Monday, February 8, 2010

Happy Birthday and a Challenge!!

Good morning, my friends! It's finally sunny here! Whoohoo! I took this picture a little after 7 this morning. Child #1 celebrated his 17th birthday yesterday. Wow, that must mean that I'm getting old!! Not! We searched for a "new" car for him to get back and forth to school and to cross country and track practice and to meetings, etc. People, I am just about to drown in carpool! It consumes hours of my day--HOURS! I love my precious children, but this extra car is going to be such a blessing! We prayed about it and searched Craigslist. This one appeared after church yesterday. It's a '98 Acura. Very reliable and all the belts and "stuff" had been replaced. The owner's family owned an auto shop, so they've kept it up. There was low mileage--amazing on an 11 year old car! And the best part of all--it was the exact amount of money that we wanted to spend--which was not a lot! God is good!
We went to our Youth Super Bowl party at church last about food and fun! There were over 80 kids and adults there. The sad part was that our youth minister is leaving for San Diego on Tuesday, so last night was his going away party as well. We are really going to miss Mookie!
Mookie and Austin, aka Child #1--no telling what Mookie is saying here!Hubby with the cake. Of course, being the thoughtful mama that I am, I made sure that some of the candles were the ones that would not go out--the obnoxious ones that keep relighting over and over again! Gotta have my fun too!
After all of that food, today is definitely a running day! I cannot wait! I have a challenge for you all as well! Child #2 and I are doing this and have been successful so far! It's called the:
Here's what you do! On Day 1--which is today for you, simply do one push up. Just one! Tomorrow is Day 2--2 push ups. The next day is Day 3, so 3 push ups! You get the picture!
I am on Day 7. I wish that I had started this on January 1, but I didn't read about it until 7 days ago!! A group of people here in Greenville--30 of them--decided to take on this challenge. They did push ups each day. By December 31,2009, which should have been 365 push ups, only 8 people remained!! And, only 2 of those were women. Y'all, everyone who succeeded was over the age of 50! One man was in his 70's! We can do this!! You pick the type of push up! It can be military or the girl push up where you are on your knees. There is ANOTHER one which has more assistance. After dislocating my shoulder--yes, on a trail run several years ago!!!--I HAD to strengthen it. But, YIKES! It hurt so badly! Using a wall, gently lean into it with a push up stance. Feet should be at least a foot and a half from the wall. You should feel your muscles working. If not, you are not using your body's resistance. Do these assisted push ups until you can get to the floor and try the others. Whatever works for you!
The ladies who completed the challenge were amazed at the difference of how their arms looked! I am all over this strong arms thing!! Join me!! It'll be FUN! You can break your push ups into sets as the numbers climb higher. Encourage your Hubby or kids to join you as well! I want to know how y'all do!! Just be honest!!
Y'all have a wonderful day!! Oh, and I loved the comments from my question last week!! Great ideas! I appreciate your sharing.

Sweet Blessings,


Divine Mrs D said...

Ooooo!! I want to do the push-up challenge!! I think that's a great idea :)

Sassy Granny ... said...

When babies turn 17 it marks a whole new chapter in their lives (and ours)!

My baby just turned 40, so you just have to know that this chapter sits amidst a "Gone With the Wind"-sized story!


Empty Nest Full Life said...

Happy Birthday to your boy! Looks like a great super bowl party, and um I think I might try the girlie push ups. Didn't have to sub today, so I was actually glad. Also glad to see sunshine here. Have a great week! Jackie

Danielle said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to child #1! 17 is a milestone. You did great with your baby hitting that spot! Go MOM!

I like the sound of that challenge. I may just jump on with you.;-)

Kay @ Off the Beaten Path said...

Read your fun post, got down on the floor and did my push up and one more to grow on!

So glad you found your son just the right car. Isn't God good about things like that?

On Purpose said...

There is always so much fun, life and excitement going on here!

Happy Birthday to your son!

You know there is a tad bit of me that just wonders if I could do 365 push ups...guess it doesn't hurt to try!

Off to do my one!

live better said...

Push-ups are tough, I started Jan 7 this year doing 5 sets for a total of 30, 3 days/week. I add 1 per set each week so I am now at 55, 3x/week. I am also doing sit-ups and I am up to 68, 3x/week. The last two sets of both are a bugger but I feel good afterwards. I do these as part of my 1 hour, non-running day workout. Give it a try, you'll be glad you did.

Sharon Sloan said...

Happy Birthday and Safe Driving to Austin (child #1)!

Enjoy being car-pool relieved! :)

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Oh dear... now she's push-up mom. This will be the death of me for sure.


lisasmith said...

i will get to 365 with you in 2011! i had no idea the type of "marathon" i was actually training for!!

i still plan to run in maui in september 2010. won't it be a so awesome? you could come...

Beth E. said...

Happy birthday to your son! My youngest will celebrate his 19th birthday tomorrow...*sigh*. They just grow up way too fast!

Thanks so much for praying for little Westin. Please keep checking his website for updates. He truly needs a miracle.


sonja said...


You are inspiring me!

And what a great son! My 17 year old 'boys' are 40 and 43... you've still got lots of fun ahead!!!



Joyful said...

OK...can't let my 17 year old son see this pic!!! Wish we could find a good deal on something reliable for him by the Fall as he heads off to University. So glad you were able to get a good deal. Happy b'day to your son!


Susan said...

Hey Susan,

Thanks sooooooooooo much for the sweet birthday wishes!

You are so thoughtful!

Happy Birthday to your son. He's precious, and I just know he going to LOVE his new car.

I know it can be scary when they first start driving. Just pray over him and that car daily!

Blessings to you my sweet friend♥



What a precious milestone to celebrate together in your family!
May your son whole-heartedly follow Christ with every footstep that he takes in life!

Choosing JOY,
JESUS ONLY in 2010