Thursday, December 18, 2008

Have Yourself a Mary Little Christmas

I just LOVED the comments that you all left on my last post...which was eons ago! I had to smile when I read Sharon's comment---she mentioned a book, "Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World", which is one of my favorites! I'm actually planning on leading a Bible study using it!

I think that part of my struggle the other week of feeling just overwhelmed was that fact that hubby was out of town, so I was being a single mom on top of all that was going on! For those of you who are single moms, bless your precious hearts! You girls are my heroes! I don't know how you do it and stay sane!

I mentioned that I would share some of our Christmas traditions with you all. Several of you said that your children receive only 3 gifts. We do that at our house as well. It is wonderful! One present for each of the gifts that the Magi offered to Jesus. Another tradition is setting up the nativity scene. We have two sets--the really "nice" one that sits in the entrance of our home. Then....we have the one that Mama found for 50% off at Garden Ridge years ago! It's a wonder that it's still in one piece!! The boys played with it when they were little--maneuvering the wise men, camels, shepherds and lambs all over the den! We placed Baby Jesus behind the stable until Christmas morning when we would celebrate His birth! Then, one of the boys would bring Him out and place Him in the manger near Mary and Joseph. They loved it then, and we still do it now! It's a great tradition.

Another tradition that I married into is the drink of choice we celebrate with at Christmas! No...not alcohol! Not even eggnog! Hubby's mom, my precious MIL, is an awesome cook! She prepares homemade custard that is to die for! Now, when I was growing up, we poured the custard into a bowl and ate it with a spoon---like pudding. It is simply yummy! The first year that we were married, I was inducted into a strange way of enjoying my custard! These darling family members poured it into a punch bowl cup--the tiny ones that are cut glass--and DRINK it! Y'all I had never seen anything like this before!! Maybe you all have your custard this way, but after 18 years of marriage, I still think it is very weird! Delicious, but weird!!

Lastly, some of my running friends and I get together and celebrate each year. We all live fairly close to each other except for Tracey, who lives 5 hours away in Roanoke! Well, bless her heart! She makes the trip each year with her three children to spend a little time with us! This year, she was in a time crunch. She left at 10 am on Monday and had to leave less than 24 hours later! That is a true friend! We had dinner at my house and enjoyed sharing little presents (like girlfriend jewelry) and pictures--from past races and road trips! Four of us had been together last month in Texas. We also share the love of good food and laughter! Debbie brought her 3 year old granddaughter with her--who was a doll! With my boys, hubby, and the girls, we had 9 lively people in the house. And...only one glass of milk was spilled!! (The 3 year old didn't do it!!)

I hope that your days begin to slow as we grow closer to the birthday of our Savior. I pray that you will soak in the beauty, the sounds, and the true meaning of the holiday. I plan on spending some quality time in the WORD (I'm getting a new Bible for Christmas!!! It's the chronological study Bible!! I got it on sale on Black Friday, and it's hidden in the back of hubby's closet!!Woohoo!). Wendy Pope is going to be leading a group of people through the Bible in a year starting in January! I've never done that, and I plan on giving it a try!

I won't post again until after Christmas, but I'll be visiting your wonderful blogs and will try to leave a comment! My Christmas cards are still in the box, but I'll get around to them! No stressing...I'm going to be sitting at the foot of Jesus listening like Mary did so long ago. Many Christmas blessings, my bloggy friends!!



Gotta Run said...

What wonderful girls to share Christmas with. Tracey looks so good... as always with her big smile.

So who spilled the milk? Craig?? :)

I have a dear friend coming for a short visit following Christmas. It has been over 6 years since we last saw each other. Where does the time go?

Edie said...

I love the traditions that you shared Susan. Have a Wonderful Christmas sitting at the feet of Jesus!

Joy in The Truth (Sharon Sloan) said...

Love the title of this post...and the contents! So great to see you and your friends together! :) Seems like a lovely group of ladies!

I'm with you...I don't know if I'll be posting until after Christmas.

Blessed Christmas to you and yours!

PS -- Thanks for the shout out!

Yolanda said...

Merry Christmas Susan!

What a blessing you are to me.


Carol said...

Love that you put baby Jesus behind the manger until Christmas day.

Sounds like a fun filled time at your home.

Merry Christmas

On Purpose said...

You my friend are a beautiful role model! Thank you for reminding us what a true relationship with Him should be about!

Paula (SweetPea) said...

I love the idea of three gifs. 1) it keeps things simple and 2) it brings Jesus' birth into gift giving by remembering the three magi (well there were oodles of magi but represented by the three gifts). I love how you "hide" Jesus until Cmas morn.

Oh, I may be showing the blonde roots that I don't offense intended for blonde readers...but....
1) I have no idea what punch bowl cups are.
2) are you saying your MIL's custard is much thinner than pudding? They only custard I've ever had is actually thicker than pudding so I can't visual drinking it unless you til your head all the way back, and pound on the bottom of the glass. I'm guessing that's not how you all do it.

Just curious. Sound delish.

I love me some egg nog and I've not had any this year. I usually can find low fat egg nog after hunting the two grocery stores and multiple convenient stores. (Yes, we only have two grocery stores in our town...Walmart and Kroger.)
Love ya, Susan.

Please keep praying for me...praying me through the holidays (Cmas and all NYEve, which is Chris' birthday...that is REALLY hard for me.) Please keep praying for God's intervention in Chris' heart and God moving him back onto God's course/plan.

Pinkshoelady said...

I loved your traditions.

I too have some friends that get together every year too. We have been best freinds since college.

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

I would also like to try and set up a time to meet at the Yellow Mall in Gaffany sometime in January.

love you,

Teresa said...

Thank you for sharing your traditions..(we too do three gifts)
but most of all thank you for reminding me to slow down...this has been one of the more hectic seasons in recent memory..and I so needed this reminder...
bunches of blessings for a wonderful Merry Christmas!

Joyful said...

Always a delight to visit here! Sounds like you enjoyed a precious time with your friends.

May His presence bring you ceaseless joy at Christmas and throughout the New Year! Merry Christmas my friend.
Love & prayers,

PS. I'm relaxing today after hosting Christmas dinner for all my family yesterday. If you want to see the pics, they are posted on my blog.

AnooCre8ion said...

Merry Christmas to you Susan. Your post are always so lively and uplifting.

A bountiful New Year filled with the blessings of God.


KelliGirl said...

Mary...I mean Susan,
Merry Christmas to you and your family. I hope y'all have a wonderful time together. Have fun drinking the custard. It does sound kind of strange. :-)

God bless,

Shanita Waters said...

Hello... you and your friends look really happy in the picture. Enjoy... also, could you send me the link of that bible study online? I would be interested in giving it a try as well.


jeanne @ Inspiring Ideas said...

What a fab gathering! So neat!!

LynnSC said...

Hey Susan,

It has been a while since I stopped by. I am so glad that I made it today...

Thanks for sharing your traditions with us. This year I have been a little "off" in my traditions... but we are still having a great time.

Tomorrow my girls and I will be baking and cooking all day. I can't wait.

Have a Merry Christmas my friend,

Irritable Mother said...

Hi Susan,
I just popped over here - from Edie's blog, I think - because I liked your name, "Runner Mom." I used to hate running, but got into it this past summer. Now, if I can get my knees to cooperate, I think I'll get into it again. I think. *grin*
Anyway, I have enjoyed reading through your blog and just wanted to say, "Hi."
Also, if you're looking for a reading plan, here's one I have used:
On January 14 I will have finished my first time going through the Bible in a year. It's been great!

Merry Christmas!