Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy Birthday, Edie!

Those of us who have been around bloggyland for awhile see names and blogs on a daily basis. Although we may never have the opportunity to meet these precious people on this side of heaven, we can reach out to them via the internet 24/7.

Through online Bible studies, decorating ideas, cooking, crafting, and photography tips, I have truly been blessed! I mentioned the other day that my friend's husband became a new Christian right before Christmas to my Hubby. He asked me, "Now how do you know each other?" Well, it's through blogging! When you connect with others and develop relationships, you want to spend time with those friends just as you do your real next door neighbors.

Sometime back, I was reading a blog and the writer mentioned a great kitchen re-do that we just had to visit! So, I joined the other bloggers and went directly to Edie's blog--Life in Grace. I fell in love with the decorating ideas and most importantly, with Edie's heart! She is such a busy mama! She's another of you all that home school--bless your hearts! Y'all are on a pedestal in my book!

So, another friendship blossomed. Right before Christmas, I was horrified to read that Edie's home had burned to the ground. But praise the Lord, the entire family (including the dogs!) escaped unharmed. My heart just wanted to be in Tennessee with them and help! I felt helpless! I'm here, and she's there! So, after reading this post this morning and learning that it's Edie's birthday, I wanted to send hugs and love to her via my blog. I hope that you'll hop over and visit a while with her. Some of her friends "hijacked" her blog so we can send her birthday wishes. Pretty cool!

Edie, praying that the Lord will bless you today! That you will feel His warmth and love all around you. You have touched the hearts of so many women in bloggyland by showing them how to be the hands and feet of Christ. You are a gift to us! I hope that one day, we can meet and do lunch! Preferably here in the south. If not, there's a place down the streets of gold that holds a table for friends. Happy birthday, sweet friend!

Love ,


LisaShaw said...

Hi precious sister!

First, Happy Birthday to your dear friend Edie and I'm so sorry to hear of what they went through but THANKFUL all were safe in Jesus Name!

Second, thank you for your love and prayers for me on my blog the other day. They are much appreciated.

I am excited about the year GOD has ahead for all of us. I miss and love ya!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

i am so trying to think of something tangible that I can do....she is an amazing lady and her words are like gold....

Glad to stop in and catch up on your blog...Happy New Year

Sassy Granny ... said...

Thought I'd best drop by and check up on you ... No doubt you're off to a "running start" this 2011!

I just recently visited Edie's site, and will return to glean more about this amazing lady.

How grateful I am that cyberspace (and the Lord!) fosters these inter-connected friendships.


edie said...

many sweet blessings to you dear friend. i'm so thankful for the gift of friends, who love and care and pray. it makes these dark days a little brighter :)
bless you for caring,
love to you and yours,