Monday, February 23, 2009

Love that Lysol!

This is my new best friend! Lysol has been around forever! Remember the smelly disinfectant that was used ....well, whenever needed? Not only does the new Lysol smell better, it wipes out flu germs! Or so it says! Last night, as I lay snoozing in my nice comfy bed, I heard the little voice that all Mommies dread in the middle of the night. "Mama, I threw up!" Mercy me, time to rise and shine and take care of business!

Things have settled down in the past 12 hours, but it's not over yet! We have yet to have any solid food stay for a while. It will come, but not as quickly as we would like. As I was scrubbing down parts of the sofa that were simply "in the way at the wrong time," I thought about how Jesus had a servant's heart. He came here to serve us. He served us by loving us and dying for us even though He had done no wrong. He was perfect. We can never be, but we can try to be more like Him! Jesus did menial jobs....remember when He washed the feet of His disciples (John 13)? That job was a lowly service done only by servants. He wanted the disciples to realize that in order to be more like Him, they had to have hearts of a servant. No one is greater than another.

There are chores that we enjoy, and those that we don't (my"don''t enjoy list" is longer than my "does enjoy"!!) I love to work in the yard. To feel the dirt under my hands, to rescue earthworms who are in the way, this is a labor of love. It doesn't feel like a chore. To sort and wash smelly running clothes....yuck! I simply do it as quickly as possible to be done! But we're told that no task is beneath our dignity or too insignificant for us to do (Oswald Chambers). Someone has to do it. Child #2 couldn't clean up after himself, so I had to. Jesus is developing that servant's heart in me.

I will continue to clean the toilets at my house. I will continue to unload the dishwasher several times a day. I will continue to give time to others that really should be spent at my home. I will continue to clean up after someone else at church or at school--even if I didn't make the mess. I will continue to do these things, but I have to ask God to bless me with the attitude of Jesus. I need to do these things without fussing about them, telling others about them, and without bringing any attention to myself. I must do these things in love, kindness, and Jesus would.

Many Blessings,


Yolanda said...


I'm telling you that I have the weakest stomach when it comes to throw up, and if I just hear another gagging, next thing you know...I'm gagging and dry heaving. Makes my hubs just crack up...especially when it is part of a tv program, there I go running.

Love that Lysol, AMEN!

Good teaching here Sister, good teaching!

Carol said...

Hope things get better fast! Praying no one else gets it!

Joy in The Truth said...

Oh, I hope your cherub is feeling better! Thank the Lord for Lysol and for Clorox wipes!

I just read Phil. chapter 2 this morning, which includes having the "attitude of Christ". That chapter is so rich in truth. Wow.

Stay well...and wash your hands often! :)

Carol said...

Oh I'm so sorry, we've been fighting the flu bug here at our house, think we are on the tail end of it though.

Hope everyone else stays well.


Chatty Kelly said...

Very sweet. Nothing says love in my mind more than like holding back my daughter's hair while she throws up (and I try not too!)

Hope everyone is feeling better soon, and that the Lysol works!

You know, Jesus is like Lysol for sin. Neat, huh?

Kimm at Reinvented said...

I hope everyone is feeling better at your house now.
Thanks for sharing this, I need a little more of that servant's attitude myself.

Susie from Bienvenue said...

Im with you sister. It's a hard chore and gets harder as they get older. My sixteen year old still calls for me in the middle of the night...well so does my 18 yr old too,hehe. I run just as fast as I do with my 8 year old. You made me look at this in a different light. I have always just "done it" because Im a momma and thats what mommas do.. but to think of it as a servant it makes it sound sweeter... Thanks~ I pray that all is well at your home now

Gotta Run said...

A mothers work is never done :)

Still lol at helping you with the pic from yesterday. too funny!

Joyful said...

Susan, hope everyone is feeling better. YUCK!

Your servants heart is so evident in this post. May you continue reaching out with His love to others.


Sandy Toes said...

Hope your house feels better soon...lysol just makes you feel better and cleaner!
-sandy toe

Marci @ All Things Wonderful said...

Hi! Thanks for coming to "see" me. ;) I really enjoy your blog. I came over from Coco's @ Ordinary Miracles~yesterday. I am looking forward to reading more!

BECKY said...

I love Lysol, too!! It's my BFF this time of year!!

Love your servant's heart!! That is what He desires in all of us!!
If we really want to be like Him...that's what will characterize our lives!!

Such GREAT stuff, Susan!!
Thanks for blessing me today!!

On Purpose said...

You are an inspiration! And the words of this post are filled with Jesus...meaning...they speak of HIs love, HIs heart, and His relationship with us. Thank you for sharing a GREAT and AMAZING life lesson of how to be Jesus to those around us! Love to you my friend!

On Purpose said...

PS Thoughts and prayers for a healthy and germ free home!

Edie said...

Great post here Susan. This kind of service also extends beyond our own home, family, and friends too. I've wiped down my own table in a fast food place when employees were too busy to get to it, and then wiped down the tables around me as well to help out. It's about going beyond ourselves.

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

It's easy for me to serve my children when they are sick. The mother instinct kicks in, and I so want them to feel better...soon! I have often felt that by doing the "least" of these type of activities is a true model of servanthood to my children. I hope to have a heart that is willing to do this with everyone, not just my youngin's. Hand in there, friend.


A Bushel and Peck said...
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