Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Decorating Dilemma Wednesday--$11.00 Bargain!

I just want to thank you all for your sweet comments and prayers after reading my post on Monday. I had the second of five treatments this morning, and it went well. I still have not shared this with many folks....waiting to see how God wants me to us this to His Glory!

I actually solved this Wednesday's decorating dilemma! I saw a darling lamp at Marshall's Home Goods store and had a cow over it! Big, beautiful, and white! It probably would not have stayed that clean in this house full of boys! Simply lovely...huge lamp shade to boot! And the price tag was just as lovely. Y'all, it was 65.00!!! I am sorry, but there is no money in the bu-jay to purchase such a lamp! But it was still very pretty!

I went by our Thrift store on Monday and saw the 5.00 price tag on this ugly relic from the 1980's. Then, I pondered. Hmm....I remembered a post from Kari and Kijsa on spray painting tons of stuff either black or goes with just about everything. Wouldn't hurt to give it a try! The price was right! I made sure that the lamp DID work before I dragged it out of the store! That thing was heavy as lead!

Then the search began for the perfect lampshade. Since I cannot run or cycle this week, I have had a little extra shopping time to scope out some deals. I went to one of my favs--Tar-Jay, and found a lovely bell shaped one in white for 15.00. Hmm....(again!)..the grand total would be 20.00 which is still a whole lot less than the beautiful one for 65.00. I bought it, and then I proceeded to Ross and TJ Maxx. Y'all, I do not like our's never organized, and it's junky. But, guess what I found amongst the lamps? A lovely BLACK shade which was shorter, and it was only 4.99! Woohoo! I took them both home and tried them out. The white one was too large, and the black one was perfect! At least for me! A can of white spray paint for 98 cents at Lowes, and I was in business! Take a look and see what you think. I think it's great for what we needed, it fit the bu-jay, and it color coordinates with the rest of the room. Even Hubby was impressed with the outcome and how much it actually cost!

Speaking of cha-ching...I finally posted a canvas painting that I did on Etsy!! But...I can't maneuver my way to my shop! I am very computer illiterate! I am still working on it with the nice etsy people and will let you know how it goes. Here's the item that I painted. I plan on having a few listed on my blog...that way I can personalize scriptures and coordinate colors. I also do monogram canvases for baby gifts, etc. It's not's handmade!(and I borrowed that quote!) But I am enjoying painting so much. Please let me know if I can ever do anything for y'all. All items are 20.00, and the s/h is 6.00. The sizes are either 8x10 or 10x10. I just need a couple of weeks notice!

Do ya think I got a little carried away with the zebra ribbon? This canvas will have a home in the study with the other zebra print I've used until someone else falls in love with it and takes it home! Here is the etsy address....let me know if y'all can get to this because I cannot! It's It's actually Sweet 'Tater Designs, but I couldn't add spaces or stick the hyphen in there!! Oh, well!! Hugs!!

Many Blessings!


Kimberly said...

Wow! I had no idea I had become bloggy friends with such a creative, talented, and thrifty gal!!! :)

I LOVE your lamp! It looks fantastic! And your painting is wonderful. I cannot wait to come by your etsy when you get it going! The zebra ribbon is for sure the perfect touch!

Blessings, sweet friend! Continuing to pray for you as you heal,

kari and kijsa said...

Fabulous job on the lamp!!! Perfect vision, shade, bargain hunting (and of course a little spray paint!) all in one!!! It looks fabulous!!
Love your painting...the zebra ribbon is the perfect finishing touch!!
Blessings as you heal!
kari & kijsa

Carolina Mama said...

You did great. And your painting is so cute. Looks like another potential favorite Etsy shop! : Let us know when it is up. :)

Marci @ All Things Wonderful said...

Hi! Oh...Wow! I just read your post about your Saturday morning run. I was glued to your words...I could picture the whole event. I am so thankful that you are okay. God is so good! And what a witness you are...and were in the ER. It could have been so BAD. What a Mighty God we serve!

And the painting is Adorable! I love the Zebra ribbon. Good Job on the Lamp!

Melanie said...

The lamp is perfect. Now I want to find one and fix it up.
Our Ross is the pits, too.
Always a mess. Always long lines.

Kimm at Reinvented said...

Great job on the lamp, what a trash to treasure success! Love the canvas too, I'm sure someone will snap that up quick!

Chatty Kelly said...

The painting is adorable and the lamp looks great. So glad you are improving. :-)

Misti of Studio M Designs said...

That lamp looks very high-end! I love it. What a great painting too! That is very special, you are going to do great in Etsy. It took me some time navigating, but I think I have it down now.
Have a great week, hope those treatments end soon.

Misti of Studio M Designs said...

OH and I meant to say, swing back by my blog, for my comment on writing on pictures!

Paula (SweetPea) said...

Love the lamp. I like how the ridges still show with the white paint. I'm all about texture. The lamp and shade shapes go perfect together.

I love your bu-jay! I always call Target, tar-jay! How funny.

I always say: Waste not, want not. God blesses us when we use our money wisely and buy thrifty.

From whom did you borrow the quote. ha. I had to laugh at that comment of yours. Did you get permission from the author? ha. I crack me up.

On Purpose said...

I just read the Monday blog...I am so glad that you are being taken care of and that you are doing better...yikers...I knew I didn't care for trail running...mainly because I don't necessarily care to have the dry dirt kicked up all over me...anyway this confirms my disliking for trail runnin' right here! Yes mam! I prayed right now that your leg will continue to heal. I love you my friend!

My Army Brats and Me said...

Praying for you. Love your blog:)

Cheri said...

I wish I had your decorating talents. You need to come over to my house, get some ideas, then we'll go shopping. When can you run? Hittin' the trails soon.

Yolanda said...

I can't seem to come up with your e-mail so I'm leaving a comment, but would you happen to have a "writing desk"?

I'm interested in one.....

LOVE to you,

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Darling, and yes, I was able to access it fine. You know I'm all about my "peace for the journey", so somewhere down the line, I might get you to work something up that would go with my blog theme...

Good work. Rest well.


Becky said...

Loving the lamp! I love thrifty finds. I wanted to pop over and say thanks for stopping by my blog today. I'll be Unplugged on Friday...might just break out that spray paint. ;o)

:) Becky

Empty Nest Full Life said...

Your lamp re-do is great! I am helping my daughter look for some brown lamp shade for two great lamps she got for $10 for the pair, and they look great! Finding the shades will be the hard part. Your canvas painting is great. Hope the remainder of the treatments go well. Jackie

Leebird said...

The lamp looks lovely! You can call it your coyote lamp! :) Love the painting, and I'm sitting here gazing lovingly at the one you sent me...want a picture of it for your blog?

One of the only times I've ever been innovative in the home decorating department had to do with a glass lamp I got as a hand-me-down from my mom. It had blue silk flowers inside it...very 80's. Well, when I had Jacob, the ladies who threw me a shower put little beany baby stuffed animals on all the tables as centerpieces. I took the silk flowers out of the glass lamp and filled that lamp base with the was SO cute in the Noah's Ark nursery!

Joy in The Truth said...

Hi, Susan. Wow...just read the coyote post and then this. My heart was racing from the coyote one. SO thankful you are OK! Wow. I am so thankful to God that this incident was not any worse. I pray HE fills you with HIS peace as you run each day. Hugs to you!

Love the pix here and your great find!

Lelia Chealey said...

I think I'm gonna go to the thrift store today!!! loved the lamp and the canvas!