Thursday, October 13, 2011

New Reads

Hellooooo bloggyland friends! Praising Him for some much needed rain this week. Also made interesting the laundry pile filled with muddy running clothes from my family and me! Can I just say that "Shout" is a great product?

With a little bit of photography money that I had saved, I merrily went online the other day and did some shopping!! Since I am a professed "bookaholic, " Amazon is on my "favorites" list! I received a nice little box in the rain yesterday, and it has felt like Christmas ever since!

There were four books that have been on my heart lately.  I personally know two of the authors--you might too!  I received {W}hole by Lisa Whittle.  She is just precious and so real!  Lisa spoke at our church a few years ago when we did one of her many Bible studies.  We all just fell in love with that gal!

Another book is Grace for the Good Girl by Emily Freeman.  Emily is just darlin'!  I met her and her sister, The Nester, at She Speaks a couple of years ago.  Put those two together in a conference room, and it's soooo much fun!  Emily is an amazing writer and photographer.

If I Perish by Esther Ahn Kim is one that I heard about.....somewhere! I cannot for the life of me remember where!  Sad getting old girls!!!  This is a true story of a Korean woman who was imprisoned during WWII.  She remained true to Christ and shared God's love to so many others who were in prison with her.  She reminds me of Carrie Ten Boom.  Can't wait to get started on this one.

The last one is by a 22 year old girl from Tennessee who is now living in Uganda!  Kisses from Katie is an amazing story of trust and obedience from a Titus 2 woman who happens to be years and years younger than I am!  I have started this book first simply because a sweet little girl that I know and love will be meeting Katie Davis on a mission trip to Uganda after Christmas.  We may think that the world in which we live is huge, but friends, it is not.  It continues to grow smaller and closer together each day through technology!

Deep into a couple of great Bible studies for a few more weeks.  Then a moment of breathing and then delving back into the deep waters of His Word.  I love this.  I am in a good (but very busy) place. Glad that He is sitting right beside me each day.

No pics today. I have some senior shoots coming up, and cross country is winding down. Fall break from high school is this week, and we will do it again for my college child next week. I'll need to add a few more items to the grocery cart.  God is good.

Sweet blessings,


elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Yeah... some new reads! Thanks for the recommendations. So glad for all the growth you're experiencing in the Word. Keep to it.


Sharon Sloan said...

I'd love to read them too! I need more reading time!!!


Leah @ Point Ministries said...

Sounds like some good reading material. I hope I get to see you when I am in Westminster in a couple of weeks???

Jennifer @ said...

I've really enjoyed Emily's book. She has such a sweet writing voice. Thanks for sharing your "reads."