Sunday, September 5, 2010

Labor Day weekend

Hello bloggyland friends! Hope you all are enjoying this weekend. Our weekend began early yesterday with a cross country meet not too far from home. That made it nice! The weather was lovely, and the team did well. They were entitled to a meal at the BEACON restaurant in Spartanburg afterwards! If you are from SC, you know about the BEACON! It's one of those southern icons! One man has worked there for over 30 years! If you love "greasy" chili cheeseburgers and fries and ice cream, this is the place for you. My boys thoroughly enjoyed it!

I had tried to put a XC picture at the top of my post, but, the computer and I are having issues! So, I'll just post it another time! I only have 10,235 cross country pictures on file!! Can you tell that I love that sport? Instead, you get to see my butterfly and coneflower :).

I saw this beautiful butterfly in the yard last week and had so much fun simply observing it. Of course, I grabbed the camera on the way out the back door! We have had some lovely ones in the past few weeks. I am in delight mode! I love the little surprises that God gives us each day if only we will slow down a bit to notice.

I would LOVE to hear about your plans for the weekend. We have several friends who headed to the beach and to the lake. What about you? We're just chillin' at home now. It seems that we are always going somewhere. Home is a nice place. I might even fold and put away some laundry....but not until tomorrow. I am embracing the "no work on Sunday/Sabbath" policy!!

Wanted to thank you all for the prayers for Elaine. The surgery went well, and she is recovering. Thanks so much for those continued prayers for her and her sweet family. God is good!

Sweet blessings,


Yolanda said...

We enjoyed several days at our cabin, relaxing, reading and having guests each day into our home.


PS: Awesome butterfly picture!

Beth E. said...

Hubby and I are going to drive to Black Mountain's a test run for me. I don't like to drive somewhere by myself if I don't know where I'm going. We're going to make a day of lunch in Black Mountain...find the should be fun!

Empty Nest Full Life said...

We are chillin here at home, no grandbaby yet. We will be on the road again when he arrives. Celebrating my sweet boy's birthday this weekend, and just enjoying home. Jackie

Marilyn in Mississippi said...

Well, this is after the fact seeing that today is Wednesday, but we had a busy, busy weekend...Sat thru Mon....with NO rest! It was truly a LABOR Day weekend for me! ha Several reasons that it was so busy but won't go into that.

On the other hand, my youngest son was sort of in your neck of the woods for the holiday weekend. He visited our former youth pastor and family in Greenwood.

Love your photography always! Mississippi

Mary Singer Wick said...
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Mary Singer Wick said...

Hey Susan!

I had the same problem adding a photo to my latest post (wrote about our trip to Italy). Walked on streets of marble, warming up for those streets of gold in heaven!

Prayed for you in Italy as you crossed my mind. Be blessed dear friend!



sister sheri said...

We went to The Oregon Garden. It ended up being a heavenly day!