Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tea Anyone?

As one gets a bit older in age--I really am not referring to myself or my friends here---one realizes that one needs to slow down (Did those words actually come from my mouth?) and just visit.  Mama and Daddy used to tell me that constantly.  Oh, I tried to sit and visit, but when I could see that the dishes needed to be unloaded from the dishwasher, or I needed to throw another load of laundry in the dryer, I would keep "visiting" but would begin to multi-task.  My sweet hubby reminds me that when I multi-task, things don't always work out for the best--the way that I invision.  I hate to admit it, and please don't tell him, but he is right! Shhh!

For the past few years, a darling girl that I grew up with (we're talking kindergarten all the way through high school) has been organizing a yearly get-together with the girls in our high school class.  The last two years when I saw the date, I already had plans.  This year, "darling girl that I grew up with" let me know 6 months in advance the date of our get together! In essence, put this on your calendar now and do not plan anything else! So, I did! Mercy!

The day came for the luncheon.  I drove down to Columbia to ride with another friend to the restaurant.  I have no sense of direction, so I figured it would be the smarter thing to do than to ride around the state of SC for an extra 45 minutes looking for this little town! On the way to Ridgeway, my other friend mentioned that we would have to wear hats....I'm thinking that my running hat is 100 miles back at home.  Guess I won't wear a hat.  And, found out that this restaurant was a tea room! Mercy! I have never done a tea room before! I'm a chick-fil-a gal through and through! I simply decided that I wouldn't worry about it! I just wouldn't wear a hat.  Period.

Weeeelllll, when we got to the restaurant, 10 of my friends that I had not seen in FOREVER y'all...and I mean over 30 years for some of us....came up and suddenly, this huge lump formed in my throat! Mercy! Tears flowed as we hugged and loved on each other! It was so good to see the precious girls that I had grown up with.  It was truly a blessing from above as we played dress up in big old floppy hats just as some of us had done years ago in the little red playhouse in my backyard.  Time stood still for awhile.

We were served lunch, and it was simply delicious! We tried varieties of hot teas...and the girls at my table agreed that we liked our plain 'ol sweet iced tea the best!  We caught up on children, grandchildren ( I still cannot get over the fact that some of my sweet young girlfriends are young grandmothers!!), husbands, and others who couldn't be there.  It was truly a sweet time.  When we had to leave, it was so hard.  More hugs and kisses and " I love you's" went around the group.  Y'all, time does not stand still.  I believe that it gets a little faster each day.  Make each day count.  Don 't wait until tomorrow.  Make that phone call or write that note (snail mail is still wonderful!). Make plans to sit and visit for awhile with your friends.  It's so worth every sweet moment.

Wanted to share a few of the pictures that I took--and that my friend Teri took too! Hope you enjoy!

Sweet blessings,


elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Precious time of fellowship. Time doesn't stand still; better make the most of it while it's still in our hands.


Empty Nest Full Life said...

Aren't you all looking good! I know that you must have had a great time. You are so right we must make the most of our time. It is a blessing from God.

Anonymous said...
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