Saturday, August 22, 2009

On Empty

I am tired. Even Moses got tired! (See Exodus 17:12). I would too if I had been trying to lead the Israelites!! Mercy! I've just been leading my boys, and that is hard enough!! It's been a busy week. School started. Cross Country moved from the cool early morning to the scorching afternoon. Supper got later! Just got home from a Women's Ministry Planning Retreat. Hubby and the boys have been cooking--preparing for a chicken bog (not blog but bog!) meal later tonight. I will fry up some okra that I bought from a roadside stand. Cannot wait! Yum! Y'all come on over, but if you do, I have a question for you.

I have this lovely tole tray that I shared with you months ago. I purchased it at a yard sale my church had to raise money for mission trip to Peru. $3.00 was the total. I loved it! Then, I tried to figure out where to put it. It's a little fru-fru for my study. So, I moved it into the hallway. It's just hanging all by its lonesome! It needs some company!! Some of you wonderful people please give me some ideas! I am stuck!! The title of my post also reflects my wallet!! I do sub next week--Praise Him!!

You can see what is tricky about this area! It connects with the stairs where I have a darlin' cage (my happy birthday present from the boys!) and a lovely piece of handmade pottery (my trip to Elaine's). Above it is the trusty Southern Living at Home mirror (I was a hostess and got a deal!!), a beautiful wooden sign with our name and favorite scripture, and lastly, my babies' silhouettes. So, what would you do to jazz up the area with the tole tray? On a "bu-jay," remember!! Hop over to Rhoda's for more yard sale goodies!

Can't wait to hear your ideas!! Hope y'all have a great weekend! I have some exciting news to share with you next week!! Oh, by the way...remember that sewing table I found last week at a yard sale? I decided to use it as a little desk in the corner of the study. I actually pulled out the Pledge and dusted it!! Good as new! I am not going to paint it while it's in this room. I've broken it in by piling it up with stuff!!

Sweet Blessings!


Yolanda said...

Not a clue, I'm not a decorator. But Girlfriend, I love your spunk!

Bless ya!


Kelly Combs said...

I usually would hang those sconces (candles) on either side. But I am a horrible decorator, so don't do it, or else people will say "who gave you that bright idea?"

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Perfect idea for you...

my suitcase underneath with me on the stairs. How about that?

Love our little plant; love you more.

Sabbath rest to you my friend~elaine

3 Blessings said...

I love the bird cage with the plant. ADORABLE! I think maybe some type of grouping of smaller famed photos or paintings would look good by your tray.

Thank you for your sweet words and prayers. I feel so much better this evening so I know that that God's love and other's prayers are lifting me.
Blessing to you dear friend,

Empty Nest Full Life said...

I came back from Augusta this evening and had a great time. That tray for $3 was a bargain! What if you raise it a slight bit higher and put some old fashioned florals in black frames on either side. Something that sort of goes with the floral on the tray. Look on vintage moth or graphics fairy for some vintage flower prints, and those black wal-mart frames would be great (you know the $2-3 ones).
Hope you had a great week. Hoping I will be called to sub soon. Jackie

The Heart and Mind of a Woman said...

Maybe some pictures of foxes or was it wolf?
Actually I would use a broad ribbon or starched fabric made to look like ribbon and attach to the top corners and hang from nail and put matching bow.
Then it is more a focal point and may not need a grouping

Sharon@JoyInTheTruth said...

It looks nice how it is...sometimes less is more. :) However, I am not a great decorator, so......

Melanie said...

How about turning the tray so it is horizontal and grouping plates around it? Plates are cheap at the thrift store or maybe you already have some plates and or serving platters that would work. Plate hangars are cheap, too.

Mary Singer Wick said...


Love your home! We have the same taste our walls and trim are the same color).

Great start to a tricky spot, as you say. I would make it a "friends and family" wall combined with some nice artwork (as you have done).

You can also add some battery candle wall scones (if you've never seen them they are at Bed, Bath & Beyond) are great because there's no smoke! Not only will your house be safe from a fire, but you never have to worry about discoloration from the candle smoke.

Wish we lived closer, I'd come over to help you out!

BTW, thanks for the great comments on my blog. Glad you liked my book trailer, and the vacation hiking photo of me and Jon.

Happy decorating!



Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hi, Susan, you're so cute, you've been really busy! You know I love this tray. I hung 2 tole trays above the door in my kitchen (next to cabinets). Do you have any place like that it would work, right over a doorframe? I think that would look good. It's such a pretty piece.

Oh, I've got some fresh okra I'll be frying up tonight too. :)

Gina @ The Shabby Chic Cottage said...

I think you should get (or build) a long skinny shelf and lean it up on the wall the other direction (long ways side to side). I would suggest putting it more to one side rather than in the middle. Put pillar candles on candlesticks on one end and then maybe something smaller on the other side of it (so not to obstruct the pretty tray). I think I would choose a white shelf to go with all your trim. Black candlesticks with white candles would be beautiful there. Looks like you have bird cages, so a stone looking little bird might be a good small ornament for the spot. Good luck, no matter what you choose!

Danielle said...

I am not a good one to ask... so I'll say, I like Gina's idea. It sounds pretty!

But, I know whatever you choose, it will look fantastic! I can't wait to see what you decide.

And i'll love to see a pic of your new desk in the study.;-)

Pinkshoelady said...

Hey Girl,
I love the tray!
Here's my idea for what it's worth...the lady helping us get our house ready said I have too much stuff.
But here goes: Get two small shelves to put on each side and place tea cups and saucers with blue hues to match your pottery from Elain's.
love ya

soanywaytoday said...

love your stairway... I am not a "lover" of plates on a wall, but seeing them all over blog land is starting to covert me slowly... With the right plates, mabe a black toile, some prints that match the flower and a couple of solids throw in there to fill around the platter I think would be pretty. And you know how cheepie you can find them at GW and other thrift stores.

Jennifer @ Getting Down With Jesus said...

You have a beautiful home! And I love, love, love that Southern Living at Home touch. My sister is a SLAH consultant here in Iowa!!!!

Mama Byrd said...

GORGEOUS HOME! I would turn it the other way and then find a plaque like the "hood" one you have and place it under the tray. Love how you hung it on the wall.

Kim H. said...


Popped over from A Soft Place to Land -- I admit, I was curious as to your decor dilemna. :)

I love, love, love the tray -- and I really like Gina's idea of the shelf and taller candles -- and of course, the stone bird idea is genius. How cute would that be to tie it together with the birdcage?!

Good luck!

Oh, and I can probably rustle you up an Ohio State t-shirt for your little guy -- you know, we must get him one if he's going to insist on wearing a Michigan shirt -- but it'd probably be an adult Large! :) Lemme know.

Susie from Bienvenue said...

Im thinking plates would be a nice added touch~

Cottage Lifestyle said...

I like Melanie's idea. Also, have you thought about swapping it with the HOOD and silhouettes.

Renee @ Cottage Lifestyle

Tamara Jans said...

The tray looks beautiful as it is... But perhaps something metal and "scrolly" ... Is that a word? It should be... above it. I do like the shelf idea with the tray leaning against the wall... I'd go for really rustic old wood. I also like the plates idea... I've recently fallen in love with plates on the wall... Not the ones they often sell FOR walls... but just real, simple, old plates....
from Tamara at Transformed By the Sea