Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Texting and Sweet Tea

Before graduation last week, Hubby's parents came up to celebrate. I figured that mine were having their own celebration in Heaven :). They came bearing gifts for the graduate, little brother ( they always bring them both something--too sweet!), and yours truly---my belated birthday present.

They brought Child #1 a new Bible for graduation. It's a beautiful leather Hebrew and Greek Key Word Study Bible (NASB). I love his new Bible! Runnermom may have to ask for this one at Christmas!!  My father-in-law is a retired Methodist minister, so seeing him in this picture flipping through the Scriptures is a familiar sight.

I collect Fiesta china! Love this stuff. I got hooked on it when we did a marathon in West Virginia at Marshall University a few years ago. It's made in that state, and it's sold at the WELCOME center as you leave Virginia to enter W. Va.! It's colorful and heavy duty.  We've not broken any yet! Plus....they make a gi-normous bowl that Hubby uses for his cereal each morning! Received another place setting for my collection.

For dinner, we took the family to a really cool restaurant in downtown Greenville. It was a Brazilian grill. We had a lovely cold bar and salad bar first. Then, the wait staff began to bring out a huge variety of meats on skewers that ranged from flank steak to pork tenderloin to bacon wrapped chicken (my favorite!) to fillet! Yum!!! The above red button would show that we were full and needed no more. On the other side, the green meant 'bring it on!" Runnermom's family walked out of there completely full!  Mercy!

Child #2 wasn't sure what piece of meat he was about to try!  Love that expression!

I looked down the table and saw this! Do they ever stop with the texting?? Granted, he was through eating, and we were waiting on the check,but....! Anyone else have this issue? Of course, my other one was gulping down as much sweet tea--which was very good!----as he could!

My mother-in-law is a hoot! She saw this huge motorcycle and had me make her picture beside it. I don't think she's quite a Harley woman---but you never know!!

Join me over at Sweet Shot Tuesday for more fun pictures.

Sweet Blessings,


Sharon Sloan - Joy In The Truth said...

I love Fiesta too! We have some original pieces that were Jim's grandmom's! They are treasures. :)

Congrats to son and belated Happy Birthday to you!!!!


Leah @ Point Ministries said...

Girl, hope you get that study Bible. Drop lots of hints.

Jennifer @ GettingDownWithJesus.com said...

The photo of Grandpa flipping through the Bible makes me smile. What a treasured gift this will be. You can tell how excited he is about what he's holding in his hands, can't you? I love that.

Marilyn in Mississippi said...

I love this post....reading about the blessings of family young and old! By the way, you look great! Love the hair. And the earrings!

Marilyn...in Mississippi

Anonymous said...
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Gledwood said...
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radhe said...
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LisaShaw said...

Sweet one, love the family shots and congratulations to your son!

I'd love to get that Bible too! :)

You are just adorable! I love the new hair-do!

Enjoy your family!!!

Veer said...
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