Friday, July 11, 2008

Hot Fun in the Summer Time!

Down here in the southlands, it gets really hot and extremely HUMID!!! One tends to drip/glisten when one stays outside too long. To combat this--or at least try to forget about it for awhile--most of the neighborhood kids are involved on a swim team. Lots of fun, something to keep them busy and off of XBOX, and it really keeps them in shape! We parents have about as much fun as they do. Down time to socialize, get splashed by the big kids (to cool off) while timing their events, and best of eat yummy homecooked food. Our swim team moms can cook!!! We have several opportunities to share our recipes....from Pasta Pump-up to breakfasts to end-of-the-year suppers.

Y'all, we shared in the carbo loading with our precious children last night at the Pasta Pump-up. Their big end -of -the- year county meet is Saturday. To make sure our little darlins have carbed up and are ready to tackle those difficult events--that last all of 35 seconds or less , we prepared a SPREAD last night. Oh, my word! Yummy is all I can say. From the pasta casseroles to the fresh fruit to the fabulous banana pudding :), I was stuffed. I felt like a needed to run a marathon this morning to make sure those carbs didn't go to waste.

After practice yesterday morning, the swim team had its shaving cream fight! What a hoot! Each child was armed and deadly with 2 cans of the cheapest shaving cream around. On the command, they "had at it!" (For safety purposes, all had to wear their goggles.) When the chasing, and the screaming, and the cans were empty, our local fire department drove down to the pool and hosed them down!! Last year--year one for this fight--we made the mistake of letting moms hold hoses over all 60 plus children to get them clean. It took a v..e..r..y long time!! Guess who was one of those moms?? The fire dept. is the way to go--as long as they don't have an emergency that morning! I wanted to show you all the end result of the shaving cream fight and encourage you to be creative with your kids this summer too (heehee!!).


Wendy said...

Dear sisters,

Please visit my blog and help us pray for a 17-year-old girl who is currently battling for her life.

I tearfully thank you all ahead of time.

Joyful said...

That is altogether too funny!!! Where are you in that picture...hehe...Didn't the Mom's get covered as well? The fire Dept sounds like the perfect solution. Was that water cold??

Thanks for sharing your fun times.

Leebird said...

LOVE it!!! My kids would go insane with excitement if I suggested that activity. Maybe I'll earn some cool mom points and do that with the boys this week. Last week off before I start back to work...

Paula (SweetPea) said...

Oh my word. Some of those kids faces are covered to the degree they are missing.

Hey, I bet they'd have clean faces if you would've used whip cream in a can. More expensive but it probably would've been eaten too. Ha!

Sounds like a grand time and a wonderful group of fellowship, fun, food, and fexercise. Couldn't think of a word for exercise that started with 'f'. haha

Paula (SweetPea) said...

I would've just hit reply and replied to you directly but you must have your comments set to no-reply. Anyway, I wanted to say I too have trouble with names upon meeting someone. I hope I didn't portray that I have that part down pat. Actually, I met my new neighbors for the first time a couple weeks ago and I knew I'd have to recall their names. So, when they said their names, I repeated them. I've since forgotten her name. I think his is Vic. Oh well. I don't think people really mind but rather understand it's hard to remember on the first encounter.
Thanks for visiting.