Friday, August 7, 2009

Word of God Speak

Wendy Pope and myself after her talk on "Teaching By the Book"--awesome session!

Wendy Blight--a true friend and mentor!! Thank you!
The Nester, Lysa TerKeurst, and moi at the Blogger Drop-In
Holly and Leah- assistants of Lysa T. and Renee--aren't they precious?
Renee Swope, Tammy, and myself busy visiting and looking at baby pictures!!

Good morning!! I can't believe it's been a week since She Speaks! Yes, I'm still on that mountaintop high!! I wanted to share some pics of the P31 Team members who have said "yes" to God in so many ways. They are wives and moms, just like many of us! Some of their stories were hilarious and others quite serious. They were vulnerable, insightful, and passionate about our Jesus. They have realized that God is calling them to step out and do things for His glory. They have accepted His call and are encouraging us as well! Those adjectives that I used to describe them ring so true!!

Last year, I heard God ask me to begin a Women's Ministry at our church. One year later, it is in place--we are taking baby steps. Growing it with His guidance and love is a joy to me. I have been blessed with a team of 14 ladies who felt the call to follow Him as well!! Oh, He is SO good!!
On Saturday, I had signed up to take a session that sounded really good! But y'all, God changed my mind!! God used these two ladies--Kristen Myers and Chef Dianne--to tell me that I really needed to hear Wendy Pope and her talk on "Teaching by the Book."
Well, I took that session last year!! I loved it, but I had been there, done that! They insisted, and Wendy even told me I had time to run to my room (on the 8th floor!) and get a Cherry coke--I needed some caffeine, people!! I grabbed the coke and my bag of white chocolate peanut butter Reeces cups (I heart those things!!) and headed back just in time for Wendy to start! Wendy Blight was her assistant on the computer!! I just love these two Wendys--and my roommate Wendy, too!!! God has used their writing to show me so many of His truths!
Even though I took this session last year, God desired my presence there again this year!
Ya'll, I love to facilitate Bible Studies! It's a passion of mine! But, I don't know the WORD as much as I should. Wendy P. had the same experience, and she put aside leading for awhile and began to study. Her session was how to study His Word---just what I needed! Then God began whispering to me in the middle of her talk..."Susan, honey are you listening?? I need to show you more of ME so you can better teach."

Hmm....a week before She Speaks, I had talked to my "partner in crime," Donita, about leading a study that I had earlier planned on facilitating at church. This Wednesday, she said she would love to lead it! Other folks are stepping up to help out and that is freeing me up! I am almost afraid to type this, but I think my plate for the fall is clean!! A clean plate!! Imagine!! I am planning on taking 2 Bible studies under amazing teachers who have the wisdom I desire. If I want to serve Him, I have to be filled with Him and His WORD.

If we are in tune with Jesus, He will show us His ways. On Saturday night, as I traveled to the foot of the cross to lay down my burdens and receive a fresh word from Him, He was ready! I "randomly" chose a scripture card and took it back to my table to read. "Many are the plans in a man's heart, but it is the Lord's purpose that prevails." Proverbs 19:21

Does that speak to me? Yes siree! Was that scripture a random choice? Nope! Plans have to be for His purpose. I can plan a gazillion things, but if they don't line up with His purpose, they will be fruitless, a flop, a failure! I have to go to Him first and see if my plans line up with His will. Always first...not at the last minute! How about you?
Listening for Him


elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Take that "clean plate" and run with it! Fill it with the treasures of God's truth. Just keep pressing into Jesus; he will teach you what he desires and equip you to remember!

Glad to see your earlier problems were resolved. Have a great weekend.


Danielle said...

God has been speaking this same thing to me, Susan. I have two groups that I had started, but because of everyone schedules, we laid them down for the summer... now with fall quickly approaching, I am wondering what to do. While in the 'wait' of knowing what God is calling me to, I'm all out of sorts. I am the type of person who wants to know now!lol But, at the same time, I feel as if I'm in a season of just soaking Him in, ya know. I just want to learn more of Him, be more of Him. I just don't know... on my own, that is. But, I've been praying and searching His word, asking Him to show me the way.

I'm excited to hear how He uses these two new bible studies to grow you in His word!

Joyful said...

I didn't mind reading this post twice at all. It was great BOTH times!!! Thoroughly enjoyed all your pictures!!!!!!!

Love how God is speaking to your heart and confirming His direction through His Word. I am leading two studies in the Fall...a morning and an evening study...different books. Trusting in the Lord to continue to lead and direct. So thankful His plans prevail.