Sunday, November 23, 2008

Thanksgiving Survey

So, how do y'all celebrate Thanksgiving? I was just glancing through a magazine, and that's the question which was posed. In our family, we take turns hosting the big event. This year, it's at my house, and my side of the family will come. We will celebrate with hubby's side of the family next year.
There will be place settings for 10 at our house! I purchased my turkey the other day, and he is happily defrosting in my refrigerator. Y'all, I have NEVER baked a turkey before in my life--only a turkey breast in the crock pot! I usually go to Honey Baked Hams for the most delicious turkey ever. No fuss, no problems. This year, however, we are on a budget, and I am pretending to be Paula Deen! Thankfully, my mother-in-love is a great cook, and she is only a phone call away in Tenn.!! Along with the turkey and cornbread dressing, we'll have ham, sweet potato pie, rice and gravy, green beans, squash casserole, bread and desserts. Hopefully, it will all be edible, and no one will leave with food poisoning!! Kidding....I really can cook; I would rather be doing other things instead!

Second part of my "Thanksgiving Survey"--what Bible verse are you most thankful for? I know that's a very hard one, but ponder and pray and share your favorite one--maybe it's just the one for today! It may be different tomorrow. Today, I was blessed by reading Psalm 37:4. It says, " Take delight in the Lord, and He will give you your heart's desires." That promise just fills me with the love that He has for me!
Looking forward to the results from this survey! Short school week--woohoo!!!
Many Blessings,


Edie said...

"I really can cook; I would rather be doing other things instead!"
LOL - That's what I say!

Zephaniah 3:17

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Chatty Kelly said...

We'll have 24 at my house...and I hate entertaining - LOL!!! But it will be okay (I'll keep repeating this mantra through Friday.)

Phil 4:7 - Rejoice in the Lord always! I will say it again, REJOICE!

Yolanda said...

We will spend Thanksgiving at our son's in Florida.

2 verses for me as I can't pick one over the other. ;-)

Jeremiah 1:5

Jeremiah 32:17



On Purpose said...

This sounds very yummy..."can you squishy in 4 more spots at your table?"

On Purpose said...

PS We will even do the dinner dishes :)

Gotta Run said...


All the miles we have shared on the trails and I barely know you :)

Paula (SweetPea) said...

Thanksgiving has changed SO much over the years. Long ago, I could easily attend four or more thanksgivings: Mom's side, step-dad's side, dad's side, step-mom's side.

Last two years, I just go to my mom's. There are about 13 there. It's so sweet, since my step-mom of 30 years passed away two years ago, my mom always invites my dad to holidays and birthday dinners. Dad is coming this year. Last year he went to my step-brothers. It's nice they have such a relationship they are friends.

When beloved was with me, we would do: my mom's, my dad's, his mom's, his dad's. It was hard and stressful but we managed doing it on different days.

I can't think of a favorite verse right now. I quote one and tend to not stop.

I'll have to look up Edie's and Yolonda's.

Don't stress over dinner: burnt, raw, or perfect, it doesn't really matter, huh?

We are having a pitch-in at work tomorrow and there was a mixed up on coordinating a turkey. I was, as always, thrown up in the middle of it and just tried to alleviate everyone's stress. I told them we'll have chicken and ham and if we have anything at all to eat, we are so lucky. Some of the masses of food we eat and see served just makes me feel so guilty, huh?
Love ya, Susan.
Have a thankful and great one.

Leebird said...

My sister-in-law is coming from TX. She's a hoot. I am cooking a ham (my fam isn't fond of turkey),cornbread dressing, green bean bundles (green beans wrapped in bacon), funeral corn (I cream cheese corn dish I have taken to so many funeral meals at church we finally changed its name!), and cranberry sauce shaped like the can (that's what Cliff likes).

I kind of wanted to go to Cracker Barrel...but the boys vetoed that idea! :)

My verse..Ephesians 1:3-10

elaine @ peace for the journey said...


Wanted to let you know that I'm sending you a copy of the book I'm giving away (from last post). One of the winners already had a copy and wanted me to pick another person to enjoy Eldredge's "Epic." Could you please email me your complete address at Include full name. I want to get this in the mail tomorrow if possible. I know you will love it!


Joyful said...

Hey Susan, as you already know Thanksgiving has already come and gone North of the border. We celebrated up North at Muskoka Bible Conference Center with my side of the family. Our family cheated, and booked into the BIG THANKSGIVING DAY DINNER that is offered in the dining room and it was DELICIOUS!!!! This has been tradition for the past several years. The chef at MBC is AMAZING! The food is incredible! And...the best part? No mess for any of us to clean up! We just go for a nice long walk on the grounds together after we finish our meal. Ahhh.....memories....

As to my favourite verse....This year the Lord has had me focusing in on Hebrews 11 and He is writing His Word over my life, "By faith Joy...." He is calling me to new heights in Him and it's quite the journey.

Blessings to you my friend. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! I'm so thankful for your precious friendship!

Love & prayers,

Joy in The Truth (Sharon Sloan) said...

1. Excited to be preparing Thankgiving dinner here this year! :) It will be small, but I am excited to cook, have our house smell so yummy (like only turkey and stuffing can do), stay in comfy clothes and just relax and enjoy each other! :)

2. Wow, that's really tough. One Bible verse...hmmm.....I think I'll have to break the rules here! I'd have to say the entire Psalm 119. But if I have to narrow it down.... verse 16 "I delight in Your decrees; I will not neglect Your word." Each day as I open His Word, treasures spill forth!

I pray you and yours enjoy a savory, peaceful and restful Thanksgiving day! Let us know how your first turkey turns out! (I am using a turkey cooking girlfriend who is a chef said they turn out moist, brown and delicious!)

Empty Nest Full Life said...

If we are not sick we will be spending Thanksgiving with my daugher and her husband in FL. I will be cooking a few things to take with us. We will be helping with the house remodeling while we are there. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Jackie