Friday, June 26, 2009

Post # 98--Tres Fru Fru!

Ya'll, my eyes--even with the dollar tree glasses and all--are crossin' on me! I have been on a painting frenzy this week! My sweet friend, Lisa, whom I highlighted months ago (she does the darling monograms), is going on vacation. The location happens to be a wonderful community at the beach where folks set up shop in their front yards and SELL their cute stuff! I don't mind asking people things (!), so I asked Lisa if I could send a few items down with her! Remember, I am a woman on a mission to buy a new camera!! So, hopefully, she'll be able to sell a few goodies for me!
I'm actually waiting on the E600 glue to dry--I will pass out in my car if I load up the stuff now and try to drive to her house and deliver my things!'s potent! But, it works!! I wanted to let y'all see one of the cute ideas that I actually thought of on my own! Now, if you're a Susie or a Nestor or a Kimba or a Kjisa or just beautiful you---this stuff comes naturally to you girls! I truly have to focus! With everything else flying around in my life, that's sometimes difficult to do!
This morning, I had to make a detour to Wal-Mart for a laundry bag. The small ones that you use in the washing machine...the kind that never wear out or tear up! Well, after 15 plus years, ours did! Across the aisle from the bags were these darlin' little canvas bins! Too cute!
Hmm...what can I paint on this I pondered!! (Not out loud!!!) Then I came up with this.
I call it the "Tres Simple Canvas Bin." I plan on making more! They were fun!! It still takes me several hours to draw and paint and repaint and do a third repaint on these babies! I want to create a "Tres Fru Fru Canvas Bin" as well! You can store cleaning supplies or towels or crafts or pool stuff or books or snacks.....the list is endless! Lots of my friends will be seeing these for Christmas or birthdays with their initials on them or holiday motifs or scripture(that's the fru fru)!! Can ya tell I'm excited??
I would LOVE to make some for y'all! But I'm clueless as to how to ship them. I don't want it to cost you an arm and a leg!! They are very light weight but odd shaped. Let me know if you have any ideas. The "Tres Simple" ones are $18.00. The "Tres Fru Fru" ones will be $24.00. You pick your colors and ribbons. Holler at me if you would like to get one, and we'll figure out how to do the s/h. I will be at "She Speaks" in July and will be able to bring some with me if you're going to that wonderful weekend.
My dog is inhaling these E600 fumes!!! Bless Scarlette's, lungs! Need to let her out before she goes bananas!! Y'all have a wonderful weekend.



Empty Nest Full Life said...

How cute! About your shipping dilema. What if you could find some of those collapsible bins, then they would just fold down to ship. You know kind of like the things you can get in the laundry area. I know I have seen them just don't remember where. Hope your friend sells lots of goodies for you. Jackie

Jennifer Juniper said...

I was going to suggest the same thing, I love those fold up ones. Those would be a cinch to ship. Good luck, they are super cute :)

Kimba said...

Very cute! And practical!

I can see how shipping will be an issue though. I'll think about it and let you know if I come up with anything brilliant.


On Purpose said...

Very fun! I see these selling like hotcakes my friend! I will be thinking and see if anything pops into my little ole non creative brain about shipping for ya! Praying that the fruits of your labor are multiplied and your camera comes quickly!!

Love you!

Marci @ All Things Wonderful said...

The bin is So CUTE!! Can't wait to see more darlin' bins. You are very talented.

Chatty Kelly said...

You are as cute & crafty as your crafts are. Go girl!

Susie from Bienvenue said...

How cute are those! Hope you do great and get that camera soon~

Sharon@JoyInTheTruth said...

Wowzie....I LOVE the polka dots! So cute! If you figure out how to ship them....... :)

Of course, if anyone can hook up with you at She Speaks.....

Yolanda said...


Paula (SweetPea) said...

How very cute, Susan!!! I didn't realize the top rim was ribbon until you said buyers can pick their ribbons. I can't believe this takes three coats of paint.

They do look like a lot of fun, even if time consuming.

So many varieties too...can you imagine...easter that would be one HUGE easter basket for someone. Cmas, Tgiving. The initials...I love initials on the dots. I always loved your polk-a-dots on your other things.

The good thing is, you should be able to stack them so when you go to She Speaks it won't take much room.

The shipping is a trick.

Wonder what the post office would say if you took one into them, plopped it on the counter and said "how do I mail this?" I bet you would get the looks for sure.

It might just be an idea...I mean they ARE the shipping experts.

Susan said...

Hey Susan,

Now you are soooooooo creative! I'm really impressed with what you did.

Thanks so much for stopping by today.

Great hearing from you.

Hope you sell tons and tons! Oh, Enjoy yourself at the conference♥

Jennifer Juniper said...

I do use a brush for the letters and it's just a regular acrylic bristled brush. Painter's tape is my secret weapon, shhhh...

For your polka dots you might be able to make a type of stencil with contact paper and fill in a little quicker if it's taking you a long time.

Even if you bought a large box to fit it, the weight will make it pretty inexpensive to ship, I'll bet.

The Nester said...

absolutely darling but girl, how do you have the patience to spend hours painting them? I would give up! Good for you!

See you in a few weeks!

Anonymous said...

I have a bin just like where my books reside, but it's no where cute as yours. Mine is still canvas. I hope you work out the shipping issue I would like to get one. :)

Lelia Chealey said...

HOW cute!!!!

Joyful said...

Absolutely adorable my friend. Makes me happy just to look at it!!!!

You're very creative!