Monday, July 8, 2013

The Elephant Has Been Eaten....Whew!

Hey sweet friends! As I jumped head over heels into the mantel and bookshelf project, I didn't think about how large or daunting a task it would be. I am so very thankful that Debbie at Painted Poppies was there encouraging me by texting and calling to check on the "elephant that I was trying to eat...". If you break it up in to small "bites," a project this big is very doable.

It took under three weeks to do simply because I was doing some traveling in between. Had I been home and "focused," I could have finished much sooner! But anyway.... it is DONE!!! So happy! And, I love it! Turning the dark wood into white magnolia and lightly distressing it opens up the entire room. Even the boys like it! They noticed without even being asked to tell me their thoughts.

Would I do this again? Ask me in a few months, and I will let you know! I will definitely do smaller projects--even have a few bouncing around in my head.  I really do like the chalk paint (Maison Blanche) and its advantages (no sanding prior to painting, no primer prior to sanding, repeat those phrases!!). The paint and wax (how you seal it) do go a long way under normal circumstances--if you are working on small pieces.

So, here are the before, during and after pics of my "elephant"---

Excuse the icky fireplace--we have never used it. I will show you how I "fixed" it in a few pictures!
Coat number one of three!

I love the distressed look from just a bit of sanding.

 Done!!! Check out the fireplace "cover!" And by the way, the chair and red pillow on the left that look out of place will have their own makeover once I figure out what to do. Just bear with me.

I got the stained glass window from our church chapel when the building was going through some remodeling. I wasn't sure what to do with it, but then I saw something similar on pinterest. I love the colors and the fact that there are broken pieces in the panes. Just as we are broken people and have to rely on God each day is my take on this window. It speaks to my heart.

Here is where I need your help! I am not sure what to put on either side of the mirror. At the moment, it will just stay like this. I have candles that I can place there, but I like to think outside the if you have any cool ideas, please share them with me.

Sweet blessings,


Anonymous said...

Ok, I have NO decorating skills, so take this with a grain of salt. I think I might put two tall thin topiaries on each side of the mirror. It will give the mantel some texture and perhaps even some color.

Dawn Tidd said...

Great transformation, Susan! You did an awesome job!!

Victoria said...

you have inspired me to start my
kitchen cabinets definitely an
elephant! looks wonderful you did
a great job.