Monday, April 26, 2010

269 Pictures

Well, I discovered many things this weekend. One being that my photo card holds ONLY 269 pictures. I need to purchase one that holds much more. Wonder how much they cost?

I also discovered that a mama can have fun with Prom and all of the drama that accompanies it! I never did cry or lose my temper or have a meltdown! God is good!

I also discovered that a little rain (actually a LOT of rain!) does not have to spoil your parade. You simply move it from one of the most gorgeous yards in town that boasts over 1000 blooming azaleas to your nice, warm, and dry welcome area in your church! Very easy access and no raindrops on the lovely hair-do's! Every bobby pin stayed in place! No silk ties ruined. There were 14 teenagers and a gazillion parents and grandparents not needing umbrellas to "ooh" and "aah" over the kids and take their pictures. Y'all, everybody had fun!

Finally, I was reminded of something that I already knew. God simply revealed to us that His hand was covering the event. No incidents or accidents occured even in the pouring down rain. I think I'll start praying now for next year's Prom!

Are they just not all precious?

Sweet Blessings!


Debbie said...

Ah Susan, what beautiful prom photos they are indeed! Definitely keeper photos!

Gotta Run..Gotta Ride said...

SO PROUD OF YOU SUSAN!!! "Bless your heart" :))))))

Andrea said...

They are beautiful!!

KelliGirl said...

Oh, Susan. They surely are precious! What beautiful kids and what a wonderful experience. BTW...what are you feeding your son?!
Love ya,

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Yes, they are precious, and so are you! Where's your dress?


Empty Nest Full Life said...

What memories those pictures bring back. The are beautiful couples and so is that sweet Mama. Jackie

Wendy Pope said...

Ikea-on purpose-are you serious?! That store makes me twitch. Now, the Fil-a-I love me so Fil-a.
All joking aside, have a safe and fun trip.

Melanie said...

Very precious. And you are so very pretty.

Danielle said...

Goodness, your son is tall! And he is handsome, too.

I was hoping to see 269 photos.;-)

Yolanda said...

Very precious and I enjoyed the picture of you and your son together as well.


Susan said...

Oh what cute couples!!

What special times in your life and theirs as well.

I've missed you Susan.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Have a great week and "Happy Mother's Day!"