Friday, December 31, 2010

2010---The good, the bad, the lovely!

Happy New Year's Eve everyone! In just a few hours, we'll be headed to a party to watch Carolina play in a bowl game and ring in the new year. Actually, we probably won't make it to midnight....I'm tired from a long run this morning, and Hubby went for a long bike ride. Sad when you get old!!!

Just visited Facebook to see how my friends in cyberspace are doing. One of my sweet peeps, Leah, had a great question on her wall. She asked what was the most memorable thing about 2010. I would love to hear your answers to this! So, get comfy and spend a few minutes reflecting on the moments that have made an impact in your life this year. (Leah, if you have the same question on your blog, please forgive me! I really liked it!!!)

My memorable moments (is that redundant?) include reading through the Bible for the first time ever (see Wendy Pope, for tomorrow we start again!), attending an awesome ladies' retreat (gIRL gathering at Black Mtn.), speaking to a lovely group of ladies at a nearby church, and seeing my photography business grow according to God's plan.

The other is going through the first year without my Daddy. It was a year ago last week that he passed away. But, glory! He's celebrating Christmas again in Heaven.

Share your memories with us! And, have a blessed New Year!

Sweet Blessings,


Leah @ Point Ministries said...

Hey Susan,

I'm glad you liked the status post--and no I don't have it on my blog. As I said over at FB, there were several memorable moments in 2010 for me.

The first of which was my Bible study being published! Yippee!! Second, I organized and spoke at our church's Christmas Eve service. Wow! What a beautiful, worshipful time. Third, the gIRL event at Black Mountain where I met YOU and so many other awesome women. Finally, the Lord began a huge remodeling job on my heart by using the books 'UnChristian' and 'Radical'. Whew! I feel Him knocking out some walls and carrying out some trash from my heart!!

Have a happy New Year, Susan. I hope we see each other in 2011.


Sassy Granny ... said...

Here I am, ready to run headlong into 2011 with you, my running friend!

My most notable memory from 2010: the HUGE shift in working/living arrangements as we relocated from AZ to WA State. I'm still out of breath!

Blessings for a fabulous finale to 2010, and an equally fabulous unfolding of 2011.


Kimberly said...

Hi, sweet beautiful friend! I love the picture of the bird on this post. Just beautiful! And I have loved seeing all of the samples of your photography on Facebook this year. You are so talented!

Amongst my favorite memories of this year are the way God sweetly provided for me to go to She Speaks and then actually being there. And then there have just been other sweet ways He has encouraged me this year...tender ways He knew would be dear to my heart. I so love Him. :)

And GREAT BIG HUGS to you on the first year without your Daddy. I look forward to the day I am with mine in Heaven, too.

Happy New Year, Susan!

Yolanda said...


Great thoughts that you shared. For me, I'd say going to Houston in January for the Siesta Scripture Memory Team Party; April traveling to Atlanta for the So Long Insecurity teaching by Beth Moore; and rallying my health and energy. Much to be thankful for...with Love, Yolanda

SouthernSass said...

Happy New Year to you - please let me know if there are upcoming retreats close enough that I can attend. HUGS!!

SouthernSass said...

Thank you so much for the link to your blogging friend!! :)

4 Blessings said...

It has been such fun getting to know you through your blog this year. I am looking forward to the beauty God has planned for you in 2011.

Gotta Run..Gotta Ride said...

I know your dad was with you all during Christmas and always. Never easy but there is peace in knowing he is waiting for you all in heaven.

Hugs to my sweet friend.

Danielle said...

Oh, how I have missed reading your blog! I've missed you! Hopefully I will have more time during the day to come and see all that's happening.

Know you are loved and prayed for!

Kristen said...

Oh my mercy... how could I just pick one or two memorable moments from 2010? The year was an up and down year for us business wise (hubby and I are both realtors). But the Lord continues to provide and prove faithful, even when I am not! We got another dog - that was huge for me! I ask my husband all the time "would you ever have thought I would have 2 dogs?" :) Both of my parents had stints in the hospital - one just before Thanksgiving, the other right before Christmas... exhausting to say the least! Probably one of the most memorable moments was my dear niece saying her "I will" on January 1st of 2010 to her husband Tim. All of my family together - both sides for a lovely celebration!

Looking forward to a wonderful 2011!

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

August 23, 2010... the day I first heard the words "breast cancer" in reference to me. The story remains unfinished, yet I will never be the same. Of that I am certain.

Love you friend.


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