'm positive that you are still beautiful as well. What a great lesson to learn from your little girlfriend, ask the question and move on. Amen? AMEN! Don't add insult to injury just take it in, and move on.


Empty Nest Full Life said...

I'm sure it is not as bad as you think, but trust me I have been there, not black, but pretty red, I am talking eggplant reddish purple!!!!!!!Trust me that one was a shocker!It does improve with time, but I do know how you feel. Have a great week! Jackie

sonja said...

Oh I can tell you that I've been there!! I have done both 'too little' with orange results, and 'too much' with white results, when beach nlonde is what I am after!
My husband has said for years that no one really knows what my real hair color is, and that's a fact!

I got a good chuckle out of this one!

Beth E. said...

Oh, I have definitely been there! I tried a different shade the last time I colored my hair. It was supposed to be "warm brown". What a seemed to get was "jet black"!

I'm always hesitant to use permanent color. I use a semi-permanent. With enough washings, it takes care of most of my mistakes. lol

You SHOULD have posted a pic. We wouldn't have laughed...honest! ;-)


OH Susan -------- I cannot stop laughing!!!! I am one who is always afraid when I color my hair [and I only do my own color] that something will go wrong if it is on too long. Last month I had an old box of color that was different from my regular one. It was a mousy color all month. People kept asking, "Did you do something different to your hair?"

"Yes - I used an old box of color!"
Never again!!!!

I love the honesty of babes!

thanks for the side tickling!

{{HUGS}} Stephanie

Marilyn in Mississippi said...

Well, now you have my curiosity roused and I'm really wanting to see a picture!! ha ha Sounds like something I would do! That is if I colored my hair. I just let the gray show through. I'm sure I'd be too lazy to keep the roots covered if I ever started coloring it. As others have said....I'm sure you look pretty no matter what color your hair! Mississippi

Andrea said...

Love the honesty of kids..
Hugs, andrea

Jen said...

I, too, bought the 10 minute color from Wal Mart. But....I got a lighter shade and after 10 minutes I still had very visible grays. So I ended up leaving it on for nearly 30 minutes. Now it's a week later and I swear to you, I'm seeing gray again.
Well, this isn't about me, though. Really.
Sweet little 6th grade her honesty. Honestly. :)

Cascia said...

That is cute! Only a child would say that. I'm sure the hair color looks great.

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

You tease... how can you not share? I'm right there with you, ash brown momma! You never know how our "worth it" will color us.


Gotta Run..Gotta Ride said...

Once I came home from getting a new do and Scott said he liked it. THEN..Kenny and Greg asked me if I meant to get it colored and cut like that. OMG - I hated it.

Your story is PRICELESS!

Danielle said...

I think you should post a picture anyway! I'm sure you still look your lovely matter how dark your hair is, it wouldn't take from you beauty.;-)

I was just thinking earlier that I might need to do something with my hair as well. I'm pulling greys left and right. It should teach me not to worry so much! I'm only 31!!!