Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Decorating Dilemma Wednesday--Time Crunch!

Too many things to do and not enough time! Or, should I say, time management and priorities? I could type a super long list of things I need to do around the house and projects that need to be completed...but I won't bore y'all! I did finish spray painting the lovely new wicker bookcase! It's a shiny black and only took 3 cans of paint at 98 cents each!! And, I wore my gardening gloves so I have no black finger disease! I love projects like that! Now, I simply have to determine what I put on it! But...I need to clean up the house first!

With it being Spring Break, the boys and I traveled a couple of hours yesterday to visit my parents. I had great intentions of helping them get some things done around their house. I even took a hammer and nails for the boys and me to repair a portion of their wooden fence! But, it was cold and windy, and we needed a post to complete the project--which I didn't have! So, that project was left for another day.(When Hubby can help as well!)

I also had a plan to help clean out the attic. Both parents are in their 80's and do NOT need to be climbing up rickety stairs into a dark place of old boxes filled with things that belong in the trash or Goodwill! I was ready! I even stopped by Wal-Mart and and purchased a super duper strong flashlight--a single drop down bulb in one corner is all that illuminates that attic! Child #2 and I got up there and began--until he found my diary that I had written as a 12 year old! That sent him downstairs and into a big chair to read and giggle! I continued with my task at hand. I would holler down to Daddy about this or that, and he would reply to leave it up there...he'd get it later! People, I am later! It will be me up there again at some point trying to go through stuff! Why not now? I even found some law books that were ancient that were given to him over 50 years ago! He thinks that this lawyer's grandson might want them one day! I don't think so!!! They were nasty looking and falling apart!!

Realizing that I wasn't getting anywhere, I closed down shop and came on down with one box of old Christmas ornaments that were my Grandmother's, ONE bag of throw aways, and finally, a treasure....Daddy's 1940 High School Diploma! Already framed by my darling Grandmama!That is going on my new bookcase!

What then occurred was plain and simple.... just visiting! Mama, Daddy, and I sat in my bedroom and talked about everything under the sun! I love times like these! And they do as well. It reminded me of what Jesus said about Mary when Martha was so bent out of shape while trying to prepare a meal and clean for her guests--all by herself. Jesus responded, "Martha, Martha, you are distracted about many things, but only one thing is needed." Mary chose to sit and listen! Did I, too, make the right choice yesterday even though it was not on my agenda which was to clean and repair? Oh, yes m'am! There's always time to clean and decorate, but there's always a question of time when it comes down to your family and friends. God has a set timeline for each of us on His Kingdom calendar. We have no clue as to how long we will be here. Only Jesus knew his. During this Holy Week, as you spend time remembering the last moments of the life of Christ, remember to enjoy your time with family and friends and let the dust bunnies play. They will be there tomorrow, I promise!!

Many Blessings!


Joy in The Truth said...

Somehow these spring break weeks get filled so quickly. We've had wonderful play dates and visits...but few house projects are getting done here, too! The kids are still off on Easter Monday, so I am already dubbing that "pajama day" and keeping the day completely open!

Sitting at His feet...oh the best part of every day!

Melanie said...

Our spring break was last week. It took me 5 days to clean out my linen closet. Maybe I should say, "I took 5 days to clean out my linen closet!"

I plan to visit my parents' home this summer to help clear out some stuff, too. But it will be a 12 hr. trip.

When I call my mother she is usually wearing herself out from trying to clear out this closet and that room...etc.

Paula (SweetPea) said...

Treasured moments. I love your dad's comment "I" will get it later. NOT. The whole point of you being there was to prevent them. How cute.

MamasHood said...

Hi there! Thanks for the sweet comment. Actually I came up with the name MamasHood for our blog because I am a Mama and I talk about my life (or my 'hood for short). Kind of a play on words.
Our last name is Oakes and my husband is actually from the Philippines. So if we are related it would be really interesting and amazing that you found me. :)

Edie said...

Sounds like it ended up being a great day for you. I wouldn't be brave enough to let anyone read my diary of a 12 year old! LOL.

Chatty Kelly said...

Sitting & listening when we are so busy and even anxious is tough, but such a blessing.

I love visiting my inlaws and just talking and visiting with them. Their both in their 80's, so a visit with them (in Iowa) forces me to slow down. Even walking with them from the car to a store...SLOW. It's good. :-)

Kimm at Reinvented said...

Susan you are SO right, thanks for reminding us!

Susan said...

Hey Susan,

Thanks so much for stopping by. I've missed you.

Sounds like you were a real blessings to your parents.

Oh, I read some of your other posts as well. I'm going to Extraordinary Women's Conference in 2 weeks, I'm really excited.

I'm so blessed you had a good time there. Great picture too!


Kimberly said...

My dust bunnies love me...they get to play a lot! :) Of course, not because I'm always off being a sweet listening daughter or a fun, playful mom...mostly cause I'm just not a big fan of dealing with them. ;)

Thank you for your super sweet comments. Especially the one on the disappearing post. It was like a sweet gift to find I had gotten a comment on it right before I yanked that thing down. :) You are too sweet!

I hope you are still healing well! And thanks for this post. I do need to be reminded to spend time on relationship instead of always running around in circles!
Love you! Have a blessed Easter!
K :)

Empty Nest Full Life said...

I was a Martha for far too long, and with my children gone, when they come home we just enjoy spending time together. Have a blessed Easter! Jackie

Lelia Chealey said...

I loved when you wrote..people, I am later!! LOL...but I loved more that you closed down shop and just sat, listened and laughed. I too love those times. Thanks for reminding us to be like Mary.
love ya,

Pinkshoelady said...

Thank you for this post.
I am ot the Martha type more the Mary...but that doesn't mean that I do what is needed. Sometimes for me I sit too much while my Martha Mom does everything. Since she insists on having us all over tomorrow for Easter...I need to seek God to see when I need to be Mary and when Marthsa needs to step in a help.
Love you my friend!