Monday, August 9, 2010

Grace and Prayers

Remember this picture from a post I did a few weeks ago? My sweet friend, Kristi, is chowing down on some yummy dessert and loving every bite of it! Well, Kristi, was finally allowed to "chow down" on some Italian ice yesterday morning in the hospital. Her first "food" in about 24 hours.

Saturday mornings, in her household and mine, are made for long runs or long bike rides. My hubby rides with her, her husband, Dwayne, and other friends. I choose to run! ( Kristi is a great runner, btw--one of the fastest women in SC!) Hubby, Kristi, Dwayne, and Phil--another precious friend, had decided to do an easy 50 mile bike ride in the mountains ( yes, I'm kidding about the word "easy!"). They had finished riding, changed clothes, and were on their way back into town to eat lunch. They were in two cars. Hubby and Phil were ahead, and Kristi and Dwayne were just a few cars back. Hubby got to chick-fil-a and called to see where they were. No answer. A few minutes later, Dwayne called on Kristi's phone and said that they had been in a car accident and to come back. By the time Hubby and Phil arrived, so had the ambulance, police and firetrucks...amazing. Hubby and Phil were shocked at the Dwayne's forerunner. Upside down and in a stranger's stuff strewn all over. We still have not found Dwayne's cell phone. He located Kristi's in the yard...and her battery a few feet away. He had to use it to call.

Another car came from a side road and broadsided Dwayne on the driver's side. He swerved to try to miss her and his car flipped and slid across the road. He crawled out through his window and a woman was standing there. She asked if there were any children in the car. He said no. Then she said, "I didn't see you. I am so sorry." Dwayne was more concerned about getting Kristi out of the car at that time than the woman. He had to crawl back into the driver's side--her side was crushed--undo her safety belt--she's STILL upside down!!! Then, he dragged her out. They were sore and had cuts and scrapes, but they were alive. That in itself is a miracle.

And where was Runner Mom in all of this?? Two hours away at my cousin's wedding! Kristi didn't want me to know until I got home...but I found out and got to the hospital as soon as possible. Mercy!

Y'all, her arm has a large and deep cut. This morning, the surgeons will operate again. There may have to be more surgeries if it doesn't heal on its own. It's not pretty. I watched my friend suffer on Saturday. I had the privilege of holding her hand in the ER while the doctors pulled off nasty, sticky gauze that had been on an open wound for hours. I could love on her and pray for her and pull more grass and glass out of her hair. I got her some food--just crackers--but the pain meds made her feel sick, so she couldn't eat. After almost 6 hours in the hallway in the ER, she was admitted to a room. The last thing that she told me was to keep praying--which I have been. And, this little gal with the big heart also said to pray for the woman who had hit them, and then left the scene of the accident. Kristi forgives her. This is all about grace.

I just ask the same. That you please pray for Kristi's healing and for this woman who made a huge mistake on Saturday morning. This is something that she will always have to live with. But with God, there is forgiveness and grace.

Sweet blessings,


KelliGirl said...

Wow! What a story. It gives me chills. A poignant reminder that everything can change in a moment. Thank God that Kristi and Dwayne are okay. I can't even imagine how horrifying the experience was. Kristi sounds like a pretty tough cookie with a fighter's attitude. I'm praying for her swift and complete healing.

God has certainly blessed her with a wonderful friend in you! You're a treasure.

Love and hugs,

Gotta Run..Gotta Ride said...

I am still in shock from hearing this news today. We were out of town this weekend. Prayers are being lifted up for Kristi and all around her. What a blessing that she and Dwayne are ok.

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Prayers for Kristi and her family. So glad for God's protection over them.


Kristen said...

Oh my mercy... how frightening. I will definitely pray for your dear friend. (her family too)

On Purpose said...

Dear Jesus You are the God of this, amen! And we thank You that Your healing hands heal physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I praise You and how You are working in this situation. Thank You Lord, Amen

Beth E. said...

How scary. Praying for Kristi, her family, and the woman who caused the accident.

Andrea said...

Praying for all involved.

蔡曼鄭美玉屏 said...
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Sonja said...

I'm praying too Susan...

Marilyn in Mississippi said...

Wow! I'm so glad no one was killed! Praying Kristi will be whole soon. And for the woman who ran away....hoping she will make it right so she can escape the guilt she surely must feel ! What a good friend you are Susan!

God bless all of you! Mississippi

The Nester said...

You are such a great friend! So glad she wasn't hurt worse.

Miss you!