Saturday, August 16, 2008

Muddy Legs

Me, Robin, Renee, and Mike

Our family is enjoying the last weekend of summer before school starts next week. Child #1 is in Georgia with a church group tubing down the Chatooga River. Child #2 had a sleep over last night. They spent the night in a tent in his friend's back yard--the dog slept with them! Hubby is finishing up a 60 plus mile bike ride in NC. And I just finished a trail run with some of my buddies in a nearby State Park about 40 minutes away. We are an active family!

The trails that we covered today were great! They were all runnable-woohoo! No rocks to climb. We did share these trails with horses. Lots and lots of horses!! Not only did I have to watch my footing for roots and rocks, but I had to be on the lookout for surprises from those gorgeous creatures!

Today, there was an equestrian event at the park. There were horse trailers everywhere! Each time we completed a loop of running, there would be more horses and riders. It was really cool!

After the run, I was extremely sweaty, muddy and dirty from the trails. I went into the ladies room to try to clean up before getting back into my sweet little friend's car!

Look at the mud on our legs--gross!

Well, there were no paper towels or soap, so I made do with water from the sink and my bandanna as a washcloth . Y'all, I must have looked a sight! I had one leg in the sink scrubbing off the mud when a little boy wearing a huge cowboy hat walked in. He looked at me and didn't say a word! He went straight to the other sink beside me and began to wash his little hands. He never glanced at my face--just my dirty legs! I finally made the first comment. He answered---with more of a southern drawl than I even have! He was getting ready to ride his horse in the competition. He had been riding for a VERY long time. I inquired as to how old this darling child was. He was 4! Y'all, he is still washing his hands--no soap either! I asked him the name of his horse. He replied, "Awesome!" Is that just not precious?? I did ask if his mom or dad was going to lead him around the corral when it was his turn to perform. His mom was. He's still washing those little hands! I finally told him that I had been running and was trying to get some of the mud off of me before getting in the car and going home. He gave me an"Ohhh!" while continuing to wash his hands. I am sure that he had been told to never speak to strangers, and I was definitely a stranger! And even stranger was that I was scrubbing my legs in the restroom sink at a park! I've never seen a 4 year old wash his hands for that long--the water was still going. I was afraid that his mom was going to come and check on him to see why he had been gone as long as he had! Well, he finally turned off the water--after 5 minutes or more and walked out the door. He was just precious!

I thought about his comments after he left the ladies' room. He was so confident in his riding skills. How many times are we able to boast that we are able to accomplish this or that on our own? Adults tend to do this more than children. We want to do it our way, our timing. We need no outside assistance. This child boasted in his skills as well, but.....his mom was still in control by having a tight grip on the reins of the horse. She would never let them go for fear of what the horse might do if it were stung by a bee or scared by a loud noise. She was there in case her child needed her. That mom would never leave her 4 year old alone on a horse. As a Christian, I know that although I want it my way, it might not be the best way! I know that God is in control of my life. He's holding the reins tightly so I won't fall off either. He is there to keep me safe. Hebrews 13:5 says that "He Himself has said,' I will never leave you or forsake you'." I have that confidence in which I can boast--He's always going to be there just for me! He loves me that much! And He loves you that much, too!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!



Chatty Kelly said...

I love your analogy - God is holding the reins. This was a really nice posting.

One question. After all the talk of horses, trailors and droppings...are you SURE it was "mud" on the back of your legs? LOL!!

Mari said...

Oh Kelly I never thought of that (it not being mud) Ewwww!

The equestrain event sounds like fun!

You are spot on. God is in control and thank goodness. I can't even where we would be left to our own devices!

Chris said...

Wow! Sounds like you guys (ladies, et al) had a great run @ Croft! I'm jealous!! I wish that I could have been there. I had a lonely swim and an easy bike in getting ready for Greenville in the morning. (speaking of which I need to get to bed)

Let's go back and run there again soon...... The weather was perfect for it for sure.

I agree with Mari in that you are Spot on with God being in control and thank goodness. I was thinking today, while volunteering for the FCA group at packet pickup, how truly lucky we are to serve an awesome God and to get to live and lead active, healthy lifestyles.

God is good!

Runner Mom said...

Y'all are a hoot! It was definitely mud on our legs!!! We did some major leaping over the horsey treasures on the trail--no stepping in it for us--yuck!

Yolanda said...

I so love how God gives us visuals.

May we remember that He is the rein, and He is the one to lead...we simply are to follow.


Gotta Run said...

I LOVED those trails and the company... both old and new. Makes for a fun time.

Will miss you this weekend.

BTW - what about the man, the horse, and the cell phone. Too funny!!!!

On Purpose said...

Hey Kelly beat me to it...but I was also wondering if it was mud you were removing...

Fun stuff!

Joyful said...

Glad that God has the reigns and is leading me each day.

Still looking for your Canadian bandana - not giving up - just haven't had as much time to search lately.

Love ya,

KelliGirl said...

Hey Susan,
I admire your dedication to running! You're amazing!

I'm enjoying reading your blog. You write just like you talk and I can just picture you when I read it.

Blessings to you!

Joy in The Truth (Sharon Sloan) said...

Wow....thanks "Runner Mom" for stopping by for a visit! I was excited to see your name on my comments! I often see you comments on the P31 gals blogs.

Wondering if we had the opportunity to meet briefly at She Speaks this year or last??

Your blog is terrific! :) I'll be stopping by again.


Wendy said...

Oh my dear. I wish I could have seen you in there just chattin' up a storm with this little boy washing your legs in the sink like it was the most normal thing in the world!! Too funny.

You have a wonderful insight into God and His love for us (and control of our lives). Thanks for sharing!!

Lisa said...

Beautiful post, Susan.

I am so glad you stopped by my blog and so happy to "meet" you! I'll come back and see you soon...

The only thing I am afraid of is that your blog will convict me to start running! :) Girl, I need to. Will tennis lessons suffice for now? I start tomorrow.

Blessings, new friend.
Lisa :)

Lisa said...

Hey girl!
I have tried to email you back several times this morning, but it keeps getting kicked back to me. Maybe it thinks I'm spam! :) Let me know if there is another address to send to or what to try.

Lisa :)