Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Leap of Faith

First, thanks to all of you who responded from my previous post about a name for our Women's Ministry! Y'all had some wonderful thoughts! I am going to jot them down and put it before the other gals at the meeting next week! I am really excited!

I have to tell y'all about last night! Lysa TerKeurst spoke at a nearby church in our town. Y'all, it was was so good to see her and her precious assistant, Holly! It's been several months since I attended She Speaks in Charlotte.

We had a delicious meal (pork tenderloin, yummy in-season veggies, and baked apples--the chef at this church is none other than the father of Food Network's Tyler Florence!!). Then we gathered in the sanctuary for music and Lysa. God was just all over the place. She shared her little heart to us. Oh, my...she has a story! And, praise God, He used her brokeness in a way that eventually glorified Him! The radical obedience that she has and her faith are such a testimony to our glorious God!!! Many of the women attending accepted Christ as their personal Lord and Savior, and some agreed to just say "Yes" to His calling. As Lysa has said, "He qualifies the called!" Have you heard that call to step out of your comfort zone and meet with Him? Have you felt His wooing you to do something different in order to serve Him? Then, by all means, pray to Him and take that bold leap of faith! So many of us miss the boat because we're unwilling to get in it to begin with! We only have so many days on the kingdom calendar (Beth Moore), and I don't want to miss out on something that God has planned just for me! The laundry can wait! (It usually does!!). That golden opportunity that God has placed in your lap for this day is for NOW...it doesn't go on the to-do list! Pray hard, chickadees! What is God whispering in your ear today?

A good writer would stop her post with that previous sentence so you can ponder and pray about it--which I hope you will! But, I have a little more to share with y'all! Lee, forgive my writing skills (and other English teachers as well--I'm only a kindergarten teacher!!). Y'all, after Lysa spoke, I met some other girlfriends from bloggy land!!! It was so cool! Of course, we were wearing name tags with our real names! I didn't know who Carol was! Those real names didn't click! We needed to know who Sheep to the Right was, etc.!!!! Once we established all that--oh, my, fun!!! I did get a picture of Lysa, Janet, and myself. Y'all---this is such a God thing! I saw this darling girl--Janet--that I thought I was meeting for the first time. She lives in NC. We got to talking, and I realized that I had met her over two years ago while house hunting! She and her husband were selling their house in a neighborhood near ours, and I took a look at it one Sunday afternoon. It was precious! And, that talented former Miss SC had MADE all of the window treatments!!! They were simply gorgeous! Fast forward two years, and God crosses our paths at dinner last night! How cool is that? I just love God moments:).
Me, Lysa, and Janet



Janet Roller said...

SO great to see you again last night! Thanks for the sweet words. I'll be checkin' in on you!

Chatty Kelly said...

Wow - I am so jealous you got to hear Lysa speak again. She is just so good. She was great at She Speaks. I'm so glad for you that you got to hear it and meet bloggy friends too. That was so fun at She Speaks.

Thank you also for your inspiring words. I am listening for God too.

Carol said...

I'm so glad we got to meet! You are precious. I will be baaaaack to visit. :) Your Sheepy Friend, Carol

Amy Wyatt said...

It was great to meet you last night. I'm surprised our paths haven't crossed before as long as I lived in Mauldin! Or even at She Speaks. Let's stay in touch.

Paula (SweetPea) said...

I've always wanted to know what my sweet Susan looked now. Precious...that is.

Now I have a visual for that sweet friend who is faithfully praying for me and my beloved and the one who always tells me she loves me.

Thank you. I needed this today. I can't get a hug from you but I can see your sweet face.

Having a rough time just discerning the Lord's ways and plans for me.

Love you much,

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

So glad for your evening and for the fellowship of the saints! I know you were blessed. Take that blessing and live like you mean it this week.


Beverly said...

Thanks for your inspiring words!

Leebird said...

Glad to get a look at you again, my friend! I don't think I told you when we spoke the other day, but I go to this mentor/mentee meeting every other week for work, and there's a lady there who looks so much like you! I want to go up and squeeze her everytime I see her....but she might shoot me with pepper spray or something! ;)

Glad you had a good time with Lysa...sounds like she spoke on the same topic she spoke on here last April. Very challenging and moving stuff.

Love ya....and I don't critique your grammar in your blogs! So just stop that! :)

My ADHD Me said...

Hi. I am Chatty Kelly's sister. I was just reading your comment on her post and you asked about frizzy hair and rainy days....well, if you could come up with an answer to that (other than a pony-tail holder or a hat) you could make a million dollars! Believe me, I can relate.
I have written numerous blogs on the person I compare my hair with, Roseanne Rosanna Danna. :)

Nice to meet you!

Gotta Run said...

So glad it was a great time for you! To meet other bloggers is always a bonus.

MHS Open House lasted until 8:30pm... want to know what time I finished my 5 miler when I got home??? :)

Love the picture!!

Shane said...

I too am a She Speaks Grad. And I love hearing Lysa speak. I really can't get enough of her or her amazing story.

As far as your question to what is God leading you to say yes to... currently I feel God telling me to be content in my circumstance of being a stay at home Mom and stop burdening myself with the to-do list. I have fought this journey for about 7 years. God keeps pressing on my heart to be still and not so busy. And I am thankful.

Jill said...

I enjoyed reading your recap of the event with Lysa. I have heard her speak, what a blessing. But the questions you posed about following him echoed my Bible study last night - am I going to just say yes? It's neat how God constantly works to get our attention and remind us that He's there. Thanks for being a vessel!!

Julie Gillies said...

Hi Susan,
How nice of you to visit my blog. You must be a southern runner...see how clever I am to figure that out from a few "ya'll's"? LOL

Oh, I wish I could have been there to hear Lysa speak with and then chat with the bloggers. Sounds like you had a great time.

Tell your friend who has a son in the Marines she may want to keep an eye out for my article coming out in the February edition of P31 Woman magazine. I share how my son went in to Baghdad with the 3rd. I.D. in March of 2003 and I completely lost it. Could not eat or sleep for 10 days - then God intervened. It will give her great hope.


Kimberly said...

It was so nice to meet you! And thanks for coming by my blog to "meet" me there, too! :) Looking forward to coming by here again!


Lisa said...

Hey girl!
Just stopping by to say hi! I owe you an email...look for it in your inbox soon, ok?

The other Lisa :)

Joy in The Truth (Sharon Sloan) said...

Hi, Susan

Trusting God will lead you in all things as you seek Him humbly. He is so faithful. Amazingly faithful.

Glad you got to see Lysa and Holly. I just wore that same TJ Maxx jacket tonight at "Meet the Teacher" night at school. :)

Looking to Him,

Joyful said...

Susan, I'm so happy for the fun you had last evening - wish I could have been with you!!

I took a huge 'leap of faith' in June as you know, but I don't want to live in past experiences. I want my walk of faith...or should I say, 'leap of faith' to be a daily adventure with God. Listening for His leading and praying for courage to step out of that boat again.

Love ya,

Lelia Chealey said...

Oh, you all look so pretty!!! or Y'all look so purty!!!!! ;)

You know this Midwest girl is just so jealous of your cute voice and the things you say. ;)

So happy for you that you got to hear Lysa's testimony. She is an incredible woman of God.

Mari said...

You all look great! Thanks for sharing your evening wtih us. Sounds like it was a great time!