Thursday, July 11, 2013

Mantel Decor--Take # 1

Hey y'all! Just wanted to let you know that I am searching high and low to see what works best for the mantel during this summer season. After reading lots of blogs and looking a tons of beautiful pics, I see a reoccurring theme. There are girls out there in bloggyland that are very creative and CHANGE their mantel decor from season to season ( maybe even month to month like I used to with bulletin boards when I taught school! ). I am one of those that has kept the same fru-fru objects in the same place on the mantel from year to year. The only exception would be Christmas decorating. But we are in July (even though Hobby Lobby has their Christmas glitter out and ready to be sold! Have mercy!).

I digress....

So, my plan--note that it is ONLY a plan, please---is to change the mantel with the changing seasons. The season that we are experiencing at the moment is the rainy after day after day! I don't want my mantel to reflect that at all.

I purchased these cute heritage collection Ball canning jars ( I do not can.) from Target after many of my Facebook peeps told me that I could find them there. And, they were so right. I cut fresh flowers from the yard, but I ran out of hydrangeas, so I clipped a few phlox to have a variety of colors. I pulled out my pieces of white milk glass ( still need to add to my collection). Then, I placed them on the mantel....


But, we have a problem....if you stare at it long enough, it will become very apparent.
 It's very pretty, but................................................................................................

They are ALL the same height!!!!!!!!!!!  Hardly any variation of height at all!!! I am not a symmetrical person--seriously. This bothers me.

So, with that being said, you have now seen Take#1. I have shopped my home, and there is not much left from which to choose. {sigh}

After some chit-chat on Facebook, my sweet friend Cathi told me that she has a collection of antique Ball jars that I can have!!! I am beyond thrilled! ( I get excited over old jars....what can I say?). They are different heights too. When we can mesh our schedules and get together, I will add her collection to my beginner one, and we shall have Take #2.  Creating a summer mantel may take me until the fall to finish it! And then, I will need a fall idea. Be thinking for me! Y'all are awesome!

Sweet blessings,