Sunday, October 19, 2008

Challenge To Conquer Cancer (P3C3)

Today, teams of cyclists left Greenville, SC. en route to Texas on a week long journey. Their goal is to raise awareness and funds towards cancer research. There are 30 cyclists creating 5 teams that will ride 24/7. They will cover 1500 miles to Austin, TX.

There are 3 folks on the team--a cyclist, an EMT, and a survivor-- that are close friends of mine. What I would LOVE for ya'll to do for me is to lift the entire team up in prayer throughout the week. I KNOW how much they would appreciate it.

Rob is one of the cyclists on the team. He and his family live down the road from us. Please read his blog to find out all of the details of this event and read about his journey to health. Up until a couple of years ago, Rob was extremely overweight. He began his "journey to health" by going to the YMCA and following a fitness plan and changing his eating style--note....not a diet! Rob went from barely being able to keep up with his children to running marathons! We have watched him get faster and faster with his running and biking. He is amazing! God has truly blessed him and now, Rob is giving back to the community.

Reuben is the EMT on board. He will cover any medical emergencies that the team might have. He is also an accomplished rider and runner. He can take over and ride if a cyclist needs any assistance. Reuben has a heart of gold! Last year, while I was training for an ultra marathon, he called me out of the blue. This was a week before the race. He simply asked if I thought the race director could use his assistance. I told him sure, just to give the race director a call. Well, the day before the race, Reuben called me and said that he was leaving Greenville and headed toward Lynchburg, VA. Y'all, that's a pretty long drive! It's not a hop, skip, and a jump! The next morning on the trail, I heard a familiar voice at one of the aid stations (where volunteers hand out drinks, food, bandages, advil, etc.!) It was Reuben! I was thrilled to see a familiar face out in the middle of a strange mountain trail hundreds of miles from home! Reuben blessed me that day--he was at other aid stations as well! He will allow God to use him this week to bless others.

Jeni is a precious sister in Christ! She is one of my running buddies, biking buddies, and "help me out in emergency" buddies! She is also a cancer survivor. Jeni will be flying to Texas on Thursday to be there to greet the riders and participate in other areas of raising cancer research awareness. Jeni has skin cancer. She's had all three kinds: basal, squamous, and melanoma. She discovered the first one and had surgery to remove it when she was 15.

Jeni's been around water all of her life. She is an accomplished swimmer. As a matter of fact, my sweet little friend was on the Olympic Exhibition Water Polo team in 1992. Jeni is now 38 years old and has had over 87 surgeries. Y'all, that's way too many! God is using her in so many ways. Jeni has such a servant's heart. She's a wife and a mom to twin girls. She works full time at our local YMCA. She is trying to appreciate the body that God gave her as His temple. Jeni feels very blessed. Her goal for P3C3 is to raise awareness for skin cancer through philanthrophy through the Greenville Hospital System. One of her favorite scriptures is Phil. 4:13. "For I can do everything through Christ who gives me strength." She totally claims this verse; she lives it daily.

(This is NOT my kitchen!!! This is a condo rental at Kiawah Island! Over forty of us had just finished a huge pasta meal before races the next morning. These are some of my darling friends! Jeni is the one on the far right on the second row-next to me.)

I just encourage and thank you for your prayers this week! I went to Rob's blog a while ago, and he has already posted about part of the ride today! Enjoy this gorgeous Sunday that God has given us.

Many blessings,


Gotta Run said...

I count it a blessing to know Jeni and Rob. Thanks for making me aware that the ride has begun!

Beautiful day today!!

Julie Gillies said...

I pray God's strength, protection and grace during your bike ride!

Chatty Kelly said...

May God bless and keep you, and let his face shine upon you, and give all of you his peace.


Empty Nest Full Life said...

Thanks for your post. I know your friend must be an inspiration to many. I had to have breast biopsies a couple of years ago, a scary thing, and still am having mamograms every six months. I will be praying. Jackie

The Patterson 5 said...

I will definately keep this team in my prayers this week!

Zoe said...

Thanks so much for posting on my blog. You are an inspiration!! I pray God would stregnthen and enable you and the entire team to complete your ride.
You go Girl!!

Runner Mom said...

Hey, ya'll!
Just an FYI--I am NOT riding on this team!!! My thing is just running! I am just asking for your prayers while my friends are riding!! Sorry if there was a mix-up! But, they do appreciate the prayers.


On Purpose said...

Susan thank you so much for your prayers for they are so uplifting and encouraging to me...and they are being lifted by a woman who I respect as a woman after God's my friend are a great person to have around! Your precious word today that rings in my heart..."time" In His time...not MINE!

KelliGirl said...

Thanks so much for your post. Having done long distance bike rides for cancer (although certainly not 1500 miles!), nothing compares to the experience. I get goosebumps thinking about how incredible a journey it will be for your friends!!! I will definitely pray for them. God gives us all special gifts to use for His glory. When we use our bodies and break them as a sacrifice to Him through a daunting physical challenge something heavenly happens amid the sweat and perseverance and comraderie.

I'm anxious to hear how they make out. (I expect you'll join them next year!) :-)

Amy said...

I will certainly be praying for the team. My mom passed away with cancer 18 years ago when I was 19. Bless all of you for making a difference by participating in this endeavour. Blessings.

Yolanda said...

Beautiful day here also!

What a blessing you are, to me and the Siesta's.


Lelia Chealey said...

This past Sunday my Alivia and I were driving to my parents home and passed the Breast Cancer walk. Many many women in pink shirts. So I had some explainin' to do to my curious one.
What's cancer? I answered that it is something that grows inside your body and can make you really sick. Some women die from it.Like Grandma Chealey did when Daddy did when he was only five.

Oh how sad. What's breasts?

~sigh~apparently I've only referred to the girls as boobies or boogs.

Love you!!

AnooCre8ion said...

Susan it's so inspiring to read your posts. You are a source of great strength.

I am definitely praying for the team even as I see this post.

God bless you.

Kimberly said...

I will be lifting up this team! How blessed are those who get to call you friend! You are such an encourager to all out in bloggy land! I can only imagine how much you encourage those around you in day to day life!

Blessings, sweet Susan!

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

I love a good makeover story (the Biggest Loser being one of only a few tv shows I watch). I also love that others have committed to this journey of cancer awareness. I lost two dear Bible study friends to cancer this year. It's been painful to walk the road with them, but one I wouldn't have missed.

Truly, they bore witness to the strength and grace of God's abiding presence within. They will forever be my heroes as I continue on without them.

One of my them, Maxine, spoke these words to me just hours before her death:

"He's still on the throne, elaine. He's still on the throne."

Now we know in part, but then...

we shall know fully, even as my friends Maxine and Marilyn know today!

Keep to Jesus, friend. Thanks for your big heart and your holy pursuit of the Sacred.