Tuesday, October 25, 2011

De-cluttering My Heart

I went to the hall closet the other day to search for wrapping paper. When I opened the door, several items came tumbling down....a single glove--no mate in sight, a winter hat from Peru, tissue paper for gift bags, etc.  You get the picture! I had to pull out the vacuum cleaner and look into the deep dark depths for my cute polka dot paper.  It wasn't there!

How many times have you been on the hunt for something, and due to your lack of not putting things where they belong, could not find the item needed? Any hands out there?? Mine shot up before I even finished typing that sentence! Mercy!

All of this to say that our hearts can become cluttered just like our closets, our mini vans, our garages.  Today in our Bible study, our teacher shared some insights as to this matter. We are studying With All Your Heart by Brenda Blankenship which is based on The Beatitudes and the Fruit of the Spirit. It's an amazing study that ties these together. I want to highlight a few points from today and get your opinions.
  • Our hearts can become cluttered just like out closets.  If they stay too cluttered, we tend to forget the sight and sound and fragrance of Jesus.  We're too busy to spend time with Him.  There's no room in our hearts for His presence.
  • We must learn to make Jesus the center of our attention, the focal point of all we do, the object of our concentration if we want to maintain a healthy heart.
I don't know about you, but I need, I desire a healthy heart!  "Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God." Matthew 5:8.  If my heart is not pure, de-cluttered, not focused, then I have a big problem! I will not see God!  I want to see Him everyday! I need Him every minute of everyday whether I realize it or not.  Do you remember that beautiful hymn, "Turn Your Eyes upon Jesus?"  It's one of my favorites! It is a great reminder of focusing on Him--on His goodness and righteousness.  He is the ONLY one who can clear our cluttered hearts.

Running to Him now for some de-cluttering!

Sweet Blessings,


Leebird said...

Oh, honey...clutter is an understatement for me! I'm a stinkin' thinkin' hoarder sometimes!

Miss you, Bird

Mum's the word said...

lovely post! really made me stop and think maybe its time to sit quietly and declutter the old heart

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

I have a couple of closets like that, Susan! At times, a heart like that as well. I can't tell you how much I desire a singularly focused heart... it's so important to me. That being said, it doesn't take long for the clutter to accumulate. I pray for the witness of the Spirit to point out that clutter when it moves in to take over. He is faithful to instruct, is he not?

Take good care, sister.


Leah @ Point Ministries said...

wonderfully convicting post, my friend. I think all too often our hearts and lives become too cluttered and we crowd out the Lord. Oh, we are doing good things...even godly things. But we may be doing things God has not called us to do. I want a clutter free heart that is available to commune with Jesus.

Laura Dantin said...

Thanks so much for this wonderful post! It spoke to me for sure!

Melanie said...

I know that cluttered feeling well...mental clutter and heart clutter...and DESK clutter, too.

Steve Finnell said...
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Susan Elizabeth said...

Just found your blog by clicking the "next blog" option at the top of my blog....glad I found it. This post you wrote was awesome and as soon as I finish posting this comment, I am going to my prayer closet to do some serious de-cluttering with a LONG conversation with my Lord.


Radiance and Whimz said...

Love this verse...so simply said yet a pretty big task when you really think about it...declutter, focus, and purify. Something I def need to work on this New Year because I WANT to see and be closer to God!