Wednesday, April 21, 2010

PROM--3 days!

Hello, bloggy friends! I'll tell you what...with the end of the school year fast approaching, end of Bible studies, end of track season, dental appointments, errands, Prom week, and beginning of exam preparations....Runner Mom is a little stretched out! How about you?

On Saturday, Cindy, Phebe, and I ran in the first annual Ratz race 5k in a small little southern town. It was fun! All of the proceeds went to support the youth at a local church raise funds for a trip to the Holy Lands this summer. ( By the way, ratz--with the z--is Hebrew for run or race--I forgot which one!!!) Anyway, the weather was great, and God was good and showed up with many blessings.

I promise that I have been reading your wonderful bloggy posts! I just have not had that much time to comment. Just know that your posts bless and encourage me!

Ok, you moms who have "been there, done that!" Child #1's first Prom (or as we said back in the dark ages, JR-SR.) is this coming Saturday night! He is taking a darling girl--they are just friends! I am seeing lots of going with their friends and not stressing about a date! I like this! I would love to be enlightened as to my role in this fiasco--oopsie, I mean Prom day! Once they leave, and I've taken 5,324 pictures, all I can do is sit back and pray! I've already started! The praying that is!

So, what is my role on Saturday? Any thoughts or words of wisdom (or grace?????) I look forward to your help! Y'all are precious!

Sweet Blessings!


Andrea said...

GOD bless you! I remember those times, well. I read this week about a group of kids doing things differently. They were going from home to home after-wards...for two hour blocks of time doing different things thru the night and ending up with breakfast at the last home..all "supervised" by parents. That was the part I liked. I am sure it is too late to work something like that up. I prayed myself silly with each of our kids.

PS: I will try to remember to let you know when I am coming that way again.

On Purpose said...

Being that I have not been there done that yet...I have no words of wisdom...but I will pray!

Beth E. said...

With guys, it's easy. Make sure they get a haircut, bathe, use deodorant, pick up their tux, get the flowers at the florist's, and go get the girl!

Our youngest son is a college freshman, but he's taking a friend of his to her high school prom next weekend. Her mom is having a cookout at their house prior to the prom. Later, they are having after-prom snacks and movies at their house, with adult supervision. I'm just helping with the food. Easy-peasy!

Hope your son has a great time...looking forward to the pics!

Empty Nest Full Life said...

Other than her flowers that is the main part, and paying for dinner. When my son went last(with a friend) one of the parents did dinner at their house, and I think that is what my neice is doing these days. Some of the parents have gotten together and done delicious meals as opposed to going out to eat. Yes, the 5,324 pictures is another part. They had pictures made at the prom and split the cost, however with your photography and the 5,324 pics, that might not be necessary. Yes, prayer is a good thing! I have been busy subbing, but that is probably coming to a halt with end of year tests and everything else. I have a few days scheduled out, but am looking forward to the summer, and ....starting on the kitchen! I have the go ahead, so can't wait. Headed to see BM this weekened, and that will be great. Have a wonderful weekend! Jackie

Sassy Granny ... said...

Glad you're winding down for some much-needed R&R.

As far as the prom goes: takes LOTS of pictures. Try not to cry. Don't spit on your hand, then wipe it to straighten a stray hair on your son's head. Smile.

What a precious time of life for you.


elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Your role is over, sweet friend. You've raised him well, now watch him fly.

But yes, take pictures and pray and try and not think about the rest. Oh, and give him a curfew and extra cash for pictures. Did you get the corsage yet? We want pictures you know.

Love you. You're the best!


Marci @ All Things Wonderful said...

I love the picture. Congrats on the 5K. I love that ya'll ran for the kids at that church. Wonderful!

Gotta Run..Gotta Ride said...

those are cute little rats :))))

As for this weekend...try not a cry so much while the kids are there. lol. I know you and your tender heart!

Sonja said...

I love this Susan! I remember those exciting days. The comments here are so funny. Pictures and prayer... what more do you need??


KelliGirl said...

Oh, dear friend I hear you! I have not been there done that, but my daughter went to her first formal last Friday. I agree with Elaine that there's not much to do, except take pictures, toss out a few wise nuggets and shed some tears at how old your baby has gotten! (Or at least that's what I did.)

Marilyn in Mississippi said...

'Fraid I can be no help here since we homeschooled. No prom. I know. Poor kiddos. :)
Looking forward to pictures! Sounds like there will be LOTS! yea! Mississippi

Kay @ Off the Beaten Path said...

Well at this point as I read your blog your son is AT his prom and any advice I give you would be a waste. However, I do hope you got a few pictures of your son by himself. I always have the hardest time remembering to do that, but I always wish I had later. I love the little friends they go with, but in the end I'm going to want a picture of just my daughter or son all dressed up by themselves. Did you get one? If not, join the club! If you did, my bet is that is the one you'll cherish the longest.

Hope he had a great and safe time!

Danielle said...

Wondering how everything went?

I definately want to see those pictures!

LupeCristoba021774 said...