Thursday, November 21, 2013

My Version of "The" Wreath

Hey y'all! It's a bit drizzly here, and that is really keeping me from wanting to get in my run today! I don't do cold AND rain together! Blah!  So, I decided to catch you all up to date on the wreath that I started last week. If you want to see sweet Tara's post about her wreath--which is where my inspiration came from, please go HERE!! And, if you want to create one yourself, she has the beginning steps in pictures because I completely forgot to take any while I was making the yarn puffs/puffballs!

Tara mentioned that this retails for $298.00 at Anthropologie. I now know why!!! It's not hard, just time consuming. A lot of time....just sayin'!! But, between photo shoots and edits and laundry and running, it is finally done. Wanted to share a few pics of mine and the process of putting it together.

 Lots of yarn puffs and the empty wreath....please leave the plastic on the wreath! It keeps it from shedding everywhere.

 I was known as the glue gun queen when I taught school--how else do you think we were able to attach the children's artwork to the cement walls?  This is my original glue gun -- circa 1985. It still is fabulous!!

Ok, glue and fluff all the way around the top of the wreath.

Now, glue and fluff around the outer rim of the get the picture!!

Do the same with the inner part of the wreath. And, yes, I was one yarn puff too short!!! Have mercy!! I thought I had made enough of those little things! It took me 4 skeins of yarn plus a little bit more from a 5th one to make all of these puffs. I purchased my yarn at AC Moore. The large wreath came from Hobby Lobby for less than $5.00.

Here you go!! Ta-da!! Even Scarlette likes it. It look lovely amongst the pumpkins and turkeys and all!

Not sure if I will hang it there when I get ready to start decorating after Thanksgiving or not. Will keep you posted.

All in all, it was fun to make and not difficult. Will you see me selling these in craft shows? No way!!! This one is enough. What holiday crafts are you in the middle of or are thinking about doing this season? I would love to know.

Sweet blessings,


Tiffany said...

You're so crafty, I love it! :)

Between You and Me said...

LOVE it.
the ribbon is wonderful!

looking forward to lunch with you in Athens!!

Alex said...

Supper creative post. Thanks for sharing, please keep it up to date.

Empty Nest Full Life said...

Thought I would check in with you. Long time since we have been in touch. Looks like you are blogging about as much as I am, and by the way, my poofs are in a basket and never made it to the wreath. Blessings to you! Jackie