Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Friends..More Precious Than Rubies

I am totally blown away at the wonderful comments from my last post. Y'all are soooo sweet! Your encouragement and your prayers have blessed me tremendously. The four outlines/lessons are done. Complete plan for week one needs to be tweaked. Leader notes on week one are just about finished. That's the power of prayer. Isn't God good?? Please keep it up!!! :)

I was also convicted during all of this! Imagine that!! God showed me my "poor in discipline" attitude thanks to Rachel Olsen's Bible Study using the widow and the coin. Then, to make sure that HE had my attention, HE went another step while I was reading Having A Mary Spirit by Joanna Weaver. Joanna was talking about being undisciplined as well while trying to write this book (which is fabulous!!!). Hmm....Lord...twice in one day!! She went on to include her discussion with God about her insecurity. In a nutshell, she felt God whisper to her heart "...that even though HE spoke the universe into existence and hung the stars in space....even though HE promised to help her when she said yes to HIS call....even though she'd cleared her life and made time to write the book....she still said that SHE couldn't do it." It came down to unbelief in God that she would be able to write this book and give HIM the glory. And, it would break HIS heart. Girlfriends, that was the sentence that got me!! He's given me the time, ability, support, and so much else. It was my lack of discipline and not believing that He would help me determine what needs to be taught during this study! So, I took it to HIS Throne Room and set it in a pile of other unbeliefs that had been left at the foot of HIS throne. I chose to take back with me an easier burden from HIM. I will trust HIM through this project to do HIS work through me. That's sort of scary, but with faith and obedience, I'll be able to do it. Woohoo!!!

I just love God moments....don't you??


Leebird said...

How encouraging you are! I wish I could be there front and center at your bible study...the gals are very fortunate to have you!

Joyful said...

Oh, how it so often comes down to personal "discipline". *ouch* Your writing here has spoken to me tonight about something I have felt God leading me to do, but I have lacked the discipline to get started.

I love all the ways God spoke to you. His Word IS alive and active.
Thanks for sharing this with us.

Love ya,
PS. Where in Canada was your husband?

Joyful said...

To answer your question, I'm about 60 minutes East of Toronto - could be less, could be more depending on traffic.
Praying right now for your husbands safe travels,
with love,

Paula (SweetPea) said...

I too struggle with discpline. I'm trying to be much more disciplined in my quiet time, prayer, and just walk with the Lord. He's convicted me about my poor attitude at work at times.

Yes, we do tend to put God in box by our unbelief. Isn't that really what unbelief is? Putting God in a box and thinking oh He could never do that. Or even "I" could never do that. We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. Phil. 4:13

Thank you SOO SOO much for your precious comment on my blog. That's a keeper for sure. I'm turning my blog into a hard copy and in the forward I have comments that have encouraged me and blessed me unbelievably. This one will be added to the forward.

Gotta Run said...

God whisper to her heart.... love it!! What a great way of saying it.