Thursday, February 18, 2010

New Computer Blues

Y'all, I have just spent a good portion of an hour writing a post that I thought was pretty good. Really. But, maybe God had other plans. I am using my new pink computer---it's sooo cute! It's a laptop, and I am not used to this. Somehow, my wrists clicked on a button, and my entire post was gone....disappearing into cybespace air! Had I saved it during the process??? Of COURSE not! That would be too doggone easy! Oh, well! C'est la vie! ( Yes, you chickadees, Runnermom DID take several years of French many moons ago! Only a portion of it remains in my little 'ol brain.) Well....I can't and won't even attempt that post on Downs Syndrome and the Samaritan Woman again! Seriously.

So, I will simply ask you a question. An easy one. Promise.

Are you giving up anything for Lent? If so, are you willing to share?
I'll go first.

I am going to give up being prideful! No, I wish that I could, but I am human and that's something I have to die to daily. But, I CAN try to be focused on this and strive to "be less of me and more of Him." That's a huge leap of faith. But, with prayer and staying focused on this, God can do a big work in my heart if I am willing to step aside. One thing that I have done--and this is through much prayer--is getting up and spending time with God before running. Not after! I am trying to put Him first. It's all about Him.

Happy Lent!


elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Does sanity count?

No, seriously, I'm going to give up some of my time each day to focus more on other people. I know that sounds simplistic and something that I should be doing everyday, but as of late, I've grown rather selfish with my time. I'm way too busy, and I need to put some firm parameters around my life. I need to protect those things I hold most sacred...

My relationship with Jesus. My family. My friends. In that order; everything else is just plain filler.

Love you, friend.


Sarah said...

I haven't officially done anything for Lent, but I was just caught up in a scripture reading last week that started in Philippians 2. When they got to v. 3: "Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility consider others better than yourselves." I thought to myself: "If I could get a handle on that, most of my battles would be over."

I love elaine's quest for sanity, too.

Andrea said...

I really had not thought about it. My best learning memory of lent is when I gave up wearing pants....that may not seem like a big deal to you, but trust me, is HUGE for this girl. I learned so much that year...through my journey with the LORD.
Blessings, andrea

On Purpose said...

You are funny! Have a great weekend!

Empty Nest Full Life said...

So sorry about that post. It usually happens to me on the FAFSA student aid form! Once your kids are in college you will understand this one! I have never given up anything for Lent(not Methodist) but I was listening to Nancy DeMoss the other day, and thinking that there is so much that I should be giving up. Someone said sanity and that could possibly be going soon. Just kidding! I am trying to give up sweets, or at least limit them in a major way. I need to get back to more healthy choices, and this is my firt move. I need to be taking better care of this temple, and I just hope my kids are not bringing a birthday cake this weekend. Could be a big possibility, so I would have to have some, but so far I have not. I would like to better discipline myself to not giving in to the flesh. I am doing the BM Bible study, A Womans Heart Gods Dwelling Place, and it is a very personal and convicting study, so possibly some other things I will be doing to spend concentrating time in focusing on the Lord and what He has done for me. Have a blessed weekend! Jackie

Danielle said...

I've never done Lent before, but last month I did do the no sugar thing. It was hard the first week or more, but after that, it got easier. And then about 3 weeks in, I didn't think about it anymore. I'm trying to get that mind frame back again.

About your post... yours doesn't automatically save? As a draft? Or were you typing in a document and then you copy and paste into blogspot?