Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Mary, Martha, and fruit kabobs

Guess what I did last weekend?? Couldn't make it to She Speaks in NC, but I did make it to our women's planning retreat at the lake! Mercy, we had fun! Here is a group picture with some of the gals--not everyone could make it, and we truly missed them!
Our focus was on Luke 10:42. Jesus is at the home of Martha and Mary. Martha is scurrying around cleaning and cooking and waiting on her guests. We know of at least 13 visitors(Jesus and his 12 disciples). There could have been more followers of Christ just wanting to hear Him speak. Can you imagine 13 plus guests coming over for supper?? That's a lot of cleaning and a ton of cooking, people! But then, there was Martha. Bless her heart!
Sister Mary was no where to be found to help with the baking of the bread or washing the cups for drinks. No, Mary had found a comfy little spot...right near Jesus. She simply sat and listened to His Words. And, Martha didn't like it one bit!
This weekend, we focused on being still...just like Mary and listening to the Word of God. We were not Marthas! That was kind of cool too! When was the last time that you let your Mary spirit overtake your Martha one? Hmmm??? Jesus even told Martha that Mary had chosen what was better to do. Sit, listen and pray. Without distractions. Intentially putting away "stuff" to spend time with the Lord. Period. How refreshing it was to sit at the feet of Christ.
Now, we did do some eating! Don't get me wrong! Most of it was prepared prior to the retreat. On Friday, we had BBQ sandwiches, pasta salad, tomato pie and lots of desserts. Saturday morning, we were greeted to the aroma of breakfast casserole and these yummy fruit kabobs! Y'all, I am struggling with blogger and my photos a lot lately! Trying to enlarge them AND move them around to fit my posts is not happening. So, that's why the fruit pic is WAY up there! Sorry!
Pull out those wooden skewers you have in the back of your kitchen drawers and slice some fruit. Place on the skewers and the final touch---sprinkle lightly with some powdered sugar! Yum! Your kids will think you hung the moon!
I encourage you to find a quiet place today. Sit at the feet of God and just soak in His Presence.
Sweet Blessings!


Empty Nest Full Life said...

Looks like a great planning time at the lake! This week our pastor talked about intimacy w/ God, and distractions. I am realizing I have allowed too many distractions these days, so I am planning to have a day away to sit and be still, and make that more of a daily practice. Jackie



Loved the post! Everyday we need to sit at Jesus' feet - in His presence. We need to be both Mary's and Martha's but in balance to what God is doing!

Those fruit kabobs look soooo good! Sounds like a great time you had!

Blessings and JOY,

Yolanda said...

You are so creative and I always enjoy seeing where God is taking you next with Women's Ministry.

Love to you,

Kay @ Off the Beaten Path said...

How did you know I have wooden skewers in the back of my drawer? 'Cause I do you know! Does everyone? I guess we really should put some fruit on them!

Sonja said...

I love the post Susan, and I know the ministry meeting was wonderful, they always are, but today... it's the kabobs that are getting my attention! I'm going to the grocery store NOW and getting the stuff... :)

Anonymous said...
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