Monday, January 12, 2009


My sweet Daddy, Mama, Child #1, and Child #2

Hey, y'all! Greetings from busy "Mama Central!" Whew! I subbed three days last week--as well as today, and ran all over the place the other days. I've got a few minutes before I pick up the boys from track, so I thought that I would share some family fun with you all!
My sweet Mama (age 81)and darling nephew(age 6) share the same b'day month. Their b'days are only 4 days apart, so darling sister entertains all of us at her home in Lexington. She is a fabulous decorator and cook--I got none of those genes!! Oh, well!
Darling nephew enjoys some of his Sponge Bob cake!

After church, the boys and I took off to celebrate. We left hubby here doing church work--I'll post about it later this week! By the time we all were together, we had a group of 9. We simply enjoyed our day together. It made me think of how God told us to keep the Sabbath Holy. How often do we find ourselves running errands--that could PROBABLY wait until Monday? Or cleaning house and finishing the laundry because we ran out of time during the latter part of the week? I'm guilty as charged. But...I'm aware of this, and I intend on praying about it and trying to make some changes. Changes that will glorify Him and settle my heart as I prepare for a new week ahead. I read something by Louis Giglio recently where he talks about how God wants us to simply enjoy His creation--and He gave us Sunday on which to do it.

So, we enjoyed our sweet time together. My parents are a little older, and I want to make sure that we take advantage of each opportunity to visit with each other. They live several hours away near Lancaster--outside of Charlotte. So, it's a drive that we don't make nearly as often as we should. Nine years ago, my Mama suffered a stroke. To this day, the doctors can't explain why it didn't end her life. She has been a diabetic all of her life, and this was just a double whammy. I believe that I know. God still had plans in store for her. (Jeremiah 29:11) My nephew was just only in God's plans-not even here for several more years, and Mama was still needed! It wasn't her time. She is still amazed that she's her age and going strong! The stroke slowed her down--no more driving or cooking! Bless Daddy's heart! He's become a great cook! I shared in an earlier post that he waits on her hand and foot...and loves it! He has such a servant's heart. At the age of 85, he just gave up teaching Sunday School after leading it for over fifty years. They were so excited about my Chronological Bible that I got for Christmas, that they had to have one too! They are beginning a Bible study this Wednesday at my former church. And...they can't wait! I pray that I continue to have their enthusiasm and zeal for life when I'm their age. I hope I'm still running marathons too!!! God does continue to bless us with miracles!

Many blessings,


Susie Harris said...

What a cute family. I just want to hug your daddy, smile. I remember being a sub years ago...whew! Thats one tough job but I loved it!

April said...

I love the story and pictures of your family! Your mom looks amazing for her age! Sounds like your dad is in good shape, too, and a real sweetheart! What an inspiration they both are!

Paula (SweetPea) said...

I haven't a clue but, Susan, this post brought tears to my eyes. For many things that I will try to explain. One, that God spared your Mama for NINE years, so far, and who knows how MANY more. One of which, to see the birth of a grandson. Then, she lost her ability to cook or drive. Not to fear, Daddy took over and with great pride. After years of her serving him with wonderful meals, he's done it for her. And "he loves it". How truly wonderful. If we all were that blessed. When you spoke of him just recently not leading SS, after FIFTY years, I had to kind of chuckle. Fifty years...who can say that much these days. Who does anything for fifty years whether it is SS or being a husband (or wife, let's play fair).

You are so, so blessed.

I thought it so special when you said being with them made you realize what the Sabbath is suppose to be. Isn't that the truth. Of course, in my life, unfortunately, I take it the extreme and become lazy on the weekend.

You are so right about soaking up every moment. Your mom was spared nine years ago. God does have plans. Be a part of those plans, as I know you will.
Love ya,

Paula (SweetPea) said...

Oh, and your dad is the cutest thing. Both your parents have glowing smiles!!!

Joyful said...

What a sweet post Susan. So wonderful to read about your family and your godly heritage.

Sounds like you have been busy, but God is giving you times of refreshing as well.


Kelley said...

Somehow I have lost your email address and I REALLY wanted to email you and say "Thanks so much" for the sweet card you sent to me after my Dad passed away! It was a wonderful surprise to hear from you I just wish it had been under different circumstances. I miss you much my "crazy southern girlfriend!!" We are gonna have to figure out a way to hook up in person sometime soon. Wouldn't that be wonderful?!! Take care and send me your email address if you get a chance.


Leebird said...

You parents are so cute! I see your momma in you! :)

We cleaned house like crazy people last night....very "un-Sabbath-ish."

Love you and miss you, Lee

Edie said...

Wow how cute and lively they are. So glad everyone had a good time. My grandma is 94 and she is always wondering why she is still here. :)

Teresa said...

How inspiring your mom and dad are!
My mom has had 2 strokes and each day is a blessing! (in fact we spent yesterday shopping and celebrating my b-day! something, I wouldn't have thought possible a few years ago!) God is good!

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

A Godly and good heritage. Glad for their presence in your life and for the torch they've passed onto you that is now being lit in your children.

Keep tending to the flame!


Gotta Run said...

Your post really makes me miss my mom!!! What a blessing to still have her with you. Your dad sounds like a sweetheart.

So glad you all could make the trip!!

Thanks for lending your ears. You are a special friend.

Joy in The Truth (Sharon Sloan) said...

I love seeing the pix of your parents! Wow! That's awesome. And that they wanted the chrono Bible, too! How very sweet and inspiring!

I love keeping "Sundays holy" and making them special. I try to do little to no chores, except cooking a big dinner and getting ready for Monday morning.


Lelia Chealey said...

That is so sweet Susan. I love what you wrote.

Happy Belated Birthday we say down here in the Midwest! ;)

Susan...can you send me your email address please to

Thanks a bunch!
love ya,

Susan said...

Oh Susan,

How precious, your mom and dad. Treasure every moment you have with them.

What a beautiful family you have.

Send my birthday wishes to your mom.


Carol said...

Hi Susan,

What an inspiration your parents are. I love the pictures and the things you shard.

Miss you at Yes to God, but I'm still coming to read your blog.


Susie Harris said...

I knew you could do it! Im so glad you stuck to it too. Its so easy to give up when we want to see perfection. If it wasnt for my husband half of what I made would be in the trash. Maybe that wouldnt be a bad idea about now... my house is getting way too full of STUFF, ugh. Cleaning time again!

Pretty Organizer said...

Hey lady, what a fun blog! And very inspiring. Thanks for sharing it.

I about a week late checking in with you. You visited me via Kimbas place and I wanted to say Thanks and to meet you! I was the one working on redoing my kitchen (before pics are finally up!)

The truth is I DON'T find the time for everything. My floors look like a truck stop more often than I care to admit and I've completely given up folding clothes for my boys because... they stuff them in the drawers anyway. I pick my battles. The kids are kicked out of my laundry routine at 10 and do their own loads and there are nights when I grab the car keys and head to a Barnes and Noble for a little quiet time and some good chocolate! All part of my not so complex routine that keeps me somewhat sane and "Pretty" organized. I look forward to another great post from you!